Organized Clutter's 2021 Junk Garden Tour

July 17, 2021

Photo of a small junk garden with orange annuals
It's once again time for my annual junk garden virtual tour and video!  My laundry tub atop a restaurant table pedestal is bursting with calibrachoa, sweet potato vine, and supertunias, while African marigolds are planted in the ground beneath.

As always, there have been challenges.  This year northern Minnesota is in a pretty major drought with very warm temperatures, requiring daily watering.  You will notice from the photos that we have NOT been watering our lawn. Water prices are pretty high in our area and very few people are watering their lawns. 

AND, as always deer continue to be a nuisance.  I have had some pretty minor damage to plants with frequent spraying of both Liquid Fence and Deer Stopper used on alternate nights.

(When you click on the bold Amazon, Old Sign Stencils or Dixie Belle Paint Company affiliate links you will be taken to the products I used for this project. If you order it does not change the price or service at all. As an Amazon Affiliate, Old Sign Stencils Affiliate or Dixie Belle Paint Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Photo of my front patio with annuals planted in and around tasteful junk
My potting sink/bench was moved to the backyard this season, after I purchased a fun industrial zinc topped table/sink in the Twin Cities. 

 Also from the Cities, the Lantana topiary.  I loved it so much, I decided to go with mostly orange annuals, with a little bit of purple, in this area.  More detailed information regarding these plantings can be found HERE.

  My lavender topiary on the zinc table was in full bloom when I purchased it, but has not bloomed since.

I found wire flowerpot holders at our local Menards to hang small buckets of Diascias on the dolly.

Photo of an obelisk with Black Eyed Susan Vines
I chose orange blossomed Black Eyed Susan Vines, along with a climbing black sweet potato vine on the obelisk in the laundry tub.  Pink wax begonias are planted in the galvanized wreath planter on the old gate.  Orange calibrachoa and begonias are in the hanging buckets.

Photo of the front yard foundation plantings
Under the bay window, I have perennial hostas and Solomon's Seal and a laundry tub of Kong Coleus, a hanging bucket of Swingtime Fuchsias, and a cream separator with pink wax begonias with bronze leaves.

Since my house faces north, my shady plants are always here along the foundation.

Photo of an old wheelbarrow with laundry tubs of Nicotiana
This old wheelbarrow, a $15 rummage sale buy from years ago, continues to be one of my favorite pieces of garden junk.  Here, nicotiana, Mexican Feather Grass, and sweet alyssums are planted in the laundry tubs.

Photo of a front yard junk garden border
As the purple coneflowers and globe thistles come into bloom, the Asiatic lilies are on their way out of bloom.  I added marigolds to this bed as well.

Photo of a junk garden front border
This area was normally reserved for my garden stepladder, but this year my old windmill takes center stage.  I filled in the spot underneath the windmill with yellow Marguerite daisies, and orange calendula.

More information and plant captions for this entire border can be found HERE.

Photo of a front yard junk border
Here is a view of the border from the south side.

Photo of a junk garden border with stepladder
I always love red in the garden. It is a show stopper.  My ladder plantings consist of mainly red calibrachoa, red supertunia, and red verbena.

Photo of a junk garden border with ladder
I'm keeping the photos a bit tight on this side shot to crop out my brown lawn.  It's such a shame.
Photo of junk garden vignettes along the house
This shady area on the northwest corner of my house is planted with mainly upright fuchsias, begonias, coleus and impatiens. 

My cabinet door planter shelf adds whimsy and much needed vertical interest to this wall, as does my organic coffee ladder.

Photo of junk garden vignettes along the house
Rustic planters and signs with beautiful flowers is always a winning combination!

Photo of a cabinet door plant shelf along the house
A close up of my cabinet door planter shelf.

Photo of coleus on a wire peacock settee
My wrought iron Peacock settee holds a metal planter bursting with coleus.

Photo of the side deck annuals and junk decor
A mix of milk cans and chicken feeders flank the side of the deck, while buckets of annuals line the bench.

Photo of rustic birdhouses on the deck
I found a new home on the deck for my rustic birdhouses this year.  They are off the railing under the tree, and displayed on crates, a fence picket and a screen.

Photo of annuals, gas cans, and junk on the deck
This dragon wing begonia is so pretty, and matches so well with the stool, window screen and red gas can.  Part of my pulley collection is on the railing above.

Photo of annuals in buckets on the deck bench
A view from the front yard to the backyard along the deck.

Photo of pink annuals on the corner of the deck
After red blossoms, pink is my second favorite. Here is an assortment of pink flowering annuals in the corner of the deck.

Photo of my garden shed decorated with farm junk and red geraniums
My old potting sink received a makeover this year with new legs and a new shelf.  It was then moved from the front patio to the side of my garden shed.

Photo of my garden shed decorated with farm junk and red geraniums
Many of my projects are here among the red geraniums and farm junk, including my farm supply window, garden window screen sign, stenciled coffeepot, and stenciled rooster watering can.

Photo of the side of my house decorated with junk and red geraniums
View from the backyard to the front.

Photo of old farm junk decor and red geraniums
This area along the house was re-landscaped this spring with weed fabric and river rock HERE.

Photo of garden junk and red geraniums along the house
I love the look of rust, galvanized, chippy paint and beautiful red blooming annuals, all tastefully arranged!

Photo of a junk garden vignette with a sawhorse on the corner of the deck
This corner of my deck has a small sawhorse displaying begonias on top and a swingtime fuchsia below. Snapdragons are in the bucket.

Photo of a junk garden vignette with a high frequency insulator planter
This vignette at the back of my house features a repurposed vintage high frequency insulator planter.

That concludes the tour! Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Another stunning tour Carline! It’s all gorgeous but I’m super smitten with your birdhouse section and that rustic wheel barrel! I’d sure love to take a personal tour, I bet it’s even more spectacular in person!


    1. Thanks Donna! It's too bad about the drought and brown grass but otherwise the flowers were all doing very well!

  2. Beautiful! Question: I just purchased an old pail (heavy duty) and was curious if you planted your plants in the pail, or are they in another pot within the pail? Tips?

    1. I usually drill holes in them and plant right in them with potting soil. If I don't want to drill holes in certain pails I will set the basket in the pail. The pails hold more soil and I use regular dirt not a potting mix so they stay moist longer.


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