Framing A Mandala Stenciled On Burlap With A Thrifted Quilting Hoop

April 21, 2021

Photo of a large wooden quilting hoop
I found this wooden 19" quilting hoop at Goodwill recently.

I didn't plan to start quilting!

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Photo of wooden quilting hoop being stained walnut
First, I wiped down the two hoops with a rag and hot soapy water.

Then, I brushed Minwax Gel Stain in Walnut on the larger, outer hoop to darken it up.  I left it to dry overnight.

Photo of mandala stencil taped to burlap fabric
I pulled out my large DecoArt Mandala 18" x 18" Stencil and taped it on a square of burlap fabric that I had purchased at Joann Fabrics a few years ago.

I pounced the stencil design onto the burlap using Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash.

Photo of mandala stenciled burlap being put into quilting hoop
I centered the mandala over the bottom hoop and placed the larger, stained hoop over the fabric and bottom hoop.

I pulled the fabric taut, and twisted the wingnut until the hoop was tight.

Photo of the back of burlap fabric on quilting hoop
At first, I tried cutting the excess burlap off with a scissors, but I couldn't get close enough to the hoops for a nice edge, so a razor blade was used to get closer and cleaner.

Photo of stenciled mandala on burlap framed with quilting hoop
Here is my finished mandala wall art piece!

Photo of framed stenciled burlap mandala
The project was really pretty easy, and since I had the burlap, paint, and stencil on hand from previous projects, inexpensive too.

Photo of framed stenciled mandala on burlap

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