Your Fireplace 1967

I think looking back at anything from the 1950's, 60's and 70's is very enjoyable, and collecting from that era  is fun too.  I am a baby boomer!

I picked up this Sunset Book, copyright 1967, "How to Plan and Build Your Fireplace" for $1 yesterday while thrifting.  Unfortunately the photos inside are all black and white, but so was the television set at my house in 1967.  


Weather Beaters

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs recently only to find busy bloggers' hands knitting, crocheting, sewing and weaving.

Tracy at Crow's Feet Chic shared a retro crochet booklet's photos and her own crochet projects.  

Pam at House of Hawthorne's picked up her crochet hook for a Valentine's Day chain stitch on her Facebook page.  (There is also some talk of dog sweaters.)

Laurie, at I love a cloudy day shared a great painting, of course, and her sock knitting to keep her feet warm.  

Vickie at Ranger 911 keeps the sock monkeys multiplying.

And, Dru at the Country Farm Home is busy, busy with rag rug weaving.

Me, I do know how to knit and crochet but haven't in years.  

My Mom and I used to sell all sorts of vintage items on ebay including old patterns.  I came across this "Weather Beaters" Coats & Clark, Red Heart, Book No. 266, Copyright 1977, knitting and crocheting booklet.   

I'm not going to share the patterns since the 1977 copyright isn't THAT old, but I will show you what our ladies would be making this winter if it was 1977.

You know some of these styles are not that "out of style".


A New Kitchen Wall Display

The Pottery Barn chairs are down.

Last year at this time.

My love affair with chairs even led to chairs on the wall.


Tea Time 15: Royal Stafford & Queen Anne

I'm sharing one of my very favorite red rose tea cups today from Royal Stafford, Roses to Remember.


1943 Betty Crocker Your Share - Wartime Meal Planning

I have another little booklet to share from General Mills, Inc. and Betty Crocker from 1943. 

The booklet is aimed at the woman of the house, doing their part for the war effort while keeping the household running smoothly.

The cover.


Head Hunting

I purchased a new head vase today on Ebay for $43.99 plus shipping.

She's made by Napco and is 6 inches tall.  She is in excellent condition with no damage.  

Quaker Cereal Products 1927

Today I have another vintage booklet.  This one is from Quaker.  I shared a refrigerator manual and a laundry booklet earlier this month.  If you recall, the booklets are going to be used in a kitchen vignette that I am working on.

I think you will like the illustrations.

This is the cover.

Vintage Valentines on Display

I am lucky enough to have a pretty extensive collection of vintage Valentines.  Some were mine from my childhood, my Dad's or his brother's and my Grandma's.

I have a few of my Valentines displayed on my dining table.

This one with the safety pin is one of my favorites from the late 1930's or early 1940's.


A Well Used Bible

My Mom recently gave me another old small Bible.  It is not a family Bible.

The top.


Tea Time 14: Bavaria Gold & Royal Chelsea

I purchased two tea cups this week...and one saucer.


I Heart Head Vases

I am not working at the furniture store today.  I should be doing a little cleaning, but instead I have been putting together Valentine's Day vignettes.  This one is on my coffee table on a silver plate tray.

My favorite head vase is an ebay purchase of about $100.  I just had to have her.  She is everything I look for in head vases, long eyelashes, style and plenty of charm.  She has a vintage red ladies' silk scarf in her head vase.


Valentine's Day "Love" Suitcase

This vignette premiered on my blog last year but I don't think many of you saw it.  I didn't have many followers.

I "love" container vignettes.  The purchase of this cute little pillow from my friend's shop, The Tattered Angel, inspired this Valentine's Day Vignette.

 The heart garland is also from the Tattered Angel.


Fun with Figurines Valentine's Day Display

With Valentine's Day just a month away, a young man's thoughts turn to love...


A Valentine's Day Suitcase Vignette

If this looks familiar, you are right.  I posted this vignette last January.  In  the first two months of my blog.  I tweaked it a bit and re-created it again.

I purchased the "Cupid Awake and Cupid Asleep" vintage prints by M.B. Parkinson last year thrifting.  They are the anchor pieces of my Valentine's Day vignette.
Also in the suitcase, three glass jars with white buttons and white crochet threads, wood spindles, a bust of a girl, and a vintage look embroidered Valentine's Day pillow.  Lace gloves and a pearl necklace complete the vignette.

I still love this vignette, even though it is so hard to photograph with the glare off of the frames.  

Joining Debra for Be Inspired Friday.

Joining Dru for Country Whites Weekend 2.


New Powder Room Collectibles

Last Sunday I went to visit my Mom, and she gave me these three vintage vanity jars.

The one on the left is a hinged alabaster jar that was made in Italy.  The two on the right are clear glass bottomed, screw on covered jars.  I have added them to my vanity jar collection in my vintage-style bathroom.


Valentine's Day Ice Cube Tray Shadow Box

Yesterday while out thrifting, I found this Philco vintage ice cube tray for $1.  I think it's aluminum.

I got the idea to re-purpose the ice cube tray as a shadow box for the kitchen wall.  


The ABC's of Home Laundering - 1949 Lever Brothers

Since I had such a positive response with my old refrigerator manual post, I am sharing a fun old laundry booklet.  It's filled with super fun vintage photos of the women of yesteryear dealing with their everyday laundry problems.

The cover.


1947 Frigidaire Refrigerator Manual

My Mom, the original clutter and junkin' queen, recently gave me this booklet from her thrifting days.

This is the cover of "How To Use And Enjoy Your Frigidaire Refrigerator".  Very sweet, innocent and wholesome.


A Valentine's Day Mantel

I don't even have all of my Christmas decorations put away yet. 

BUT, I got the bright idea to use my red bicycle wheel from my Christmas mantel again for Valentine's Day.I have a bag full of old valentines from my early childhood, the late 1950's and early 1960's.


A Pug's Life - Vlog

When my blog was in its infancy, I made a vlog of photos of my beloved pug, Otis, who will be 9 years old in April. 

I actually made this slideshow of Otis' life for a linky party at Alison's "Polohouse" blog honoring our Furry Friends on the First of February, 2012.

If you are a pug lover you will love the comical, quizzical, and lovable expressions of a pug dog!  If not, you might like it too!

Just click on the arrow to view, and turn up the volume. 


Beware of Unruly Dogs!

This is a sign painted by one of my friends.  It hangs on the wall in our den.

Who are the "unruly" dogs?

Dog number 1:  Otis the pug.

What make Otis unruly?  Pulling on the leash, continually begging for food, needing to stop and pee on every mailbox, sign and light post on walks, and hogging the bed.  (our bed)

Changing Up The Kitchen Vignettes

I moved things around in the kitchen today.  

This is a new purchase.

I purchased this old hanging, dovetailed wooden box.  It has some character but I paid $20 for it at an antique shop.  I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.  I filled it with vintage wooden utensils.


My Top Ten Finds in 2012

In 2012, I shared the loot on most of my thrifting and garage sale trips.  Here are some of the highlights:

In July I purchased this Cram's Terrestrial 12 Inch Globe for $10 at a thrifty consignment shop.  I loved the silvery colored oceans.