The Easter Parade

March 17, 2013
"In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade".  

I pulled a few of my grandest ladies out of the china cabinet for an Easter parade.  I collect lady head vases, lady figural planters, lady figurines, lady portrait plates and lady portraits.  I have been collecting them for quite some time.

I used to daydream about being a great lady in a long skirt pursued by gentlemen callers.  Like in a romance novel.

Here is my Easter Parade!

This grand lady in my parade is a hand painted portrait plate "Gainsborough by John Peters, Amsterdam Holland".  (She had to have a big hat for that big hair.)

This pretty lady head vase in my parade is from Enesco Japan.  My very first head vase.  She was my great grandmother's.

The cute little miss is a figural planter made in Japan.  She is showing a lacy petticoat today.

Joining my lady planters in the Easter Parade are three figurines.  The one on the right is unmarked but I think she is a Florence Ceramics figurine like "Sue Ellen" on the left.  These gals look to be straight out of "Gone With The Wind".  The white and gold figurine is marked with a wreath and "Japan".  

Another portrait plate from Salem China with two ladies.

At the tail end of my Easter Parade are two more lady head vases.  

My Easter Parade is on my coffee table.

Who is the "Grandest Lady" in the Easter Parade?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. What a fun Easter Parade! I love the little planter with the lacy petticoat!!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Enjoyed the parade! It's just about time to get out those Easter bonnets, isn't it? How were the twins?
    Springtime Hugs,

  3. Love your Easter Parade! So creative and your ladies are lovely!

  4. Oh my, I adore your ladies, they are all so grand. What a fun and creative idea. Hugs, Marty

  5. I like the two head ladies on the left. They seem kind of bashful:}

  6. So pretty! It would be so hard to pick the grandest, but maybe the one on the green plate. :) Beautiful display.

  7. They are all pretty, but I'm going for the cutest one, the little girl planter. Adorable!

  8. Love all the Easter Parade ladies, but the little girl showing her petticoats is my fav!

    Great collection!

  9. Those are just so charming!
    It's something I would have never thought of collecting, but they are really quite unique and fun too!

  10. Great post! Unique and fun, I really enjoyed it! Hugs, Penny

  11. Wow, that's quite a collection! I say the grandest one is the one who has the Cadbury's Easter Creme Egg hidden under the doily!! :)

  12. The Easter Parade of all your ladies in their finest looks great on your table. Love the little girl planter with her petticoat showing.

  13. Did you ever see that movie (The Easter Parade)? I watched it not that long ago. I love old movies. I also love your parade. Your ladies stop traffic all together like that. Makes it tough to pick a favorite. I still look for head vases every week at Goodwill. Nothing yet, but I'm always thinking one day it will be my lucky day. I will come and share the news with you first. Seriously. Someone has to get rid of one one day, right?

  14. Lovely! I love Easter bonnets and that big hair is amazing! WOw! Lovely plate!

  15. Creative, charming, and cute! Love your Easter parade- great use of all your loved items! Nice theme and truly fun!


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