Target Bullseye Playground Riser Christmas Makeovers

December 05, 2021
  I found a pair of risers in the Target Bullseye Playground area recently. Most everything is under $5 in this section at the front of Target. The risers are also sold online (in 4 count), and the online item description states:  Add a touch of function and style to your home with the 4ct Risers from Bullseye's Playground. These risers can elevate plants or candles and highlight table centerpieces, as their neutral color would blend in easily with any decor style of your choice. I gave them an easy Christmas makeover!

Thrifted Winter/Christmas Sled Makeovers and Wall Display

December 02, 2021
  I found this wooden sled at Goodwill recently.   I gave it a makeover, along with another wooden thrifted sled below.

Thrifted Hollow Christmas Book Receives A Makeover With Decor Transfers

November 30, 2021
I found this Old World Style Santa hollow Christmas book at Goodwill recently. I decided to give it a farmhouse style makeover with chalk paint & decor transfers.

Seven Upcycled Projects Featured in Country Sampler Magazine

November 29, 2021
This is the January 2022 issue of Country Sampler Magazine that will be available on newsstands on November 30th. I contributed seven project photos and instructions to the magazine, featured over four full pages! Woo hoo!

Upcycled Christmas Target Bullseye Cutting Board Riser & Metal Truck

November 24, 2021
I love rummaging through the T arget Bullseye Playground bins at the front of the Target stores, especially at Christmastime.  Most of the stuff is under $5. I picked up this faux cutting board riser recently. I have made a few of these from real thrift shop cutting boards in the past. The target riser is made from MDF with a thin coat of veneer.  So it's meant for decorative use only. I also picked up this small metal white truck in the Target bins.   Both will get Christmas makeovers!

Bachman's Winter Wonderland Ideas & Inspiration 2021

November 23, 2021
  Even though I live in Minnesota, I had never heard of the Bachman's Idea House inspiration tours until reading Linda's Itsy Bits & Pieces Blog.   Linda did a great job regularly sharing Bachman's seasonal/holiday tours!  This year, I was in the Twin Cities area in November and made it a point to attend the Christmas open house.  Due to Covid-19 concerns, the tour was located in Bachman's flagship store instead of inside the Idea House.  Here are my photos taken during the open house. Right at the start of the tour, I was seeing a lot of Christmas decor in black!  I have been using more black this season too!  How about you?

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas From The Thrift Store Decor Team

November 21, 2021
I have compiled some of my favorite thrift shop and DIY projects that would make great Christmas gifts, along with gift ideas from the Thrift Store Decor Team Members.  Check out the links to the projects for instructions. Starting out with serving trays!  I have upcycled a lot of thrifted trays.  I love this  Free Tray Makeover   above with blue Dixie Belle Chalk Paint and patterned stencil.

Primitive Country Thrifted Shovel Makeover with Old Sign Stencils

November 19, 2021
I found this little snowman shovel at Goodwill.   The shovel front was painted navy blue (rusty on the back), and a snowman was hand painted on the front.  The wooden shovel handle was wrapped with wire and a torn cloth ribbon.  I decided to give it a makeover transforming it from primitive country to farmhouse style.

Thrifted Santa Tray To DIY Monogrammed Gift

November 17, 2021
I found this Santa tray at a thrift store for $2.99. I transformed it into a personalized monogrammed gift tray.

Thrifted Jar Shaped Metal Chalkboard Easel Repurposed As Laundry Room Decor

November 16, 2021
I found this metal jar shaped chalkboard easel at Goodwill.  It has a jar shaped metal chalkboard with it. I decided to paint the jar easel with Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash .