YARD of FLOWERS Junky Purple Coneflowers

June 18, 2017

Sometimes garden junk falls apart.  Sometimes it's sad, but thankfully sometimes it's not because broken junk can become something even better.
Here is a old nail barrel in my sister in law Kris's garden from a few years back.  The bottom had rotted out of it.

 And here is a rustic white wooden planter that Kris had added some junky rusty metal panels on all sides.  Unfortunately, this planter fell apart as well.  The wooden parts were rotten but the rusty panels were removed and reused.

Repurposed Junk Garden Coneflowers organizedclutter.net
Were you seeing this coming?  Junky purple coneflowers?
Let's see how these fun flowers came together.

Here is the back of the flowers.  A cone shaped piece of plywood is attached to rebar with strap metal and screws.

First the rusty metal was cut to the plywood cone shape.  The barrel staves, unevenly rotted off on the bottoms, were spray painted and screwed to the plywood kind of helter skelter.  The wire ring from the barrel was attached with staples.

Pretty easy, but junk genius!  HUH?

Repurposed Junk Garden Coneflowers organizedclutter.net
 We will revisit the Yard of Flowers for a garden tour in July when all the flowers have filled in around some really cool junk!

Repurposed Junk Garden Coneflowers organizedclutter.net
I just love them!  
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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