Valentine's Day Ice Cube Tray Shadow Box

January 12, 2013
Yesterday while out thrifting, I found this Philco vintage ice cube tray for $1.  I think it's aluminum.

I got the idea to re-purpose the ice cube tray as a shadow box for the kitchen wall.  

A couple of holes were drilled in the bottom of the tray, and a wire was threaded through the holes and wrapped over the tray insert.  Then the ends of the wire were twisted on the bottom.

You can see the wire holding the insert to the tray.

The wire was twisted in back.

These 3M Command Strips were attached to each end of the back of the ice tray, and then attached it to the ceramic tile backsplash.

Here is the ice cube tray shadow box filled with pink and red Valentine's Day Hershey's Kisses.  The bottom row was glued in with Aleene's Tacky Glue due to a slight slant of the tray.

Below the ice cube tray, I filled a black wood cubby with vintage aluminum and tin baking utensils and two of my vintage Valentines.  

More candy in a jar, a paper heart doily, and a faux cupcake complete my vignette.

I love to find ways to use my vintage Valentines and vintage kitchen collectibles.

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  1. I am old enough to remember using those ice cube trays but, young enough to never admit it if asked ;-) Love your creativity! Your vignette is so "sweet"!

  2. That is so cute. I am so hungry right now that I'm sort of fixated on that cupcake right now though. I know it's not real, but it is still calling my name!

  3. Great idea Carlene! I too, remember those ice trays. :) If they are vintage, does that mean I'm vintage?

  4. That is perfect....although, I would have problems leaving the chocolate alone!

  5. Great post, that cupcake looks so real and I love the vintage cards, so sweet

  6. Great post and so creative ~ love the Valentine Ice Cube Tray decor ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Clever use for the ice tray Carlene. I am old enough to remember using those trays too.

  8. Hi Carlene ... love how you used the tray. Looks great with your kitchen utensil display too. very clever to think of stuff small enough to display in those tiny cubbyholes.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  9. keeeeute! I'm with Ceekay though I couldn't leave the chocolate kisses alone!

  10. Carlene, You are still amazing me. How your mind works is something. Put it all together and it looks fantastic. I would have to glue ALL the candies in, they are my very favorite and I can never just eat one!..Happy Saturday..Judy

  11. Uh!
    I love those ice trays ...AND MAKE ICE IN MINE!!! lol...
    Thing is I broke one of them right before Christmas.
    Since they're aluminum I put it in the recycle bin.
    I'm thinking I should PLUCK IT OUT!

    This little creation is so durn cute.
    I was telling the hubby the other day... next time we're at the Flea market or yard sale-ing... keep an eye out for aluminum ice trays...I need a replacement.
    I wonder what he'd think of my broken ice tray mounted on the wall with hugs and kisses inside?


  12. I remember using those ice trays. What a clever way to repurpose! Love your vintage valentine cards too! Tis the season for upcoming valentines day. Thanks for visiting me at my space.

  13. Holy Moly!! Now that is one creative idea!!

    Love it!!


  14. Good Afternoon Carlene, Gosh, I remember those aluminium ice trays as we had them when I was a child. Yours is a little more upmarket as the one we had in our freezer did not have a handle, when we needed to remove the ice cubes we had to run the tray under hot water!
    I love your display, but those chocolates would not be safe, they would be saying "Eat Me".
    Have a lovely Sunday
    Best Wishes, Daphne

  15. Clever idea! After Valentine's Day you could fill the spaces with Ice Cubes....the chocolate kind. Do you remember those square chocolates?

  16. So cute Carlene! I love the entire vignette. I am going to start pulling my decor out Monday. You have been inspiring me girl!

  17. What a cute, cute idea! Love the vignette, too!

  18. This idea is too cute. Great vignette!

  19. Great idea and very creative!


  20. Clever, clever, clever! And I just love your vintage Valentine's display! You just keep thinking such cool things up. I had been looking for an ice tray at sales and came up empty, then yesterday I went to get another old thing out of a high cabinet to see how it went with my new lantern, and waa laa, there was my old ice cube tray. I still had it and had forgotten. Sweet!

  21. Cute idea for the ice tray and I love the vintage items in you Valentine's vignette!
    hugs, Linda

  22. Too clever and different vignette display. Keep it coming. I am getting inspired! Thanx for sharing. Tiffany

  23. Love your Valentine Display.......gets me in the mood to decorate. THANKS.

  24. I wondered what you were going to put in that! I would have never thought to use it as a shadow box! You are so clever!

  25. you come up with the best ideas! love the whole display


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