A Mid June Tour Of The Front Junk Garden Border With Plant Captions

June 17, 2021

The front yard junk garden border is filling in nicely in mid June.  I live in northern Minnesota with a Zone 3 garden.

Below, I have captioned the flowers planted with links to more information.

While my globe thistles, coneflowers, and daisies in the back row have not come into bloom, the border lilies and creeping baby's breath in front are starting to bloom.

Starting at the back left of the bed, Purple Coneflowers are gaining some height but are still several weeks to a month from bloom.  The red border lilies are the first Asiatic Lilies to come into bloom with my pink and yellow lilies a few weeks behind.

I also added Fireball Marigolds and First Lady Yellow Marigolds to this bed in an attempt to deter deer this season.  Just starting to bloom in the left front is a Dropwort Filapendula.

In the rear, my Globe Thistles are take their place as the tallest perennial in the border.

The saw horse pot contains five 21st Century Annual Phlox.  Annual Phlox are a beautiful, underused annual.  I added two red Lanai Compact Verbenas by the White Clips and Blue Clips Campanulas 

The middle area of the border was normally the place for my old stepladder, but this year I put the windmill there and moved the ladder to the right.  The ladder added height in the center of the border between the very tall perennials.  I am hoping that my Butterfly Marguerite Daisies can fill in the area below the windmill.  The only really tall annuals that have been available locally were Benary Zinnias or Cleome, but none were available this season.

The Russian Sage in the back row has never really amounted to anything spectacular.  It stays on the small side.

Moving further right in the border, Shasta Daisies  and Karl Foerster Grass are growing in back.  A few annuals given to me by my Cousin Sue include Lady Godiva Orange Calendulas, Angelface Angelonia, and Truffula Pink Gomphrena.

Baby's Breath is growing under the ladder here.  I purchased the upright Baby's Breath a few years ago at a garage sale, and I am getting concerned it may be too aggressive for my liking. I normally dig out any perennials that I deem to aggressive.

Here is the far right of the border with white, red and pink Astilbes and a Black Eyed Susan plant in between.

I have Nasturiums growing in a laundry tub with a wire basket over them.  I had hoping to keep them from flopping over onto other plants.

If I have ever had this annual, the Truffula Pink Globe Amaranth, it's been a very long time.  My cousin ordered some plants online and shared some with me.

I admired Cousin Sue's Orange Calendulas last year, so this season she gave me some of my own.

Behind the pin cushion plant is an Angelface White Angelonia.  This plant is also from my cousin.  She thought this 40" tall plant would fit better in my perennial bed.

I chose mostly red annuals for my ladder pots.  Red is so showy!

The sprinkler is from the garage sales last weekend.

The plantings in the wheelbarrow are pretty simple this season. Annual Nicotiana and Mexican Feather Grass or Ponytail Grass.  The smaller tub has 8 white Alyssum as well.

This shady area of my yard has various container gardens with upright Fuchsias, Wax Begonias or Coleus.

More shade plants on the north side of the house, Kong Coleus, and a Swingtime Fuchsia on my homemade pipe clothes rack repurposed as a plant stand.  An old welded end hay rake looks like a white flower at the right.

My galvanized pot wreath, from last season, is now hung on an old gate and planted with pink wax begonias.  The gate is also on the north side of my house.

I hope you enjoyed my flower ideas for this season! Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Your garden is flourishing beautifully with a variety of colorful flowers and creative placements. Impressive use of space and colors! 🌸🌼🌿 Eden-gardens


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