25 Thrift Shop Upcycles & Makeovers

August 15, 2021

 I love upcycling and repurposing thrift store finds! Here are 25 of my recent projects!  The links below the photos will redirect you to the project details.

Photo of a painted and stenciled jewelry box.
1.  Goodwill Jewelry Box.  A light oak wooden jewelry box received a turquoise chalk paint and stencil makeover in this post.

Photo of a serving tray upcycled with drop cloth paint and a decor transfer.
2.  Goodwill Tray Makeover.  This Goodwill tray was painted with the most popular Dixie Belle Paint color, Drop Cloth, and decorated with a decor transfer in this recent post.

Photo of a repurposed planter made from a thrifted metal wall bin.
3.  Thrift Shop Metal Wall Bin Planter.  This fun little orange oil company wall bin was perfect repurposed as a succulent planter.

Photo of a candle holder repurposed as a fern stand.
4.  Fern Stand From A Thrifted Find.  A gold swirly metal candleholder find at the thrift shop was repurposed as a fern stand.

Photo of a wooden box on slat DIY legs
5.  Thrifted Box Gets Legs and a Makeover.  A wooden box found at the thrift shop was painted and stenciled, and then raised up on legs made of slats.

Photo of a wooden treasure chest upcycled with paint and a decor transfer.
6.  Goodwill Treasure Chest Makeover.  A wooden treasure chest shaped box from the thrift shop was painted and upcycled with both stencils AND decor transfers.

Photo of wooden file bins upcycled in black with white French script.
7.  Goodwill File Bin Makeovers.  Two wooden file bins from the thrift shop were painted and stenciled with a French vibe to hold my magazines.

Photo of framed burlap with a stenciled mandala.
8.  Goodwill Quilting Hoop Mandala.  A large mandala was stenciled on burlap and framed with a wooden thrifted quilting hoop.

Photo of an upcycled thrifted terracotta pedestal
9.  Thrifted Terracotta Pedestal Makeover.  A terracotta pedestal from the thrift shop was upcycled with drop cloth chalk paint and a small wreath stencil.

Photo of an upcycled vintage folding stool
10.  Thrifted Folding Stool Makeover.  A vintage wooden folding stool is upcycled with black chalk paint, gold paint, and a gold decor stencil.

Photo of a burlap organic coffee sign
11.  Thrifted Burlap Bulletin Board Coffee Sack Sign.  A thrifted burlap bulletin board was painted and stenciled with an organic coffee stencil to resemble a coffee sack.

Photo of a painted and upcycled silverware caddy
12.  Goodwill Silverware Caddy Makeover.  A wooden silverware caddy is upcycled with black chalk paint and white decor transfers.

Photo of a thrifted shelf with pegs upcycled with a Pantry stencil.
13.  Thrifted Shelf With Pegs Farmhouse Makeover.  A country shelf with pegs is upcycled with black chalk paint and a Pantry stencil.

Photo of a heart cutout box upcycled with paint, stencils, and knob feet.
14.  Thrifted Heart Box Makeover.  A dated wooden heart cutout box from Goodwill was upcycled with four round knob feet, paint and a stencil.

Photo of stacked wooden Christmas boxes
15.  Thrifted Wooden Boxes Repurposed As Christmas Decor.  Two wooden boxes are repurposed as fun Christmas decor with paint and Christmas stenciling.  Great for stacking.

Photo of an upcycled thrift shop stool with paint and stencils.
16.  Thrifted Stool Upcycle.  A plain unfinished wood stool from the thrift shop is upcycled with an orchard stencil and black chalk paint.

Photo of a toy wooden truck & trailer decorated for Christmas
17.  Thrift Shop Wooden Toy Truck To Christmas Decor.  An unfinished wooden toy truck and trailer was painted and decorated as Christmas decor.

Photo of a pie basket upcycled & repurposed as a side table.
18.  Goodwill Pie Basket Table.  A Goodwill pie basket is painted and upcycled and attached to salvaged table legs.

Photo of wall bins made from a wooden calendar holder and loaf pans.
19.  Thrifted Calendar Holder Bins.  A thrifted wooden calendar holder and metal loaf pans are repurposed as fun wall bins.

Photo of a table organizer upcycled with paint and monochromatic stencils.
20.  Thrifted Wooden Table Organizer Makeover.  A thrifted table organizer was given a fun monochromatic stenciled finish in this blog post.

Photo of an upcycled and buffalo checked lazy Susan.
21.  Buffalo Checked Lazy Susan.  A thrifted lazy Susan is upcycled with paint, stencils, a candlestick and a drawer knob.

Photo of an upcycled dated thrift shop wall peg with fabric insert.
22.  Thrift Shop Pegboard Sign.  A dated peg board with cloth inset was upcycled with buffalo check stenciled flannel and black paint.

Photo of an unfinished jewelry box upcycled with paint and stencils.
23.  Goodwill Jewelry Box Makeover.  Photo of a Goodwill jewelry box upcycle with turquoise paint and floral stencils.

Photo of a recipe box upcycled with paint stripes in black and white.
24.  Thrifted Recipe Box Makeover.  A plain wooden recipe box was upcycled as a fun decor piece with black and white paint stripes.

Photo of a coffee table upcycled with black paint and damask stencils.
25.  Thrifted Coffee Table Makeover. A fun little coffee table with hairpin legs gets a black paint makeover with damask stencils in white.

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