Goodwill Tiered Tray Succulent Planter

July 10, 2024
I've run across a lot of these two or three tiered metal trays on Pinterest, Facebook, other blogs, stores, and even Goodwill. They were/are pretty popular in farmhouse style decorating. Many people on Pinterest have amassed "smalls" for each holiday, and change out the tiered tray every few months. Today is the July Thrift Store Decor Team's Party and my tiered tray receives a small makeover.  Scroll on down to see my tiered tray along with my blogging pals projects.

Vintage Aluminum Wash Basin Hanging Planter

June 12, 2024
I have a new, easy project today that started with this vintage aluminum basin or dish pan.  I found it at the consignment store for $6. It was dinged up perfectly for a planter! Also today is the June Thrift Store Decor Team's monthly blog party! Be sure and scroll to the bottom to see six more fun thrifted makeovers.

Vintage Metal Lunchbox Planter

April 10, 2024
About 10 years ago, I found this old black metal lunchbox at a garage sale. My grandpa carried one of these to his job at the paper mill.  My dad worked there also but his lunchbox was hard plastic. I found this old lunchbox in my shed the other day and got an idea for a makeover.  Scroll on down to see it's new upcycle along with my Thrift Store Decor Team's April projects too!

Repurposing Ideas In The Junk Garden

April 05, 2024
My very first blog junk garden posts were shared in 2012. While I still love flower gardening, new ideas are fewer and farther between than in the early years. Here are some of my favorite repurposed junk garden project ideas!

Thrifted Candlestick Project Ideas

March 31, 2024
Candleholders are fairly easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores, and they lend themselves nicely to upcycling and repurposing projects!  Here are 16 candleholder projects from over 12 years on my blog.

Rummage Sale Duck Plaque Repurposed As Wall Plant Pocket

March 24, 2024
I found this $1 wooden duck plaque at a local fundraiser rummage sale. I thought it was perfect for a makeover.

25 Unusual Junk Garden Planter Ideas

March 17, 2024
Below is a compilation of some unusual junk garden planters that have appeared on my blog from my own yard and gardens, and three of my friends' gardens. I think you will enjoy all the rusty, junky goodness paired with flowers!

Thrift Store Hinged Box Spring Makeover

March 13, 2024
I found this long, skinny, wooden, hinged box at our local thrift shop last week.  I paid $3 for it. I think it must have been a pencil box or paint brush box, maybe?  The glossy red paint was in very chippy condition. The shape and size of the box gave me an idea.  Scroll on to see this box getting a makeover, and also check out more projects from the Thrift Store Decor Team's March blog party!

Junk Garden Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas

March 06, 2024
Do you have any whiskey barrel planters?  I currently have two round ones and one horizontal one.  Oak barrel planters weather into an awesome grey patina that is perfect for a junk garden.  Over the years, I have filled my barrel planters with a variety of annuals. I like to layer some plastic milk or water bottles on the bottom of barrels.  This saves on the amount of potting soil needed to fill the containers. The barrels also have drainage holes.  I always empty the soil into a wheelbarrow first if I move a barrel planter to another location. (But sometimes the barrel bottom has rotted out so the barrel stays put!) Above, my horizontal planter is filled with impatiens, asparagus ferns and filler vines.  Several years ago, I decorated the barrel front with an aluminum cover. It's nailed on.

Decorating With Enamelware Inside & Out

February 29, 2024
I pick up inexpensive enamelware at garage sales and thrift shops all the time.  I find most of my enamelware for $5 to $10, sometimes less. Some are reproduction enamelware.  Pieces in excellent condition will not get drainage holes, but instead, become inside pieces.  Buying ceramic or terracotta flowerpots would be more expensive and would pose a winter storage hassle.  Enamelware works great for both indoor and outdoor planters, holiday decor, and farmhouse kitchens.