Easy Hobby Lobby Fall Banner AND My Fall Covered Patio Decor

September 20, 2021
I found this cloth blank banner/flag at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas Craft area.  It has a stiff plastic or coated backing.  Do you ever wonder how to decorate these craft blanks?   I will show you how I finished my banner, and then my decorated fall covered patio decor!   I removed the string and dowel from my Hobby Lobby Banner.  Next, I brushed on two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Putty .   I think this paint color takes on a burlap look. I didn't paint the back. Just the front and edges.

Thrift Store Wooden Leaf Tray Upcycled As Fun & Colorful Fall Decor

September 18, 2021
This wooden tray was a Goodwill find from the Twin Cities area. It had some water stains and some wear and tear.  I decided to give it a fall makeover.

Goodwill Wooden Canister Repurposed As Fall Pumpkin/Jack-o-Lantern

September 16, 2021
This wooden canister was a summer Goodwill find. I transformed it into easy, fun fall decor!

Fall Cutting Board Shaped Coasters Added To A DIY Banner & A Fall Crate Vignette

September 14, 2021
I purchased this set of four fall, cutting board shaped coasters at our local Menards. They were perfect for a fall project that I had in mind!

Rustic Pallet Section Pumpkin DIY Project

September 12, 2021
I saw this rustic pallet section leaning against the outdoor wall of our local antiques shop, priced at $5.   I knew that I could make it into something fun!

Goodwill Wooden Hand Jewelry Holder Makeover

September 09, 2021
I recently picked up this wooden hand shaped jewelry holder at a Goodwill store in the Twin Cities. It needed a good cleaning AND a makeover.

Fun Flannel Covered Fall Book Decor Project

September 08, 2021
  My project today started out with three very similarly sized thrift shop books. I gave them a fun fall makeover WITHOUT PAINT OR STENCILS! Take a look below.

A Half Barn Door Fall Sign/ Pumpkin Spice Latte Decor

September 04, 2021
I purchased this rustic half section of a barn door at our local antiques shop on Crazy Daze for $13. I thought it would be the start of a fun fall outdoor DIY decor piece.

A Rusty Metal Child's Folding Chair Becomes Rustic Fall Decor

September 01, 2021
This little rusty metal folding chair was a $3 purchase at a local flea market AND one of my End of July finds  HERE.  

Pie Tin Repurposed As Fall Pumpkin Decor

August 30, 2021
This pie tin was on clearance at the antique shop last week and I got it for half price or $3. I transformed it into a fall decor piece.