Recent Garage Sale & Thrift Shop Finds

June 13, 2021

Photo of a vintage magazine holder with tooled leather exteriorToday I'm sharing some of my recent thrift shop & garage sale finds.

This wooden magazine rack with tooled leather sides was found at Goodwill.  I may remove the leather or paint it as it smells sort of musty.  I paid $7.99.

Photo of a narrow wall shelf with shutter style doors
This wooden wall cabinet with shutter style doors was likely from a bathroom.  It's not very deep. The shelves are laying in the bottom of the cabinet as the shelf pegs are missing.

I paid $2 at a garage sale.

Photo of a furniture salvage piecejust love old pediments.  This was likely a furniture salvage piece. The piece will likely be painted and hang over a doorway or on the wall.

It's from a garage sale, and I paid $3.

Photo of a vintage child's chair
This child's chair was $5 at a garage sale. It's likely from the 1960's.

Photo of an antique furniture salvage piece
I paid $3 for this furniture salvage piece at a garage sale.  It would make a fun sign. It has three old escutcheons on it.

Photo of a vintage wooden child's chair
This little plain wooden child's chair was $5 at a garage sale.

Photo of a vintage tongue & groove cabinet door
This dirty tongue & groove cabinet door with vintage hinges and knob was $1 at a garage sale.

Photo of a red metal industrial tray
This industrial red metal tray was $1 at a garage sale.

Photo of a vintage lawn sprinkler
This vintage sprinkler was $1 at a garage sale.  I love old sprinklers, and especially red ones.

Photo of 4 galvanized buckets with red paint
These four galvanized metal buckets with red paint were $1 each at a garage sale.

Photo of a small plant stool or riser
This small stool/plant stand/riser was $1 at a garage sale.  These work great to add some height to a vignette.

Photo of a mid-century nightstand
I paid $8 at a garage sale for this mid century night stand.

Photo of an oak end table with ice box style hardware
I paid $20 for this oak end table with ice box style (White Clad) hardware.  I will paint it and probably keep it because I like a little extra storage.

Photo of a small vintage suitcase
This little vintage suitcase was $2 at a garage sale.

Photo of a vintage hay rake/pitchfork
This ten tine hay rake/pitchfork was $2 at a garage sale. It's a great piece of garden junk.

Photo of a small galvanized bucket
Small galvanized heavy gauge metal buckets are fairly hard to find but I snagged this one at a garage sale for $3.

Photo of a small vintage plant stand with drawer
This vintage plant stand with a drawer and wicker detail was $8 at a garage sale.

Photo of a large wooden toolbox, two oars and a wooden level
Garage sale finds here. The level $0. Two small weathered oars $3. Large wooden toolbox $5.

Photo of two old metal pulleys
Two old metal pulleys to add to my pulley collection $5 each at a garage sale.

Photo of a plywood crate/box/tray
A $1 plywood crate/box/tray.


Photo of a vintage sled
An old sled from a garage sale $10.  Perfect project piece as it has some damage and the wood is weathered.

Photo of a drawer
Project drawer from the thrift shop $3.

Photo of hen and chicks & hostas in small pots
Hen & chicks and two hostas from a garage sale $7 for all.

Photo of a vintage Harper kitchen scale
I paid $25 for this old Harper Scale, (Made in England) at a garage sale. I will display it in my kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my finds.  Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. The wooden cabinet with shutters looks like a spice cabinet to me. Love all your finds.

  2. Love seeing what you do with your finds!!
    My question is , what do you with your finds?? Sell or keep them??

    1. Some I sell right away. Some I sell after I use it for a while. Like my covered patio has different stuff most years. I give some stuff to my family. I sell mostly on local FB groups.


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