Dana's Fun Outdoor Junk Decor & Gardens

Remember when I purchased two old gears with my birthday money last month?  I got them from my friend, Dana.  Dana and her daughter own and operate West Tischer Cottage, a fabulous occasional shop in Duluth, Minnesota.  West Tischer Cottage sells vintage, upcycled and repurposed items as well as painted furniture.

Well, when I went to pick up my gears, I fell in love with all of Dana's outdoor junk vignettes, and returned last night with my camera.  This old fence vignette is situated on one of her garage walls.

Dana was apologetic about some of the flowers in her gardens.  She is on the road much of the summer picking great junk for her shop, and they can get neglected.

This perennial flower bed is so fun with an old gate, hoe, pump, and milk can.

Even though it's not Halloween, this "great witch" plasma cut shovel head is at home in her summer bed.

My garden stepladder seems very ordinary when Dana has the steps to an old "Everwear" playground slide in her garden!!!  I love it.

The windmill adds so much vertical interest to an already very interesting garden.

How about this pig feeder planter of succulents?  All very healthy and happy!

This barn door bench is on Dana's deck.  It holds a fun collection of hose nozzles, and other small rusty junk.

I think this bird is a relative to my rusty crow!

Dana purchased this hot air balloon from a metal artisan.  She burns a candle inside it in the evening.

The pergola is the perfect place to hang and display plants in unusual junky containers with pulleys, scales, and rusty hooks.

A most unique plant stand!

Another rusty metal vignette along the front wall of the house.  All junk is neatly, and strategically, arranged in a bed of rocks.

Some pieces from family farms are sentimental.

I am so glad I got to share this special yard and gardens with you.  Thanks Dana!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE how you have taken the simplest items and some crushed stone and gotten the results you did. Your home and all its treasures look amazing!!

  2. So much inspiration and creativity here. I have a few of the same items, so I may try to put a sweet place together. Please thank Dana for sharing her beautiful gardens. She is so talented - you both are!

  3. Carlene - thank you so much for taking the trouble to share this AMAZING photo essay. I'm reeling with a combination of envy and inspiration.

    Donna @ AdventuresinJunking

  4. So creative and interesting, Carlene! I'm so glad you were able to share this with us. What fun ideas you have given our brains! Blessings, Cindy

  5. So many gorgeous rusty treasures! What a fun place to visit. Thank you very much for sharing, Carlene!

  6. I love Dana's gardens...very natural and flowing...and such fun junk! The playground slide was my favorite! Thanks for sharing!


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