The End of an Era...

March 01, 2013
Any of you familiar with my blog will no doubt remember my floral sofa...

It was love at first sight fifteen years ago when I spotted it at Ballan Furniture.  No I didn't just like it, I loved it.    It was perfect for my living room that had recently been stripped of all of its "cutesy" country mauve and blue craft sale decor.  I had moved on to what I had dubbed my "English country" style.  I had rose tea cups and saucers lined up in a row on my mantel, and floral plates on the wall.  I carried the idea a little too far and installed floral carpeting, that I would love to change out now after 10 years.

The sofa started to show some fading and wear,

But it is a Flexsteel, and the cushions and frame have held up well.

I don't know if you could tell where this post was going or not, but it's headed towards a new slipcover from Surefit.  It's a stretch two piece "T" cushion "antique" colored slipcover.  I ordered a swatch and decided it went well with my floral carpeting that has a scrolly design in this color, and most importantly, it matched well with my burlap curtains from Ballard's that are not even a year old.

I would have preferred an even more custom fit, but with the sofa's three cushion, "T" cushion design, Pottery Barn and Ikea slipcovers were not an option. 

I am putting this slipcover on by myself.  My husband is at work.  (He would just not see a need to re-cover this sofa.  The cushion with the hole could be face down.)

It actually went on pretty easy.  At least this part did.

Putting three cushions in the fitted seat piece was a little tricky, I did work up a sweat.

I'm not sure how well this cover will stay in place,

And I may send it with my daughter next fall for her college apartment.  After all, I work at a furniture store, so I can get a deal on a new one.

I think I like it!  I know the plain sofa will be easier to adorn with seasonal pillows, and the coffee table vignette will not be lost in the busy floral sofa.  

***Update - Happy to report the slipcover is staying in place even after I laid on it several evenings.

What do YOU think?  It only cost me $137 with free shipping.

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Carlene, I've never tried a slip cover just for that reason. I'll be interested to know if it stays in place. The neutral color will be perfect for seasonal pillows. '-)

  2. I had one once...but it wasn't never stayed in place....but I do like the neutral color!

  3. It looks pretty darn good to me Carlene! I like it! I wish they made slip covers for dual reclining leather sofas!!! I'd buy one in a minute!

  4. I like it... wish they made one for a Lazy boy sofa with recliners on each end... I made a POOR fabric choice when I ordered it, and it is FADING and it PILES badly - we live and we learn, I guess...

  5. I would love to know how the slip cover works for you. I like the color and it makes a great neutral background for decorating! hugs, Linda

  6. What a big difference it makes. Not sure you are convinced thaat you like it. I do. It changes the whole look.

  7. I like it.
    Ive never tried a slip cover but I have been considering it for awhile now.
    My Family Room furniture is quite dated, faded and worn.
    Still I dont want to get new because it is seriously the most comfortable set I have ever owned.
    I considered getting it redone awhile back and OUCH!
    I can buy new for less.
    So I think a slip cover would be the best option.
    I have always wondered how difficult they were to work with and how well they stay on.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I think yours looks great!

  8. I like it, but then again I liked the floral sofa too. I had a slipcover once for about ten minutes. It was one of those ones that you threw over the sofa and tied with bows on the corners (think 1990's) and it just looked like I had thrown a sheet on my sofa. Yours looks much more tailored and like it's made for the sofa.

  9. Looks great Carlene... I'm sweating just THINKING about the whole application process! :)

  10. Oh wow!
    Those things are not cheap. I recently came across two-YES!TWO slip covers when shopping at bargainland (2x month huge garage sale,basically)
    Anyway, One of them was very similar to yours, same pattern...little tiny square texture. It's red. WAY.OUT. OF MY COMFORT ZONE!
    But, once I got it on there... I love it!
    They are very stretchy and need to be adjusted regularly for my taste.
    Your's is nice. I like it!
    Will you hubby notice? lol...

  11. Carlene,
    I loved your original sofa and the new slip cover is equally lovely! I had a flex steel sofa that we bought when we were first married that I swear is still alive and well somewhere!! We gave the sofa to relatives because i wanted new furniture but the sofa just would not give out!!! LOL!!


  12. It looks great and I would have thought you had gotten a new sofa. It's a lot cheaper than a new one!
    Very nice, although I really liked the floral too but it's hard to decorate around.

  13. Carlene, I think you got it to fit very nicely. I can see that it would have been a bit of a struggle to get all those cushions in there. I like the look and it is so very versatile.

  14. I like it...and it fits on there great!! We have a Flexsteel sofa too. Had it for almost 20 years and the only thing wrong with it is that the green fabric is looking aged and soiled...and I just can't get it to come as clean as I would like. My daughter has it now in her first place and she put an off white slipcover on it. Now it has new life again.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. It looks really good to me! I had a Sure Fit cover on an old sofa and liked it pretty well. It didn't fit as well as yours does. Hope you have good luck with it staying in place.

  16. I think it made 100% improvement and it looks fantastic!
    Good save!

  17. I've always wondered if these covers would look as good in person as they do in the ads. Yours turned out so pretty. I can't believe how smooth it looks, and I'm impressed that you put it on by yourself. I'm like you though. Amazing what I can do by myself when I don't want to hear my husband complaining about why we need to do this! laurie

  18. I love it! It looks really comfy and cozy, and the solid is going to be a great backdrop for everything you decorate with. Good idea!

  19. Wow! It's a perfect fit! I've thought about getting slipcovers for my sofa and love seat, but the covers wouldn't make them any more comfortable. I'll just suffer with mine until they can be replaced. The color you've chosen works perfectly with your drapes and you'll be able to add whatever color accessories you like!

  20. I think it's perfect Carlene! Now you have a nice blank canvas to decorate at will! Thanks for sharing this at the party this week too!

  21. I like it. My sofa has a print also and I am tired of looking at it. I love those pillows that you have on it.

  22. It looks okay in the picture but it still looks like a slipcover. I thinl it will wrinkle. spot and stain.

    1. I've had it since March. It's a stretch knit and stays in place and doesn't wrinkle. Happy so far.

  23. I like the neutral shade the most. How do you get it all done?

  24. I like it! I have a similar coloured sofa and love being able to dress it seasonally!

  25. I've owned two Sure Fit covers and have loved them! One tip that generally helps with slip covers is to tuck a length of thick doweling (little less than the length of the sofa) down under the back and the bottom frame, before you replace the cushions.


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