A Vintage Cabinet Door Buffalo Check Christmas JOY Sign

 I am falling behind here with Christmas decorating!  My kitchen table is a MESS.

I remembered at the very last minute that I had not taken a before photo of this $4 vintage, garage sale cabinet door.  (The previous owner had hand written a Bible verse on the door.  It's a great verse to be sure, but not done well.)

Anyway the door turned out to be too large for my stencil, so it had to be sawed in half.

DIY Hobby Lobby Christmas Craft Ornament Banner with Buffalo Checks

 This is another Christmas Crafts/Hobby Lobby ornament six pack.  It's marked $4.99, but I purchased the package at 50% off on Black Friday.

An Awesome New Christmas Trees Stencil From Old Sign Stencils - 2 Ways

 I love free.  I got two of these art canvases free at a garage sale last summer.

They had been base coated white and had a curved red stripe painted on them.  

I sanded down the red stripe a bit as the paint had a build up of layers.

Stenciling For Christmas With "NEW" Old Sign Stencils

 I haven't found very many fun items this year at the thrift shops to up-cycle for Christmas, so I have been busy with more Christmas crafting than Christmas up-cycling.

But this wooden hinged box with a handle and a latch caught my eye at the thrift shop, especially since it was red.

Easy DIY Brown Paper Scroll Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here is another easy and inexpensive Christmas tree ornament idea!

You will need a 5/16" x 36" wood dowel, and a roll of brown kraft paper.

Re-Purposed Cabinet Door Christmas Sign with Target Jingle Bells

 I still have quite a few cabinet display doors that I purchased last spring for $3-$5 each at my local Menard's.

I am thinking of a Christmas project today!

2018 Junky Rustic Christmas Outdoor Covered Patio Decor

2018 Junky Rustic Christmas Outdoor Covered Patio Decor #signs #buffalocheck #vintage #rusticChristmas
Today I'm sharing my junky rustic Christmas outdoor patio decor for 2018!

It's like junk gardening, only it's winter, so there are no flowers!  But, I get to put together a few vignettes with my favorite junk.

I hope you will take a look!

DIY Michael's White Washed Christmas Wood Box Decorations

 I still have a few easy Christmas projects to show you, made with craft store items.

These little square whitewashed boxes are from Michael's.  The regular price on these little boxes is $2.99 each, but I purchased them for 40% off.  They are 3.9" x 3.9" x 3" tall.

 I found these two bigger whitewashed boxes at Michael's on Black Friday so instead of paying $5.69, I got them at 50% off.

These boxes are 7.5" x 3.4" x 3.5".

Here is an easy Christmas project with these little boxes.

A Goodwill Cutting Board Re-Purposed Christmas Sign

 I went to the St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Goodwill last weekend.

I found this unusual cutting board for $2.99, but at 50% off on Black Friday.  I picked it up at $1.99!

Easy DIY Joann Fabrics Unfinished Wood Christmas Decor

I spent Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the twin cities.  As you know, I live in rural, northern Minnesota, so I look forward to some shopping.

On Black Friday, I managed to achieve the "Trifecta", shopping at Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabric, AND Michael's.  Almost everything I purchased was 50% or more off the regular prices.

I always search out the unfinished wood inventory in craft shops, especially when it's 50% off.  I can sometimes find unfinished wood pieces cheaper than I can find used items at the thrift shops.

I picked up this little cutting board shaped, unfinished wood easel at Joann Fabric.

 This wood easel's regular price was $3.99, so I paid $1.99.  

This item is not on the Joann Fabric online shop, but it may still be available in stores.