Junk in my Trunk

March 07, 2013
I am joining a fun party next Tuesday...

I do have junk in my trunk...

Oh no not this kind of junk in the trunk.  I have a pretty flat butt and small legs.  (I am an apple with the majority of my weight in the middle!)

I guess I really don't have junk in my car trunk either because it's a hatchback, but it's full.

This is stuff I picked up thrifting and stuff my Mom purchased thrifting and sent home with me.  I was thinking about selling the brown pillow on the left that used to be on a deacon's bench in my house.  I like the wire egg crate that I picked up for $3.  I have big plans for it.

This is my excuse for junk in the trunk.  It's cold and snowy.  It will be so much easier to clean out my car when it's warmer, right?  Then I can wash up and spray paint and fix up my purchases, and clean my car.

It's unfortunate the hatchback stuff has overflowed to my backseat.  I actually come by all this honestly.  My Dad used to say that my Mom "had the only 4 door 1 passenger car in town".

I am going to love that red funnel with a plant in it this summer!  

Oh look, if I had brought this thrifted Reader's Digest "Success with Houseplants" book inside and read it, this may not have happened last month.

I'm still lamenting killing my Baby's Tears.   I under watered it, and it got too dry.  I tried to pull the dead leaves underneath out, and the whole plant pulled off the roots.  It was a perfect little vignette plant.

Here it was at Christmas.

So cute.

It was in there.  Right on page 244.  This cruel death could have been prevented if I'd only cleaned out my car.

I am not proud of my mess.  This junk will be dealt with.  This would have never happened BB.  (Before Blogging)

Stay tuned...

PS. Please don't pin my butt!!!!!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Who wouldn't visit this post with a title like that! So CUTE! Ok, I promised not to copy your butt photo! lol

  2. Carlene you are hysterical! I'm so pinning your butt!! I'm also going to find some plant society and turn you in for that cruel death of those beautiful babys tears that obviously could have been prevented! My car looks alot like yours and unfortunately it's not all thrift store purchases! I loved this post...so funny! Thanks for joining in and don't forget to link it up Tuesday!

  3. Don't pin your butt...never say stuff like that. We were once at a hotel that had a sign on each balcony that said "No fishing off the balconies" and everyone was fishing in the river off the balconies. Just sayin'.

  4. Oh I am not allowed to keep my car in disarray. But other places in the house??? Um yeah, junkjunkjunk! LOL! I'll be cringing as I take pictures Carlene :-)

  5. I hope it ok that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's the link for the details: http://diywithjenandb.blogspot.com/2013/03/kim-at-colors-mixed-together-nominated.html

  6. This post is making me laugh! I have stuff everywhere and I'm trying to get a handle on it all and get it organized! So hard to do. My car has looked like that a lot!
    hugs, Linda

  7. You have a perfectly good excuse for junk in your trunk, Carlene. It IS way too cold to carry all those treasures indoors. Wait until the garage sales start up in the spring and you need the space to haul home NEW old junk. I could do a post a week for the junk I've got piling up....everywhere!!

  8. My car so looks like yours only worse.
    And my yard has as much snow as yours right now too.
    I think it's too cold to be cleaning out cars.
    Cute post!

  9. Oh, wow ... all of that snow! Yikes!

    Your car reminds me of a close family member whose name I won't call. You've heard of drifters, well she is a thrifter all the way. It's quite funny to go places with her. You have to hunt for leg room.

  10. um - before blogging my house was clean even with 5 kids....I think it's secretly how hoarders explain their issues! LOVE IT!!

  11. I had to buy a new car. The old one was full. I feel your pain.

  12. LOL! As a fellow thin thigh'd flat asser (not) I would not pin you but I'm tempted. Sorry about the baby tears, I have one in my window that was a gift last week, I can send you a photo. Lets see how long before I kill it. And the car mess? Mine is usually a trash can on wheels because who wants to clean it when it's zero out? Not sure what my excuse is in summer.


  13. Crates! You need some crates to contain all that wonderful stuff. I don't think it is that bad - I do spy some empty space and it appears two people can fit comfortably in there.

  14. Like Kirby, I have had to trade in cars when they were dirty (and out of gas). And when you tell me not to do something, the temptation is great. I'd be one of the people fishing off a balcony at Olive's hotel.

  15. Thank God for blogging or we would have NO EXCUSE at all! If I didn't have to keep putting kids in my car it would look JUST like that...that's why we built a garage. I agree...you murdered that poor innocent plant...Next time, put it in the front seat where it gets more light and you can dribble some liquid on it while you're driving...just some advice from a REAL gardening expert.

  16. LMAO - I love it - especially the BB and as funny as it is - it's absolutely true!!!
    Great post - thanks for linking!
    Love, a fellow " apple "

  17. lol I wonder how many did pin your butt, just because you asked not to?!! lol
    I hear you on the car...things have a weird way of landing and staying in cars. Great post!
    Debbie :)

  18. Such a cute post. I feel in such good company when I see other people's junk. Love your stories and I cracked up about not pinning your butt. I promise! Cross my heart!

  19. You are supposed to clean cars? No one told me! My friends call mine a storage shed on wheels!

  20. Living in snow country is a perfectly good reason to have a messy car! It's too cold to clean it out! When it's finally nice, well, it's too nice to waste time cleaning out the car.

    Couldn't agree more with the blogging excuse. It really does take a lot of time even for my dinky little blog!

  21. Hi Carlene, love your hatchback full of junk!! How quickly junk can pile up in your car an how slowly it makes its way into the house. Why is that?? Anyway I can't wait to see what you come up with from all your junk, your projects are always so awesome!!


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