Duck Decoys and More of the Master Bedroom

If you remember last week's sneak peek at our master bedroom, you will recall a 1970's early American bedroom chest that I had painted creamy white over 15 years ago and vintage duck collectibles.


Decorating a Very Small Bathroom

I often wonder why my 3/4 bath was designed to be soooooo small.  Just a couple extra feet would have made such a big difference.

After thinking about the hangers I had found in my garage, I decided to hang them in my small bathroom.


Thinking About Hangers

I absolutely loved Linda's post at Itsy Bits and Pieces on old hangers...

This is such a fun bathroom wall.  The center bottom hanger is very unusual.  I couldn't get it off my mind.


Vintage Shabby Easter Vignette

I purchased this shelf for $5 last summer.

It had some possibilities.  I loved the oval mirror and caning inserts.

I dry brushed several coats of Heirloom White paint on it, and distressed it a bit.

After I painted it, I thought of a place to use it in the house.  I never found a place, and put it in the garage.  It has been sitting in the garage since September.


Mini Bunny Silhouettes & Cloches

One of my first blog posts last year to garner some attention (and get featured on Tatertots and Jello) was "Easter Silhouettes and a Mini Cloche".


A "Just Ducky" Master Bedroom

While thrifting recently I came across four cork backed, laminated, vintage, waterfowl placemats made in England, by Pimpernel.


The Easter Parade

"In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade".  

I pulled a few of my grandest ladies out of the china cabinet for an Easter parade.  I collect lady head vases, lady figural planters, lady figurines, lady portrait plates and lady portraits.  I have been collecting them for quite some time.

I used to daydream about being a great lady in a long skirt pursued by gentlemen callers.  Like in a romance novel.

Here is my Easter Parade!

This grand lady in my parade is a hand painted portrait plate "Gainsborough by John Peters, Amsterdam Holland".  (She had to have a big hat for that big hair.)


Easter File Folder Activities

I don't really delve too deeply into my personal life on my blog, only occasionally mentioning my family.  I think it will stay that way for now, but I do have a family weekend planned.

My son and his family are here for an old timer's hockey tournament.  He's only 34, but the tournament is for hockey players 30-60.  My town is a hockey town, and this tournament is a big deal and a local fundraiser.

I will take in a few hockey games, (probably just my son's games), but best of all, my grand twins are here.  They are four years old, a boy and a girl.

They love ipads and iphones (and know how to use them) but they also love puzzles and matching.  I have made file folder and sorting activities for them since they were two years old.  With the popularity of home-schooling there is an abundance of materials on the internet.  The internet is where I first learned about file folder games and activities.

The dollar stores come in handy for making up file folders too.  I purchased this Easter bingo game at Dollar Tree.

I used just one bingo game to make up two matching file folder games.


Vintage Woman's Day Ads

Can you believe this was a magazine cover?

Other than the date, August 1951, and 5 cents, there is nothing on this cover but an adorable baby.  Would someone snatch this up at the grocery or drug store counter without knowing the other teaser titles contained in the magazine?


Shabby Chic Crosses

I was inspired yet again with a salvaged cross project from Laurel at Chipping with Charm.

In her "Trash to Treasured" post from last Easter she re-purposed levels and door plates into crosses.

She used Amazing Goop to join the level and the door plates.  Don't you love the industrial feel of these crosses?


My Top Five Favorite Outdoor Planters

As a junk gardener, I am always looking for a creative new planter or container idea to pot up some annuals.  (And, ever since I became a blogger, I can't wait to post the new creative container on my blog, Hometalk, and Pinterest.)

But, as I intend to plant a lot of annuals in pots on my deck and on my patio, I need some go-to containers.  I won't be able to think up 40 or 50 novel containers.   So here are my top five go-to containers that I use and love year after year...

1.  Galvanized pails.  Mop buckets, minnow buckets and the minnow bucket insert, any galvanized, preferably older metal pails.  I plant my hanging annuals in pails with a an  "S" through the bail hanging by a chain.

Junk in my Trunk

I am joining a fun party next Tuesday...

I do have junk in my trunk...

Oh no not this kind of junk in the trunk.  I have a pretty flat butt and small legs.  (I am an apple with the majority of my weight in the middle!)


Strike Plate Salvage Easter Crosses

One of my favorite bloggers, fellow Minnesotan Laurel Putnam, of "Chipping with Charm" created crosses from layering two door strike plates.  Laurel's post is here.   Laurel made her strike plates crosses into Christmas tree ornaments for friends.


$6 Decor - Frame Repurpose

Earlier this year, I purchased this vintage frame and print for $3.

I wasn't really thinking of using it as is, but the frame's basket weave pattern was interesting.


Tole Tray Inspired Spring Mantel

I should not even be thinking spring with all the snow outside my window.  But I got an inspiration this morning...

This tole tray that I found thrifting last year for $4 inspired my spring, vintage mantel.


Prim Bunnies in the Kitchen

I still love me some primitive country decor.  I think it mixes well with vintage kitchen utensils and bowls.

The bunny with the chick was a new purchase today at the Tattered Angel, my favorite occasional craft and collectibles shop.  The eggs and the other bunny were last year purchases from Tattered Angel.


Easter Basket Vignette

I just threw together an Easter basket for my coffee table.


The End of an Era...

Any of you familiar with my blog will no doubt remember my floral sofa...

It was love at first sight fifteen years ago when I spotted it at Ballan Furniture.  No I didn't just like it, I loved it.    It was perfect for my living room that had recently been stripped of all of its "cutesy" country mauve and blue craft sale decor.  I had moved on to what I had dubbed my "English country" style.  I had rose tea cups and saucers lined up in a row on my mantel, and floral plates on the wall.  I carried the idea a little too far and installed floral carpeting, that I would love to change out now after 10 years.