A New Kitchen Wall Display

January 29, 2013
The Pottery Barn chairs are down.

Last year at this time.

My love affair with chairs even led to chairs on the wall.

Here, in place of the chairs, I hung up a Pottery Barn round serving board,  (A Christmas gift from my daughters)

And a vintage wooden slicer and a reproduction, distressed small round board.

I then added my old green shutter that was previously hanging up in corner of the kitchen.  

The small, vintage booklets that I shared with you are displayed in the slats of the shutter.

I used a Dollar Tree red frame to display a "celery" vintage Valentine.

Why a "celery" Valentine?  Because my vintage vegetable salt and pepper shakers fill the shadow box.  I have tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, red pepper and celery shakers, along with spice tins and other kitchen collectibles.

On the table is a reproduction wood bowl with vintage Valentines.

Above the doorway, a Fiesta sign painted by my friend, Deb.

I like the new wall a lot.  Except of course for the television set in the corner.  Long before blogging, I was a Mom raising three children that I did not want eating in the living room, so I had a television set bracket put in the kitchen...  Who knew my kitchen would be shown on the internet?  

My husband doesn't want to take it down.  He says he still watches tv in the kitchen.  So I guess, for now, it is there to stay.  

The coffee themed vignette is on the right.  

I'm not missing the chairs on the wall, but I haven't gotten rid of them yet either!


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  1. Carlene, your new wall display is so cheerful. Cute idea to use the shutter for the pamphlets and the bowl for the vintage valentines. I bet it's fun to sit there and read those cute valentines.

  2. Absolutely love the way you've displayed all these goodies. How unique to slide the cooking pamphlets or booklets into the shutter turned sideways. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Look at my post today....there is a shot of little chairs...
    Love the vegetable shakers.

  4. I love that shutter. It looks like the old shutters we removed from our old house.

  5. I really like the new display and the shadow box with S&P's makes me smile. The chairs are cute and I'm sure you will reuse them somehow! I wish I had a TV in my kitchen!

  6. Hi Carlene! OH, I love your cute display! Love your old Valentines too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Your kitchen looks very cozy with your favorite things decorating it. I love the new breadboard!

  8. Everything really looks great. I really like how you've used the green shutter, great display!!

  9. Love your new display!! Love your reproduction bowl with the valentines in it...they are so cute in there. I have a reproduction bowl on my dining room table too.

  10. This wall turned out so great, Carlene...Love all the wood pieces and the shadow box is full of such fun goodies!


  12. Carlene, you have so many great vintage collections to display. The shutter provides a great display piece for your vintage booklets. I love all your salt and pepper shakers.
    Mary Alice

  13. Oh Carlene ... just love the new look on that wall. I admired your little chairs, (because I also collect them) but this display gives much more balance to the room. I love old cutting boards and that round one is wonderful. Great gift.
    Audrey Z.

  14. What a beautiful job you did on this! I have now followed you on twitter, hometalk and linky followers! You have a lovely website!

  15. Carlene, Your wall displays are so interesting.So many neat things and I love your bread/cutting boards. Did you know, I didn't even notice the tv, until you mentioned it? Sometimes ya gotta let the family be family. Remember a couple of years ago we thought tvs were supposed to be hidden behind armoire doors? Now they're "in" when they're hanging on the wall. You were just way ahead of the trend.
    Hugs, Babs

  16. I love what you did on the wall! What a brilliant way to use that shutter. Your salt & pepper shakers are so unique and the cubbies are such a great way to display them. Your children did good with that wonderful cutting board, and you balanced it beautifully with the other wooden pieces. With so many wonderful treasures on the wall, the t.v. is hardly noticeable, but you could put a little screen (made of shutters) in front of it when it's not in use. Have a great weekend. laurie

  17. Loving the new look, and like how you used the shutter, pretty creative. You have good kids to give you that cutting board, like it's shape and color. Honestly I didn't' even notice the TV until I see it mentioned! So don't worry about that it blends right in. You sure are good at vignettes@

  18. Like the new one better. The chairs were cute, but not really kitchen- themed. They could go in a child's room, a hall, a family room, just as a few ideas to display them out of the kitchen.

  19. I love the new look, the shutter idea is genius! -Patti

  20. Carlene, it's always fun to mix things up now and then. Love the shutter for displaying your leaflets! Fun vegetable themed shadow box. The celery Valentine is a hoot! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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