Tea Time 14: Bavaria Gold & Royal Chelsea

January 20, 2013
I purchased two tea cups this week...and one saucer.

First an all gold Bavaria, Germany tea cup and saucer.  I paid $10.

I also purchased a beautiful Royal Chelsea Golden Rose tea cup without a saucer for $2.  It was so beautiful.

Two very beautiful tea cups to add to my collection.

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's wedding photo, and Great Grandma's wedding band.  

Do you pick up tea cups without saucers?  I haven't done it very often, but I may start...

Joining Ruth for Tuesday Cuppa.

Joining Brenda for Tweak It Tuesday.

Tea Time Tuesday

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Both are very pretty. Yes, I have bought cups without saucers and yesterday I started to buy a saucer with out the cup, but decided not to since I might not find it, but it was so pretty.

  2. I do pick up cups with out saucers, and saucers with out cups. But you know.... then I get them home and smash the hell out of 'em for mosaics.


  3. Oh wow! I was about to go out the door to work when I saw this!! So pretty! Hope to catch up with you later...but for now...your makin me late!!!

  4. Lovely Carlene! Why not buy without saucers. I think mixing and matching them is wonderful.

  5. I'm one who loves to mix things up, so why not buy a cup without a saucer? ;-)
    Beautiful finds, Carlene.

  6. Good Evening Carlene, I agree with Sarah, I love mismatched china, it can turn into quite a talking point if you give a friend a mismatched cup and saucer, as they seem to notice the china much more.
    Best Wishes

  7. I limit myself to blue & white, and now red & white transferware, and I have no qualms about buying cups without saucers or vice versa. Your newest purchases are beautiful!

  8. You got a real deal! The Royal Chelsea is wonderful! One of my favorite patterns, and there is always so much you can do with the gold. Great addition to the collection!

  9. Your new cups are lovely ... both beautiful finds. Happy Tea Day!

  10. Lovely and beautifully photographed! I'm sure you can find your treasure a mate

  11. Talk about stunning! Wow! Great buys, Carlene.

  12. These are both beautiful teacups and how nice that you can use the same saucer for each one. Pamela

  13. Those are beauties. I love when a tea cup is as pretty on the inside as on the outside. laurie

  14. I have bought tea-cups without a saucer and saucers without a tea-cup. I don't mind mixing them up, either. I go by colour and not so much the pattern. It's all beautiful. Have a nice day. We are freezing here. Hugs, Deb (Ontario)

  15. Very beautiful tea cups. I have found a few cups before but not often.

    Jocelyn @

  16. Those cups are just beautiful. I love the one with the flowers.

  17. Hello Carlene,
    Your teacups are lovely and how nice that you can use the saucer for either. I don't buy a cup or saucer without its mate very often. At the moment I have three saucers and one cup without their mates. How lovely too that your have your G-grandmother's wedding band. That is a treasure. Thank you for coming to tea with me and have a lovely week.


  18. The shiny gold cup and saucer is stunning and a was a good price. I have not picked up a cup without a matching saucer but I do see the possibilities.

  19. Carlene, these are beautiful! I really am not a gold person at all, but these sure changed my thinking. Yes, I pick up lonely little cups. Sometimes they're just too sweet to pass up. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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