My Top Five Favorite Outdoor Planters

March 07, 2013
As a junk gardener, I am always looking for a creative new planter or container idea to pot up some annuals.  (And, ever since I became a blogger, I can't wait to post the new creative container on my blog, Hometalk, and Pinterest.)

But, as I intend to plant a lot of annuals in pots on my deck and on my patio, I need some go-to containers.  I won't be able to think up 40 or 50 novel containers.   So here are my top five go-to containers that I use and love year after year...

1.  Galvanized pails.  Mop buckets, minnow buckets and the minnow bucket insert, any galvanized, preferably older metal pails.  I plant my hanging annuals in pails with a an  "S" through the bail hanging by a chain.

2.  I also am a huge fan of terra cotta pots.  I love the weathered patina.  I'm sure many of you don't like the fact that they dry out quickly but in my northern climate they work well and look great, even though they must be watered daily.  

3.  Galvanized laundry tubs.  I have them in my wheelbarrow and partially sunk into my flower beds around the house.  Just like pails only bigger!

4.  Thrift shop vintage metal kitchenware.  Muffin tins are great for hen and chicks.  Metal tea kettles and coffeepots, kettles, and also roasters or roaster covers.  Just don't overdo it.

5.  And lastly my newest favorite, funnels.  A flexible hose funnel perches in the corner of my deck.  A large funnel is pushed down on a wooden broom handle and stuck into a flower border.  Small funnels work well tucked inside another pots.  

My favorite containers work well for my cottage, junk garden style.


                  Power of Pinterest.

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  1. Beautiful plants,Carlene. My husband and I are going on the "Peaches to the beaches yard sale" tomorrow and I'll be looking for items to put my plants in.

  2. You have such a green thumb!

    The metal kitchenware has got to be my favorite of all your containers. What fun!

  3. Now I have an excuse to go back to the GW and get the old kettle I saw... if it's still there! Planting flowers never crossed by mind - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Carlene
    I liked all of your flower containers.
    I'm with you, I love repurposed containers better than anything new.

  5. What great ideas,love the galvanized tubs.Oh my I can't wait for spring. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Cute ideas and beautiful plants. I'll be out in the garden this weekend.

  7. I am going to hunt the thrift store for some old tea kettles. I really want some to plant flowers in.

  8. I love all of your vintage containers, Carlene...makes a garden look so charming! I'm looking forward to spring, seeing your photos! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I love the minnow buckets used as planters. And I'd love to have a potting bench like yours! are you starting anything from seed inside your house?

  10. Your flowers are beautiful and make me long for spring. I have a galvanized bucket in the attic so now I have a use for it (if spring ever gets here).

  11. I love all of these containers and I use them all the time. I must be a junkin gardner too ~

  12. Lots of great ideas Carlene!
    I follow on fb too, so I get to see your stuff there as well.
    I have used the teapots, the tubs, and I love the pots .
    I really love your muffin tin idea, going to give that a try!
    I have an old large coffee pot that I scored at an auction for $2. It is my fave. I also have an old ash holder that I love.
    Gee I can't wait until this snow is gone. I wish I had a big blow dryer that I could use in my yard.
    Happy FRiday,

  13. These all make great flower containers, Carlene!
    Mary Alice

  14. Between you and my Mom, your gardens are amazing!

  15. I get so many great ideas from your gardens. In fact, you're one of my inspirations for the new garden I'll have this summer right outside our back door!
    Thanks, Carlene!

  16. Since you are the organized clutter queen, I look forward to where you stash your junk, including all the outdoor stuff that may not be in use. Your go-to ideas are all worthy of your cool junk garden.

  17. Oh I wish you lived near me, we have about a gazillion clay pots that I would give you. These are such cute and unusual planters, I love this idea. Hugs, Marty


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