More NEW Galvanized Planters Along The Deck

June 14, 2021


Photo of seed geraniums & an English Ivy
Along my deck, it's kind of shady on one end and kind of sunny on the other. 

I planted an English Ivy and two red seed geraniums in my smaller chicken feeder.

Photo of a chicken feeder with impatiens.
In the larger chicken feeder that I stenciled HERE, I planted two SunPatiens called Compact Fire Red.

Photo of a funnel on a milk can planted with impatiens
The funnel on top of this milk can, that I stenciledis planted with two Fiesta Salsa Red Double Impatiens and two sweet potato vines that were chomped off by deer.

Photo of chicken feeder & milk cans in a junk garden

Photo of chicken feeders & milk cans in a junk garden
I usually get larger bark nugget mulch but it was not available at Menards this season.  This stuff blows around more.

Photo of chicken feeders & milk cans in a junk garden
The side of the deck from back yard to front.

Photo of coleus & impatiens planted in a galvanized tray
Under the tree I planted a couple of coleus from Menards that were unmarked, along with pink impatiens.

Photo of impatiens planted in a coffeepot
The coffeepot on top of a junky wheel has one Fiesta Stardust Pink Double Impatiens planted inside.

Photo of impatiens planted in a funnel.
This funnel on a broomstick is planted with rose impatiens.

Photo of a galvanized tray planted with impatiens and wax begonias
This small galvanized tray is planted with Sprint Plus Pink wax begonias and pink impatiens.

Photo of an under the tree junk garden
Several hostas are coming up under the tree, along with some sedums.

Photo of an under the tree junk garden

Photo of a barrel planter with impatiens & a bucket of fuchsias
More rose impatiens in the barrel with $2 upright fuchsias from Menard's in 2" pots.

Photo of a metal rectangular planter with coleus
This planter on my peacock settee has three different varieties of coleus.  

This area is perfect for begonias, especially Rieger Begonias, but the deer wouldn't leave them alone the last couple years.

Photo of under the tree junk garden
A couple more coleus in chamber pots under the tree.

Photo of a sawhorse plant holder
My small sawhorse has pink wax begonias on top and a Swingtime Fuchsia hanging on a hook underneath.  A Menard's cheap snapdragon basket is in the bucket on the right.

Photo of a fern on rusty stool with a fern stenciled shovel head
A small Boston Fern is planted in the tall galvanized vase/planter.  I stenciled the old shovel head with a fern stencil from Hobby Lobby.

Photo of a fern on rusty stool with a fern stenciled shovel head
In past years the tiny ferns have really gotten big in this location.

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  1. I love your blog and your junk garden. It is inspiring! You must spend a fortune on flowers every spring

    1. Oh yes, I spend a lot of flowers! My husband is a golfer and I am a flower gardener. It's my summer hobby! Thanks!

  2. Impatiens are one of my very favorite flowers to plant. I have a spot under a maple tree along my driveway where I always plant them. I love all your galvanized containers, too. All your plantings look lovely, Carlene.

  3. so many cool ideas! thanks for sharing!

  4. I use the funnels as hanging planters. I have two of them. They are getting very hard to find.

    1. I have quite a few. But you are right, they aren’t plentiful anymore.


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