Upcycled Vintage Suitcase With A French Twist

July 22, 2021
I shared this old suitcase in a June post on recent finds  HERE. I paid $2 for it at a garage sale.  It's a vintage cardboard suitcase marked T & S Worcester.  It's a little beat up but not dirty inside.  I am going to give it a makeover!

Organized Clutter Featured In Europe (France & Norway)

July 19, 2021
  This is a first! One of my projects was featured in a French crafting magazine!

Organized Clutter's 2021 Junk Garden Tour

July 17, 2021
It's once again time for my annual junk garden virtual tour and video!  My laundry tub atop a restaurant table pedestal is bursting with calibrachoa, sweet potato vine, and supertunias, while African marigolds are planted in the ground beneath. As always, there have been challenges.  This year northern Minnesota is in a pretty major drought with very warm temperatures, requiring daily watering.  You will notice from the photos that we have NOT been watering our lawn. Water prices are pretty high in our area and very few people are watering their lawns.  AND, as always deer continue to be a nuisance.  I have had some pretty minor damage to plants with frequent spraying of both Liquid Fence  and Deer Stopper   used on alternate nights .

Goodwill Pallet Sign Upcycled As A Garden Tools Sign for the Shed

July 14, 2021
This rustic pallet @ sign was one of my April Goodwill Finds . The raised wooden @ sign was both nailed and glued onto the pallet wood. After it was pried off, I sanded off a bit of the glue residue left on the wood.  Then I was good to go with a new sign.

More of Dana's Fun Outdoor Junk Decor & West Tischer Cottage

July 12, 2021
I have a treat for my junk lovers today! I am sharing my friend Dana's junk gardens and junk outdoor decor.  As you can see, this planter is a multi-junk combo, and very fun. I shared Dana's tastefully arrange junk , back in 2015  HERE.   It was a hit!  This time the junk is decorating her log cabin!

A Junk Garden Repurpose Of A Vintage High Frequency Insulator

July 09, 2021
One of my church friends dropped this item off at my house.  Do you know what it is?   Read on to see what it is, AND what I did with it!

Even More Junk Garden Before & Afters 2021

July 08, 2021
  Today I am sharing EVEN MORE Junk Garden Before & Afters.  I am so happy that these posts are popular because I LOVE SHARING my flower gardens. Above is a coco liner deck railing basket of succulents at planting time.

More Junk Garden Before & Afters 2021

July 05, 2021
My last post with junk garden before and after photos was very well received, so I put together more photos of planting time and early July. Here is a bucket of three dragon wing begonias at planting time.

Junk Garden Before & After Photos (Planting Time & July 2nd)

July 02, 2021
  Today I'm sharing some progress in the junk/flower garden from planting time and on July 2nd. This old window frame has an attached galvanized window box with a Lanai Red Verbena.

A Vintage Wooden Child's Chair Receives A Paint & Stencil Makeover

July 01, 2021
  I shared this child's chair in my recent thrift shop & garage sale finds post  HERE. Today, I gave it a makeover!