A "Just Ducky" Master Bedroom

March 19, 2013
While thrifting recently I came across four cork backed, laminated, vintage, waterfowl placemats made in England, by Pimpernel.

Since my collections are displayed in almost every room of our house, I let my husband display some of his collections in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom has an early American style bedroom set from 1976.  In fact, the bedroom set originally had brass eagle drawer pulls and 1776 engraved brass pulls too. 

I painted the honey pine finish about fifteen years ago with Heirloom White Satin Paint by Rustoleum.  I added two types of wooden drawer pulls, and also wooden knobs painted in Hunter Green.  I had never heard of chalk paint at the time.  I did not sand the pieces but used Zinser shellac based primer.  The paint has held up well with very few touch ups.

The chest is topped with vintage ducks.  I think the figurine is a Royal Copley, and the smaller duck is a Hull.

Not sure about this duck figurine but maybe a Royal Copely.  

The shelf with matching dental molding to the chest, has a 1951 duck stamp that was my Grandfather's,

And also the vintage waterfowl tiles by Enesco that I made-over here.

This is the last of the four Pimpernel place mats.

Do you see that dark thing on the floor by the crock?

It's a vintage cast iron frog door stop that was made in Japan.

He's so cute. I used to have him outside on my front step. 

I will continue to share the master bedroom and its collections in upcoming posts.  

I am thinking about trying to hang the other three placemats over the chest or dresser.  More to come...

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Those are the kind of placemats I love to use. They are way expensive too not in a thrift store. Any item vintage and duck sells well for me on consignment.

  2. Next to chickens I love me some ducks.

  3. Very cute. I even love the fish on the wall. Maybe you need a deer head too? I could send you one!

  4. You have a wonderful collection, Carlene, and that is a great dresser re-do!

  5. I love that stamp. Such a collection you have. Look forward to the rest of the master bedroom collections.

  6. I'm not into ducks but those are really pretty! You do such a great job of displaying items and the stamp is beautiful the way you have it framed.

  7. Your dresser is very pretty with its white finish, and I have that same shelf hanging over our bathtub! My favorite duck is the framed stamp. Very cool.

  8. Ducks are very cute as accents! Love your collection!

  9. Carlene,
    You were way ahead of your time by painting your dresser so long ago! Love your duck collection, especially the duck stamp! I'm sure that is quite valuable.

  10. I love that duck stamp and frame!!! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  11. Very cool... I LOVE the ducks. Reminds me of my grandfather's collection. Love the stamp too... very cool. :)

  12. You do have a great collection of vintage ducks and they look good on your chest. I love those kind of placemats and they just last forever. I've used them in my bedroom on my nightstand to poke stuff on! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. Happy spring, Carlene,
    What a wonderful post. Your wildlife prints are beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing the how to's of how you painted your chest of drawers. I would love to paint a few of mine, but have been afraid that I'd make a mess of them. Your tips have been so helpful, my friend.

    Thank you for your genuine comments on my cottage style guest room. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

    carolynn xo

  14. This is so pretty! I am visiting you via No Minimalist Here. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a Giveaway for my blog's birthday. Please join in if you like it :)

  15. Love all of your ducks, they look fabulous. The shelf is a great idea above the chest. Hugs, marty

  16. Carlene--That's so nice of you to let Hubby choose the bedroom decor! My Mom had those exact placemats but must have given them away. I didn't find them for the estate sale--had forgotten all about them until your post. I think they'd look lovely on the wall!
    Springtime Hugs,

  17. A beautiful print! Very terrific find!

  18. Great find on the placemats Carlene. I love the vintage ducks! My hubby use to love to go duck hunting. I just asked him if he had any of his old duck stamps or fishing liscense. I think it's important to have some manly touches in our homes. My hubbies office has a couple of duck decoys. One is a painted one I made for him years ago. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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