Musical Washboard Christmas Decoration

November 08, 2023
I found this washboard recently at the Minnetonka Goodwill .  I have never seen an "Authentic Musical Washboard" in all of my previous washboard finds. Apparently, it's not vintage.  Columbus Washboard Company  still manufactures this washboard.   See how I transformed the washboard into fun Christmas decor.  Also, it's Thrift Store Decor Team's November party , so scroll on down to more projects below.

Dollar Tree Jack O' Lantern Box Makeover

October 15, 2023
I found these little wooden Jack O' Lantern unfinished boxes at Dollar Tree . I gave them an easy upcycle!

Minnow Bucket Pumpkin With Dollar Tree Stencil

October 11, 2023
I ran across this metal minnow bucket it in my shed.  I had purchased it at a garage sale, and used it in my junk garden several years ago.  It's not super old as it had a UPC stamped on it. I had previously drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. Scroll on down to see my minnow bucket makeover, as well as more October projects from the Thrift Store Decor Team !

Junky Pumpkins On The Front Patio

October 03, 2023
  I recently decorated my covered patio for fall inspired by old wheels, like this one.

18 Repurposed Junk Pumpkin & Jack O' Lantern Ideas

September 18, 2023
Besides decorating with real pumpkins and faux pumpkins in the fall, I like to repurpose junk and other items as pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns. In the first photo, I found an orange rake head, tied raffia on it, and hung it outside my front door.

Thrifted Pumpkin Basket Makeover

September 13, 2023
I found this wood chip basket pumpkin at a recent garage sale.  It was a little tired looking so I gave it a makeover! Scroll on down for my basket makeover and 8 other September upcycling projects from the Thrift Store Decor Team.

2023 Garden Tour Close-Ups (Part 2)

August 16, 2023
Deer seldom bother nicotiana annual plants but this year was an exception.  For several weeks (even with spray repellent), deer ate the blossoms off of the nicotiana. They were sad little plants.  But then, when the deer stopped eating them, they came in fuller and beautiful than usual.  It was like they were pruned. Here is Part 2 of the 2023 Junk Garden Tour, the Closeups!

Organized Clutter's 2023 Junk Garden Tour (Pt 1)

August 13, 2023
Welcome to Part One of my 2023 Junk Garden Tour! This year I divided the tour into wider angle photos (part one) and the close ups (part two).  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Thrifted Coffee Grinder Makeover

August 09, 2023
I found this vintage coffee grinder at our local thrift shop last week for $3.00.  It's vintage, but like 1970's vintage, and I don't like the look. Scroll on down to see the coffee grinder makeover and 8 other makeovers from the Thrift Store Decor Team . This month's projects include a scale, a mannequin head, Halloween Art, botanical print mats, wicker baskets, a key cabinet, and glass bottles.

5 Fall Projects In September Country Sampler

July 27, 2023
If you haven't picked up the September 2023 issue of Country Sampler , maybe you should plan to pick it up!  I have five of my fall upcycled decor projects featured, and my blogging friends Sadie Seasongoods and House Of Hawthornes do as well.