Decorating With Enamelware Inside & Out

February 29, 2024
I pick up inexpensive enamelware at garage sales and thrift shops all the time.  I find most of my enamelware for $5 to $10, sometimes less. Some are reproduction enamelware.  Pieces in excellent condition will not get drainage holes, but instead, become inside pieces.  Buying ceramic or terracotta flowerpots would be more expensive and would pose a winter storage hassle.  Enamelware works great for both indoor and outdoor planters, holiday decor, and farmhouse kitchens.

Junk Garden Galvanized Bucket Planter Ideas

February 21, 2024
As winter winds down, it's time to think about flower gardening! Do you have enough galvanized buckets for planting?  Galvanized buckets are my favorite rustic outdoor planter.

22 Button Jar Decorating & Crafting Ideas

February 13, 2024
My mom and both of my grandmas were button collectors. Besides inheriting some of their buttons, I have purchased my own cards and jars of buttons. Over the last 10+ years, I have used buttons for both decorating and crafting.  Take a look.

DIY Botanical Dollar Tree Reverse Canvas Decor Transfer Wall Art

January 23, 2024
I purchased two 6" x 8" and one 8" x 10" art canvases at our local Dollar Tree. I used them to create easy botanical wall art!

Vintage Suitcase Upcycling & Repurposing Ideas

January 17, 2024
Here is an assortment of older blog projects and newer ones. Let's talk old suitcases! I scoop them up when they are clean inside and have a reasonable price.   I spray painted the one above with  Rustoleum Painters Touch Flat Black Spray Paint  and decorated it with   Redesign With Prima's Somewhere In France Transfer. Keep scrolling for more upcycles and ideas with suitcases.

Eleven Washboard Upcycled Decor Projects

January 10, 2024
I found this washboard style wall bin at our local thrift store in late 2023.  I couldn't pass it up, I love washboard projects! This blog post contains eleven of my washboard makeovers, as well as six more amazing project ideas from the Thrift Store Decor Team!                                         

Raised Coffeepot Planters In Country Sampler Magazine

January 08, 2024
I have a garden project featured in the Spring 2024 Country Sampler Magazine. Country Sampler magazine has had a makeover from its all primitive country format, and it also features upcycling projects from many DIY bloggers. It's worth a read! Here is my photo featured in the magazine. The coffeepot planters on stakes idea is from my blog post from May 23, 2016.  I have planted annuals in old coffee pots for years now.  But, last week, I got the crazy idea to add wood stakes to the bottom of three old coffee pots.     I purchased a 6 pack of rough wood garden stakes at Menard's for $5.00.  I made the stakes three different lengths, allowing for part of the stake to be in the dirt.  I attached the stakes through the bottom of the coffee pots with a washer and a screw.  I then thought the wood looked a little too new and applied some vinegar and steel wool stain.  (The recipe is all over Pinterest). The bottom of this length-wise half barrel was planted with red zonal geraniums,

Thrifted Finds Upcycled For Christmas

December 15, 2023
The wooden basket on the left was found at a garage sale, and the miniature sled at Goodwill. Each cost $4.  I transformed the items with paint, stencils, napkin decoupage!

Over 100 Upcycling & Repurposing Ideas

December 12, 2023
  The project I was most proud of in 2023 was my junk flower gardens! It's a summer long project. That is a labor of love. Thrift store finds can be found in every nook and cranny of the my yard and gardens.  Take the full tour  HERE. Be sure to scroll on down for more of my projects, and even more ideas from the my teammates on the Thrift Store Decor Team !

Musical Washboard Christmas Decoration

November 08, 2023
I found this washboard recently at the Minnetonka Goodwill .  I have never seen an "Authentic Musical Washboard" in all of my previous washboard finds. Apparently, it's not vintage.  Columbus Washboard Company  still manufactures this washboard.   See how I transformed the washboard into fun Christmas decor.  Also, it's Thrift Store Decor Team's November party , so scroll on down to more projects below.