Weather Beaters

January 29, 2013
I was visiting some of my favorite blogs recently only to find busy bloggers' hands knitting, crocheting, sewing and weaving.

Tracy at Crow's Feet Chic shared a retro crochet booklet's photos and her own crochet projects.  

Pam at House of Hawthorne's picked up her crochet hook for a Valentine's Day chain stitch on her Facebook page.  (There is also some talk of dog sweaters.)

Laurie, at I love a cloudy day shared a great painting, of course, and her sock knitting to keep her feet warm.  

Vickie at Ranger 911 keeps the sock monkeys multiplying.

And, Dru at the Country Farm Home is busy, busy with rag rug weaving.

Me, I do know how to knit and crochet but haven't in years.  

My Mom and I used to sell all sorts of vintage items on ebay including old patterns.  I came across this "Weather Beaters" Coats & Clark, Red Heart, Book No. 266, Copyright 1977, knitting and crocheting booklet.   

I'm not going to share the patterns since the 1977 copyright isn't THAT old, but I will show you what our ladies would be making this winter if it was 1977.

You know some of these styles are not that "out of style".

French is certainly "in" in blogland.  Maybe not a beret though, huh?

 Hmmm, are Granny Squares making a comeback?

I don't remember anybody with anything like this in the 70's, and believe me I was there.

 You can't go wrong with slippers.

This cowl neck is sort of "in" if she loses the "Dorothy Hamill" cut.  (I wouldn't go around calling it a dickie like the pattern says either)

Boots were hot in the 1970's too, even in gold with bright socks.

We had seven inches of snow in Northern Minnesota last night.  I need my "Weather Beaters"!

Joining Debra for Be Inspired.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love that long scarf. What type of yarn did they use to make the puffy part and what stitch. I'd love to make this!

  2. I'm 56 so I remember the 70's , well most of them, and thats not because of drugs, ha ha, I had a head injury that has robbed me of some of my memory but I remember some of those scarves and hats, and leg warmers, I do knit socks but nothing fancy, just feet warmers, plain and simple, thanks for sharing this with us today!

  3. This post makes me wish I knew how to knit and crochet. Things really do come back in style, don't they? Thanks for sharing and thank you for your visit.

  4. I enjoyed this, I've recently picked up my needles again, and really am enjoying it. My Mom taught me to sew, knit and crochet. We use to sit in the family room and have craft night.

  5. I've been crocheting up a storm...making ruffled scarves. Just love making them.

  6. I didn't know what to look at first... the knitting projects or the HAIR DO'S! Fun post!

  7. Love it! I actually owned one of those hood/scarves in the 70's. I needed it to keep my Farrah Faucett sprayed hair from moving. :@

  8. Don't worry, you are never in danger of stopping at my blog and I've been knitting, although I'd love to learn. And my daughters would love all those things you featured, look current to me!


  9. Seven inches of snow! Our temp was 77 yesterday--but is dropping today. If I could knit, I'd be knitting this winter, but I never learned. So, it has to be rag rugging for now. I love all the old needlework books and collect them, even if I don't know how to start. Maybe one day. . .

  10. O my goodness did those photos bring back memories. Especially the gold boots with the red socks? What were we thinking??! LOL

  11. I had one of those granny square purses. Totally forgot about it until I saw this. It was not very practical because it got snags all over it and really really dirty. Leather is much better for purses!

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by My Dream Canvas. I have to tell you that I adore the name of your blog :) Anu

  13. I've always been a knitter , but only just learning to chrochet.
    Some of those patterns would be great today and others not so much!

  14. Carlene, I think several of those patterns would work for today. i once crocheted a sweater, but never put it together when I realized that one of the arms was much shorter than the other. Kind of made me give up the idea of doing any more! Fun patterns. laurie

  15. Oh Boy! do I remember all this! My sister and I used to get my grandmother to crochet the vests, socks, leg warmers, I need to see if I have some of them somewhere, thanks for the memories!

  16. I had forgotten all about those little slippers. I remember having those. Not sure if my mom or my sister made them but we wore 'em. And we also wore dickies for pee wee cheerleading. Seems like just yesterday but definitely a world away already!

  17. Oh my, it's easy to see that history repeats itself. I do remember alot of these and baby, they are coming back strong. My DIL just made some of those weather beaters for her boots. I have a few booklets. I need to give them a look over again. You know I was there in the 70's too girl! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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