Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor

March 26, 2020
I was looking through stuff in my shed earlier this week and found this oak wooden piece that I had picked up at a thrift shop.

I think it once held a calendar.

(When you click on the bold Amazon, Old Sign Stencils or Dixie Belle Paint Company affiliate links you will be taken to the products I used for this project. If you order it does not change the price or service at all. As an Amazon Affiliate, Old Sign Stencils Affiliate or Dixie Belle Paint Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

My first step (after wiping the board down with hot dish water and a rag) was to paint it with Dixie Belle Paint In Sawmill Gravy.

Sawmill Gravy is a neutral, the color of biscuit gravy!

Next I pulled out my *Old Sign Stencils G1 grain sack stripe stencil.  It's the thicker one on the very top of this picture.

*Old Sign Stencils has provided me with complimentary samples. All opinions about these fabulous stencils are my own.
I taped it on with blue painter's tape right down the center of the calendar holder.

I pounced on the grain sack stripe stencil using Dixie Belle Paint Company In French Linen. 

French Linen is one of the newest Dixie Belle paint colors, and it's a taupe-y gray shade. The best part, I didn't need to sand or prep this oak piece before painting!

Above I added a fancy graphic from my Deco Art Andy Skinner French Elements Stencil.

I chose Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash to add the design.

I also ran across some vintage metal loaf pans in the shed from my aunt.  They are Ovenex brand.

Two tiny holes were drilled on each top side of the pans and in the back of the calendar holder.  A wire was pushed through the holes and twisted tight in the back.  The calendar holder back was a very thin (1/4") board, and screws would not work very easily.

This is the calendar holder back with twisted wires.

The loaf pans are on tight.

Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor #upcycle #repurpose #farmhousedecor #wallbins #dixiebellepaint #oldsignstencils #stencil
The loaf pans made perfect little storage/display bins.

Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor #upcycle #repurpose #farmhousedecor #wallbins #dixiebellepaint #oldsignstencils #stencil
I sealed the stencils and paint with Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Clear. I used a wax brush to apply the wax, and wiped it with a fiber rag after about 30 minutes drying time.

Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor #upcycle #repurpose #farmhousedecor #wallbins #dixiebellepaint #oldsignstencils #stencil
The bins are perfect for everyday farmhouse decor or for seasonal displays.

Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor #upcycle #repurpose #farmhousedecor #wallbins #dixiebellepaint #oldsignstencils #stencil
Dixie Belle Paint Company provided me with complimentary paints for this project. All opinions on its products are my own.

Thrifted Calendar Holder/Loaf Pan Farmhouse Wall Bin Decor #upcycle #repurpose #farmhousedecor #wallbins #dixiebellepaint #oldsignstencils #stencil
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  1. Carlene, You've aced it again. I love this upcycle! That would look so cute in one's kitchen, back porch, or workshop. You are amazing!

  2. This is so fun Carlene! I can't believe how adorable you made a calendar holder look!

    I'm featuring your project in this week's DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 521. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh am I kicking myself now for getting rid of Mom's baking pans. She had loaf tins just like this! How sweet it would have been to make something similar for my kitchen using her tins, especially now that she is no longer with us. Love this repurpose, Carlene!

  4. This is absolutely adorable!! I've seen these at thrift stores and passed them up. I hope there's some more when I go back!


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