Decorating the Front Side Patio With Container Gardens & Junk

June 06, 2021

Photo of a Lantana topiary
This Lantana topiary was one of my April purchases in the Twin Cities. It was not cheap.  At one greenhouse, the Lantana topiaries were $89, but I was able to find this one for $49.

I planned my front side patio plantings around the colors in this topiary and deer resistance!  I have added links to more info on all my plant choices below.

Photo of a lantana topiary & potted lantana & duranta.
I stenciled the large bucket from my April Junk Finds Post with a French stencil from Maison de Stencils.

The poor topiary had to survive some pretty cold temps a week ago, that have now changed to really hot temps.  It is just coming back into bloom.
Photo of lantana & duranta in a pot.
I found these plants at our local Menards.  Two are red Lantanas and two are a brand new plant to me called Duranta.

Apparently Duranta can grow up to 18 ft tall in some climates, but in my climate and in a pot, I'm sure it will stay fairly small.

Photo of diascia orange plants in small buckets hanging on a dolly.
I found these railing pot holders at Menards too.  They worked pretty well with my old iron dolly.

 I planted one orange Juliet Diascia in each small bucket.

Photo of black eyed Susan vines in a laundry tub with obelisk

The Solar Tower Sweet Potato Vine is a climber too!  This is my first year to plant this annual.

Photo of a lavender topiary
I found this small lavender tree/topiary at Menards this season too.

I paid $20 for this plant.

Photo of a barn door sign/planter with verbena
Since the lavender topiary brought some purplish colors into the mix, I added two Endurascape Blue Verbena plants to my barn door planter/sign.

Photo of a laundry tub with pansies & an ivy geranium
My washtub on a wheeled base was planted with a red ivy geranium basket from Menards along with pansies.

Photo of a bucket of calibrachoa & a dragon wing begonia
My hanging buckets were planted with three plants, a Cabaret Diva Orange Calibrachoa, a Callie Star Orange Calibrachoa, and a Summerwings Orange Begonia.

Photo of calibrachoa and a dragon wing begonia in a rooster stenciled bucket
The front of my bucket with the Hobby Lobby Rooster stencil.

Photo of a junk garden vignette on the patio
The view from the covered patio to the street.

Photo of a potting bench with lavender topiary and watering cans, farmhouse sign/planter
The zinc topped table I found in Chaska, Minnesota in April.  I love it!

Photo of junk garden patio vignette
The view from the front yard to the door.

Photo of a laundry tub planted with annuals

I originally had four sweet potato vines but deer ate two right away.  I am spraying with Liquid Fence or Deer Stopper very regularly now.

Photo of marigolds planted in a small garden
Beneath the pedestal laundry tub, I planted Marvel II Orange African Marigolds, and Fireball Marigolds.

I haven't planted Marigolds in years. I was persuaded to try them partly because of the color but mostly because they are deer resistant.

Here is the small driveway garden in early June, 2021.

Thanks for visiting! More gardening to come.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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