Upcycled & Stenciled Handmade Holiday Craft Christmas Tree Chalkboard

When I was in the Twin Cities over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to score the Trifecta!  The Trifecta is a trip to Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's on Black Friday.

I purchased this Handmade Holiday Craft Christmas Tree Chalkboard at Joann Fabrics.  It was regularly priced at $9.99, but I got it for 60% off.

Easy DIY Wooden Peg Snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments

 Last month my aunt gave me a couple big bags of wooden craft parts.

This 10 pack is from Carlson Company, 3/4" x 2 1/4" Little Woman pegs.  Similar wooden peg dolls are available on Etsy here.

Recent Junk Finds in November

I found a few of these things in town at a local Christmas shed sale, and some of it in a Twin Cities' Goodwill on Black Friday.

This vintage (homemade) plywood wastebasket with leather laces cost me $6.  I have already started the makeover on this piece.

Bingo Edition Christmas Countdown Stenciled Corkboard

 My project today began with a framed corkboard.  

I guess I called them bulletin boards back in the day!

Christmas Crates Stenciled Box & Drawer

 I paid $1 at a garage sale for this wooden recipe box.

 It held a lot of recipe cards at one time.

Since I won't be using it for recipe cards, it's time for a Christmas makeover.

Snowflake Button & Mini Canvas Christmas Tree Ornaments

 This is a 2.5" x 2.5"  black mini canvas.  I purchased several of them at Walmart Canada.  They were available in the store in both black and white.  

This project would also work with a 3" x 3" mini canvas painted black.

I also used 6 snowflake buttons from Dress It Up.  Three of one style and three of another, and one tan or light brown round button.

Semi Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments with Hangers and Clothespins

 I have a thing for vintage hangers.  Especially wooden ones, but wire ones too.

I found these mini 3" x 4" wire craft hangers at our local hobby and crafts shop.  They were $1.19 each.  

Darice bulk pack hangers are available on Amazon.

A Nordic Thrift Shop Stool Makeover and Nordic Themed Decor

This stool was one of my recent thrift shop finds.  I paid $10.  I shared it in a blog post HERE.

The tag underneath the seat identifies it as a Donie Chair Company product from 1992.  Judging by the heart stencil, I think it's from that "cutesy country" time frame.  

2019 Rustic Christmas Covered Patio Junk Decor

Hello Everybody!  It's time to share my annual rustic Christmas covered patio decor.

You will familiar pieces of my garden junk now situated on patio to greet visitors to my front door.

Mini Grapevine Wreath Christmas Tree Ornaments

 I live in a small northern Minnesota town with a small independent craft and hobby shop, a Kmart that's about to close (forever), a large Menard's home improvement store, a Dollar Tree, and a Dollar General.  We also have a Family Dollar but I seldom shop there.  Most of the chain stores are at least one hundred miles away.

Most of my local shopping is done at thrift shops, consignment shops, or garage sales.  My blog is supply driven.  I find something, and then find something to do with it. 

My cousin gave me several 2 1/2" grapevine wreaths like the one above.  They still had the price tags on them for 20 cents each.