Fun With Old Sign Stencil Vintage Crock Number Stencils

I picked up this old drawer at an antique/consignment shop a few weeks ago for $5.

I gave it a whole new look!

Easy Fall Signs & Cute Crocheted Pumpkins

I found this small fall stencil pack at Joann Fabrics recently while checking out the fall craft areas at several stores.

There were 5 stencils in the package.

There was also a Halloween stencil pack from Tulip.

Rustic Outdoor Sawhorse Fall Display Sign

I love old weathered sawhorses.  

I have two of them sitting in my gardens now, but I am going to use this one on my covered patio.

Vintage Ironing Board Decor With A Buffalo Check Stencil

I purchased this old wooden ironing board a year ago at a garage sale for $5.

I gave it a makeover and so it can be use as a decor piece, and not in the laundry room either.

Easy Fall Sign Project With Letters From Joann Fabrics

I found these Place and Time fall unfinished wood letters at Joann Fabrics last week.  They were 50% off, or $4.99.  

I had an idea for an easy fall project!

Upcycled Garage Sale Mirror and Mini Stool

This is the dark wood frame from a garage sale mirror I purchased last Saturday.

Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle

I purchased this little oval coffee table for $5 at a garage sale last summer.

Kitchenware Repurposed As Fall Decor

I think it's a challenge to create holiday decor from garage sale and thrift shop finds, and stuff laying around your house. I purchased a box of old measuring cups at a public school garage sale a while back. 

In today's post, I will repurpose them and some wooden spoons as rustic fall decor.

Garage Sale Antique High Chair Upcycle with Milk Paint

In May of 2018, I attended a great garage sale (the first one of the season) and purchased this old high chair ($5), in addition to lots of other cool stuff HERE.

It has been waiting in my shed for an upcycle.

Craft Shop Wood Chip Baskets Repurposed As Fall Pumpkins

Here is a fall craft idea using these baskets.