Stenciling A Couple Fun Garden Junk Pieces

 I purchased this white enamelware coffeepot a couple years ago, and have used it as a planter.

This old garage sale crate (stenciled with Spruce) was part of my "You Cut Tree Farm Christmas Covered Patio.

Upcycled Thrifted Metal Toolbox Tray

 I purchased this metal toolbox tray a few years ago for probably $3 or $4.

My first plan was to plant Sempervivums (Hen and Chicks) in it.  

But last week, I got another idea.

Garage Sale Weathered Wood Junk Garden Planter

Last June, I purchased this table? at the Littlefork Minnesota Citywide Garage Sales.

I only paid $2, and I thought it had possibilities.

Vintage Lingerie Washboard Upcycle & Repurpose

 I found this little lingerie washboard at the thrift shop last week.

It was priced at $1.99.  The previous owner had stained the wood with a dark hue, painted the washboard metal a light purple, and added wooden utensils with cup hooks.

 This is the back.  

The little washboard needed a new look!

Antique School Desk Upcycle With Milk Paint & Stencils

 I purchased this A. H. Andrews antique school desk last week at No Place Like Home Again.

Junky Garage Drawers/Bins Get A Garden Makeover

 I found three wood and galvanized garage junk drawers or nail/screw bins at our local antique/consignment shop, No Place Like Home Again.

Repurposed Thrift Shop Bunk Bed Ladder Shelf With Summer Decor

I found this natural wood bunk bed ladder at the thrift shop for $8. 

I gave it a new purpose and a makeover! 

Farm Style Birdhouse With Red Milk Paint & Stencil Smorgasbord

 Last year I purchased this wooden birdhouse for $5 at a garage sale later in the season.

It was well built, and unfinished.

Thrifted Cutting Board & Crate DIY Stenciled Decor

I found this round cutting board at a Goodwill shop in the Twin Cities on Black Friday.

It was marked $3.99, but everything was 50% off that day.

Paint & Stencil Your Garden Decor

Paint & Stencil Your Garden Decor #oldsignstencils #galvanizedbucket #galvanized #milkpaint #stencil #containergarden #junkgarden

I love to plant my flowers in old galvanized buckets.

The buckets are practical!  They are practically indestructible to the elements, and they hold a lot of soil.  A lot of soil means that your pots won't dry out as quickly.