How To Use Rectangular Sign Stencils On Thrifted Finds

 I love to make framed signs!  When I find all wood frames with the tight corners (that were not photograph sized frames, like 5 x 7, 8 x 10, etc), I usually pick them up.

Here I am using a piece of bead board paneling upside down in the frame.  This will be project number 1.  (Actually I have two frames like this so project number 1 will be two pieces)

This is a large metal round tray I found at the thrift shop for 99 cents.

The tray will be project number 2.

Garage Cutting Board To Fall Apple Cider Sign

 Another cutting board project today!

I first cleaned the cutting board with Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser Spray, and a warm damp rag.  

Cutting boards can have a greasy build up which is not good for paint adhesion.

This is one of the three cutting boards I picked up and shared in my late June and early July garage sale finds post.

Apple Cider Garage Sale Crate Sign

This is a 50 cent wooden crate that I purchased at the Littlefork Citywide Garage Sales in June.

My project today starts out with this crate!

From Drab to Fab Thrift Shop Mirror Upcycle with Houndstooth Stencil

 I found this dated dark wood mirror in my shed last week.  

I purchased it at the thrift shop.  It needs a makeover!


 This antique dough trough was one of my August garage sale finds.

I paid $15 for it.  It's quite big and pretty rough, not like most of the dough troughs I have seen before.  I think it's more like a crate.

Garage Sale Window Shutter Repurpose

I purchased this set of pre-primed, interior, white window shutters, still in the package, at a garage sale recently.

They were one dollar.  I thought they were a steal, but, the bottoms had been cut off.  They were still a good buy but needed to be re-cut as they were very crooked on the bottoms.

Moving, Selling, and Fixing Up Mom's Stuff

I moved my mom from a senior apartment complex to a much smaller assisted living apartment at the end of July.  She will be 87 next week, and needs a little more help than the senior apartment complex offered.  

She fell and broke her hip, AND got a partial hip replacement.  She's in rehab and waiting to get back in her apartment!

My mom has always been a garage sale and thrift store shopper, even auctions in her younger days.  Even though she had been downsized once already, moving from her house to the apartment, she still had a lot of stuff. 

This dress form proudly displayed her grandmother's wedding dress for many years.  She had it in her bedroom.  I folded up the antique wedding dress (that was paper thin) and put it in storage.  I brought the dress form home.  Still thinking about up-cycling it or selling it.  I know my mom paid like $70-75 for it.

An Oak End Table Upcycle with Paint & Buffalo Check Stencil

 I recently shared with my readers that I moved my mother into assisted living.  It was a big job!  My mom has a lot of stuff.

This round, oak, end table was one item that she didn't need.  I gave it a makeover for my daughter's townhouse.

Wooden Candle Sconce Re-Purposed As Fall Decor

 Well, I almost forgot to take a photo of this candle sconce before it was painted, at least ALL painted.

This is a free wall candle sconce that I brought home from my mom's apartment.

I'm sure she found this sconce while thrifting.  Sconces are fairly easy to find.  Some have been made in high school shop classes.  Most are stained with a dark wood stain.

I'm thinking fall.  I decided to paint the sconce in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Honfleur (brown).

I brushed on two coats, and sealed the chalk paint with Deco Art Americana Decor Creme Wax in Clear.

Stenciled Vintage Suitcase Project

 I purchased this vintage Samsonite suitcase at a garage sale recently.

First, I washed the faux leather suitcase down with warm soapy water.  

I used a little Soft Scrub to get the scuff marks and grime off of the light colored plastic.