Beware of Unruly Dogs!

January 06, 2013

This is a sign painted by one of my friends.  It hangs on the wall in our den.

Who are the "unruly" dogs?

Dog number 1:  Otis the pug.

What make Otis unruly?  Pulling on the leash, continually begging for food, needing to stop and pee on every mailbox, sign and light post on walks, and hogging the bed.  (our bed)

Dog number 2:  Fergie the Jatese.

What makes Fergie unruly?

Barking.  Barking.  Barking.  Did I mention barking?  Barking at every sound, and occasionally dumping the garbage looking for food.

Fergie is a Jatese, a Maltese/Japanese Chin cross.  We were told this by the breeder, but his parentage has been questioned by many.  He is a 26 pound dog with extremely long legs and back and very small head.

In honor of my two very lovable, but unruly dogs, I have assembled a dog themed vignette.  I have been collecting pug figurines for quite some time, and most of them were purchased on ebay.  I recently extended my collection to include other breed vintage figurines.

Remember my vintage poodle bookend in a post last week?  Here it is holding up books in my desk hutch.

Dog on the left was purchased thrifting for $3. 

Both of these pugs were purchased on ebay.

The spaniel figurine was one of my top ten finds of 2012.  $3 at the thrift shop.

The little pug family were also an ebay purchase.

The chalkware terrier head was borrowed from my Mom for this vignette.  (I learned this trick from Gina and I love it!)

This trio were also borrowed from my Mom.

The cocker is a new purchase at the antique shop for $24.  Enesco Japan.  The plate is Mom's, and the pug was a purchase from ebay too.

I hope all you dog lovers enjoyed my vintage dog themed vignette.

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  1. Do your dogs lie? Mine is always telling the other one of us that she hasn't been fed and tells everyone out on the beach that we starve her and she should be given treats.

    She is 14 and we are beginning to fear life without her.

    My husband is favoring an Otis for our next dog.

  2. Good Evening Carlene, Otis and Fergie are adorable, I could put them in my pocket and bring them home to England.
    I love the idea of a silver sugar bowl filled with little dog biscuits....what a fun idea.
    It's hard to choose between the porcelain dogs and your furry dogs....let's not decide.... I love them all.
    Have a lovely day, Best Wishes, Daphne

  3. So cute! Love the pug family and your own unruly two. The sign is too cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! Otis is Max's brother from another mother! The share the very same characteristics lol! Love you dog collections :-)

  5. Oh so cute. Esp. love the Spaniels. I have a small collection of doggie. Love how you grouped yours.

  6. You do have the most interesting and fun collections of things, Carlene. I love your dog collection...and you make them look so good.'

  7. OH this is a post after my own heart...I am a dog lover, especially pugs...even unruly ones (obviously, as I have 2 of the funny creatures)! Wonderful figurine collection!

  8. I'm a cat lady but I do enjoy dogs also. Your vignettes and collection is pretty awesome. Lots of fav is that Poodle!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Your dogs are cute. We received a sign for Christmas. It reads, "Be AWARE of the dog."
    Have you seen the book, LIVING WITH DOGS? I found a copy at Half Price Books. It's full of wonderful vignettes of dog related items.

  10. I'm a dog lover...have 2 spoiled rotten yorkies. Love your dog themed vignette!

  11. You have some very cute dogs and cute dog stuff.

  12. Hi Carlene! OH, what a lovely doggie collection you have! Oh, your little pups are just being doggies! I have a few unruly thingss I could tell about my dog.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Your dogs are just darling...even if they are unruly! Love all the figurines too and that little silver dish of pugs makes me smile!!

  14. Dog Gone cute Carlene! I love dogs. Always had one when the kids were little. Hubby and I like to go too much so no more dogs here. The only dog I ever had in the house was a toy poodle. That was before we had kids. Don't know if I could handle one inside. Last night I went to a huge house up the street from me. She has two standard poodles. She cooks special food for them. Now that is some spoiled dogs! Borrowing from your mom, great idea. I think if my girls borrowed from me I would never see it again. lol! Just kidding.

  15. We had a Yorkie-poo named Fergie and we also questioned her parentage. :@

    I love dog figurines, too. My daughter has a collection of dog planters. Woof. Woof.

  16. adorable! Your dog figurines are so cute too :)

    Happy Monday!


  17. Your two fur babies are darling. Please do not get me started on another collection:}

  18. I think your friend had my house and pets in mind when she painted the sign!! Fits our lifestyle exactly.

  19. Cute, cute, cute! We love dogs too, they're part of the family! Yours are precious too!

  20. I love your cute dog collection. That sign is great.... it describes my house perfectly. With 3 crazy dogs, a black lab, golden retriever/lion and a Boston terrier it is complete chaos! : )

  21. What a cute collection!

    Love the live dogs too! :)


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