Stenciled Dollar Tree Craft Tote Decorated For Easter

February 25, 2021
  I ended up purchasing a couple of blue craft totes from Dollar Tree. I have a few more ideas for the totes, and here is another Easter idea.

Dollar Tree Reverse Canvas Stenciled Herbs

February 24, 2021
  I love that Dollar Tree now has art canvases.  I purchased three 5" x 7" canvases. I like these Martha Stewart adhesive herb stencils. I pulled them out of my stencil stash.

Painting & Stenciling A Dollar Tree Wooden Easter Sign

February 23, 2021
I found this unfinished wooden Happy Easter cutout sign at Dollar Tree. I gave it a makeover!

A Dollar General Garden Flag Farmhouse Style Makeover

February 21, 2021
Garden decor is arriving at the dollar shops.  This little flag was a $1 purchase at our local Dollar General. I like the idea of garden flags, I just don't like the overly bright colors of this flag with my farmhouse/junk garden decor.

Dollar Tree Stenciled Spring Decor Tote With Faux Florals

February 19, 2021
I created an easy and inexpensive spring decor project with Dollar Tree finds.   These little bright pink totes were two for $1.

Dollar General Farmhouse Jar Sign Makeovers

February 12, 2021
You may remember that I like to upcycle Dollar General jar signs. I just purchased two more. These jar signs were in the Valentine's Day decor section, and they were bigger than the last two I upcycled. The jar signs aren't too bad "as is" but I don't even decorate for Valentine's Day much anymore, and the signs have a "mass produced" look versus a homemade look. I will make give them a farmhouse style makeover.

Washboard Upcycle & Repurpose Projects For The Home & Garden

February 10, 2021
  This rustic  washboard planter  was a big hit on Pinterest and Facebook. It was easy to put together with my tutorial in the link.

A Thrifted, Farmhouse Style, Chalkboard/Shelf Makeover With Paint & Stencils

February 07, 2021
This is a recent find at my local thrift shop. It's a Home Interiors chalkboard/peg hooks/shelf piece.

Dollar Tree Boxes Upcycled As Desk Top Storage Bins

February 05, 2021
Our local Dollar Tree just got in paper mache boxes. I purchased several, and gave two of them a makeover.

16 Chair Makeovers With Paint, Stencils, and Design Transfers

January 31, 2021
I love upcycling chairs, even these little metal child's folding chairs. I am also sharing 15 other chair upcycle projects that I have completed in the past!