Dairy Farm Stanchion Junk Garden Decor

June 21, 2017

One of my latest junk garden purchases is a old dairy farm stanchion.  A stanchion held a cow in place while being milked.

I also found a galvanized tool box at a garage sale.

I found that the adjustable stanchion end could easily be attached securely to a railing on my deck.

And luckily I had a rusty chain and rusty S hook to hang the other end of the stanchion level.

Drainage holes were drilled in the tool box and it was screwed into the gray wood strips on the stanchion.  I added some potting soil and two techno-heat lobelias.  Techno heat lobelias are very heat tolerant and don't peter out in July and August when regular lobelia can.

Junk Garden Vignette with Stanchion organizedclutter.net
My stanchion fits in well with my rusty farm wheels and rustic birdhouses.

Junk Garden Vignette with Stanchion organizedclutter.net
I will share the progress of the lobelias in July posts.

Unfortunately, the squirrels or chipmunks messed with one of the lobelias hiding seeds, and it died!

Junk Garden Vignette with Stanchion
But the following summer, I planted wax begonias in the toolbox, and they did very well!

Stanchion Flower Pot Holder organizedclutter.net
My fellow junk friend, Dana, uses her stanchion to display flowers as well, however her husband welded rebar onto the bottom to stand it upright in the lawn.  A hook was added to the top.  This is a great idea!
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