Goodwill Wooden Wagon Makeover

August 10, 2022
This little wooden, country blue wagon was one of my Goodwill finds from an April post  HERE.   The wagon is the kind of thing I loved in the 90's to display my craft sale bunnies, bears, and dolls. See below, how I gave it a makeover.  Also, TODAY is the August edition of the Thrift Store Decor Team's projects.

Garage Sale Hard Body Suitcase French Inspired Makeover

August 08, 2022
I purchased these three suitcases at a garage sale for $10. They are not really old, but they still can become fun decor pieces with a few supplies.

My 2022 Annual Junk Garden Tour

August 01, 2022
Welcome to my annual junk garden tour 2022 edition!   I am starting the tour at my front patio area.

Container Junk Garden Before and Afters

July 28, 2022
As I am preparing for the 2022 Junk Garden Tour, I thought I would share some container garden closeups before (at planting time) and after (late July). Like this chippy red wheelbarrow at planting time with a Heliotrope  and a  Red Calliope Geranium.   Read on for more photos.

Backyard Junk Garden Odds & Ends Vignette 2022 and Previous Years

July 26, 2022
  One of the very last places I plant and decorate in the yard is in the back. Very few people see this spot. The junk here didn't make the cut to be included in the front or side yard by the deck.   I started arranging this stuff along with an inexpensive double impatiens basket, a six pack of single violet impatiens and a calliope medium violet geranium.  The stuff included a soda crate, a galvanized bucket, a peeling wooden toolbox, a minnow bucket insert, a screen door, a wooden flower, a rusty shovel.

Old Book Makeover With Botanical Stencils & Floral Decor Transfers

July 24, 2022
I love to decorate old books!   Here I painted a thrifted book with  Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Daisy.

Bead Board Cabinet Door Rustic Botanical Wall Decor

July 21, 2022
Way back in 2014, I found this old cabinet door frame and turned it into fun covered patio wall art. Recently, I gave the cabinet door a new look!  Read on below.

More 2022 Junk Garden Before & After Photos

July 18, 2022
Today I'm going to share more mid-July junk garden photos, along with May planting photos of the same flowers. Above, these red dragon wing begonias are really lush, filling in the whole seat of this wrought iron peacock settee.

Front Patio Before and After Junk Garden Photos 2022

July 16, 2022
Today I'm sharing some before photos (from Memorial weekend) and after photos (mid July) of some of my junk garden plantings. Above is my laundry tub pedestal planter, in May, with sunflowers, annual phlox and calendula.

More Junk Garden Deck Landscaping This Season & Years Past

July 12, 2022
I have managed to evade Covid until last week.  It started with a sore throat and progressed to a cold, along with fatigue.  Just starting to perk up. The deck landscaping photo above is from this season.  One of my variegated sedums is in bloom on the right.  A few dianthus and carnations are also blooming, but the sweet alyssums are not blooming. I think insects or slugs must be eating them.