A Cabinet Door Stenciled Snowman Sign/Wall Hooks

 Earlier this year, I purchased quite a few cabinet doors from a display at our local Menards.

Some were $5 each and some were $3 each.  We don't have a local ReStore or Habitat type store where they are $1 each, so I was happy to find them.

This cabinet door was one in the stack.

Adding Stool Legs to an Old Crate

I found this little stool last week at one of the local thrift shops.  I love its legs.

It was $5.

The tag on the bottom says Restore & Restyle Tots Stool.

I loosened the screws on the bottom and removed the legs.  Then, I painted the legs with Chalked Paint in Chiffon Cream.  

The legs were too shiny and a little to bright white for me.

This is a little crate I purchased several years ago, 

I have used it for crate vignettes and as a shelf on the wall.  It's an older greenhouse crate that has been sealed with polyurethane.

After I painted the legs, distressed them a bit with sandpaper, and sealed them with Varathane Polyurethane, Water-Based in Satin Finish, I attached the legs to the bottom of the crate.

The crate bottom boards are little crooked so the legs are aligned with the side boards.

Next I pulled out my *Old Sign Stencils Potting Shed stencil, to add to the crate sides.

I added "Tours Until Dusk" on two sides and "SHED" on the end using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #oldsignstencils #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed
The stencils fit the crate sides very well.

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #oldsignstencils #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed
The "Cashman Greenhouses" stencil was already on one end of the crate.

I think the little crate with fun legs is a perfect display piece for little Christmas trees,

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #oldsignstencils #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed
And also for faux or real plants.

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #oldsignstencils #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed
Don't worry the original stool top is being used in another project!

*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous products are my own.

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #oldsignstencils #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Other projects with added LEGS:
Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed

Adding Legs to Rustic Decor Pieces #thriftshopmakeover #rusticdecor #upcycle #repurposed
So add some legs to your projects, just for fun!

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Upcycled and Repurposed Garage Sale Metal Card File

In my late June and early July thrift shop and garage sale finds' post, I shared this metal card file that I purchased for $2 at a garage sale.

These little file drawers have gone out of favor with computers.  No need for card files anymore.

Taper Candle Metal Reindeer Re-Purposed As Card/Photo Holders

I went to a couple of garage sales today, and I hit the thrift shops too!

I purchased four of these heavy metal (made in India) reindeer taper candle holders at a garage sale for $3.  

I hardly ever burn taper candles.  I really hardly ever burn candles, so I will be re-purposing the reindeer!

Bread Boxes Upcycled with Paint, Stencils & Chicken Wire

This is an older photo of my bread box.  I bought it a long time ago at a craft show.  It was dark stained pine when I purchased it.  

It has been painted several times.  I think red and light green first to match some jadeite I had in my kitchen at the time.  Then I painted it black when my kitchen chair were painted black.

When I went with more of a farmhouse look in my kitchen, I painted the bread box with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

I wanted to stencil the bread box but the "Bread" engraved on the front door always stopped me.  Well DUH. 

Why not flip the door around?  The inside of the door was flat.

Up-cycled Dated Thrift Shop Christmas Decor

 One of my local thrift shops just put out Christmas decor.  The wooden tree on the left was $.99, and the one on the right was $1.99.  One is marked on the back 1996.  

These tired Christmas trees need a makeover.

A Thrift Shop Shelf Gets A Buffalo Check Christmas Makeover

I found this shelf at a local thrift shop last week.   I have removed metal copper color knobs already in this "before" photo.

This is actually the second one of these recipe book or kitchen type shelves that I have run across while thrifting.  

They appear to homemade, so they may have been a 
high school shop or industrial arts project at one time.

On the first shelf, I added a piece of bead board to the back opening. 

You can see more of that makeover HERE.

Upcycled Items As DIY Halloween Decor

When I was helping my daughter move out of her old apartment, I brought home this coffee sign that her roommate had left behind.

It was fun coffee sign, but sometimes, you can remake your old decor into "new" fun items.  

I also brought home this metal pail planter that I had stenciled to hold the girl's "college era" mail.

My Daughter's Townhouse Decorated With Up-cycled Farmhouse Decor

I purchased these two frames at a garage sale for $1 each.  

The top frame became this Framed Wall Pocket for Faux Foliage.

The art work frame was up-cycled for my daughter's townhouse.

Inexpensive Fall/Autumn/Halloween Decorating & Project Ideas with Junk

Inexpensive Fall/Autumn/Halloween Decorating & Project Ideas
Today I put together a round up of my past and present fall/autumn/Halloween projects and decorating ideas over the years.

The first project is an oldie!  This Rustic Fall Candle Jar  was inspired by a catalog.  Click the links to see the details!  You may remember some of them.