My Love of English Country Decor

I have been blogging for a little over two years now.  When I think of decor styles in blogland, I think mostly French Country, Farmhouse Country, Junk Style and Contemporary.  Am I wrong?  I work at a furniture store, and basically I think most of our inventory is contemporary, rustic contemporary and industrial with a little traditional, transitional.

Me, I am vintage about 100% of the time, but I dabble in farmhouse, English Country, kitsch, lodge, romantic country and junk style.  I live in a home built in 1954 with a door on every room.  No open concept here.  My living room has a white traditional fireplace mantel with dental molding and a gold and crystal chandelier (that I don't want to change).  Antique furniture and accessories work well in my living room.

But I have caved some to pressure.  I packed away some of my Royal Albert bone china teacups and saucers, some of my blue willow, and some of my figurines.  I have toned down some of my patterns and color, but you know what?  I like the changes.

Vintage Dog Figurine English Country Style
Dog figurines made the cut in my living room redecorating!  While I packed away many figurines and some lady head vases, my dog figurines remain on display.  This vintage figurine is made by Enesco.


Calm, Neutral and De-Cluttered in the China Cabinet

Vintage, Neutral Vignettes for the China Cabinet
Today I finished re-decorating, and de-cluttering my antique china cabinet.  I had given you a sneak peek of the top two shelves, that are filled with white ironstone, a typewriter and my camera collection.  Now for the rest!


An Up-cycled Midcentury Black Mesh Book Rack

If you are in your fifties or older you will remember black mesh household accessories.

Like these black mesh magazine racks:


New Vignettes in my China Cabinet

This was my china cabinet from a living room post in March of last year. The cabinet was starting to get too full even then.

Here it is this morning.  Is this clutter organized?  NOT!  Yikes!


Bingo Cards, Buttons, & a Junky Little Drawer

Bingo Button Card
I love buttons!  I have had a great button stash for a long time thanks to my mom and my grandmas.  I pinned this bingo card recently from cdiannezweig with a plan to do something like it.


First Time at Hobby Lobby, Spring Snow Storm, Moss Topiary, & a New Vignette

Since my youngest daughter had a coaching seminar to attend in Duluth, Minnesota, over the weekend, I tagged along for some shopping.  What started out as a three hour drive, ended up taking almost seven hours after receiving a foot of new snow and very limited snowplowing.  Snow predictions were from 3-6 inches, and the seminar was going on as planned.  Luckily, road conditions improved at about 2/3 of the way to Duluth, and the roads home the very next day were fair (all plowed but snow covered and icy in spots).

While the long road trip cut down on our shopping, I had extra shopping time while my daughter was in class.  Duluth has a fairly new Hobby Lobby, and I spent over 2 1/2 hours scouring all of the aisles.  I had never ever been to any Hobby Lobby before, and I have to say I loved it.  I also hit Michael's, Walmart and Target.  Can you believe I have to travel 100 miles to get to a Target or Walmart, and 165 for Michael's and Hobby Lobby?  I was tempted to buy lots more, especially in the home decor section, but then I'd have to change my blog from a vintage, re-purposing blog to a slew of cool Hobby Lobby vignettes blog!

It's really hard to anticipate what craft supplies that I may need for future projects, but I picked up a few items that are not readily available here.  I purchased ten of these 5" x 6" thin wooden rectangles for a project that I will be sharing soon.  They were $1.29 each.


How I Create A Vintage Spring Container Vignette

I love container vignettes!  Especially on my dining room table.  I can use multiple items in my vignette, and still easily move my display to clear the table.  I use suitcases, old crates, trays and baskets for container vignettes.  In today's vintage spring vignette I started with this white wooden box with handles.


Spring Decor with Bunnies and Peat Pots

My spring time decor began with the purchase of peat pots from Menard's.  

I didn't really decorate my peat pots.  I brushed on a little sealer to darken the pots and add just a bit of shine.  You could use poly or varnish.  Then I punched four sets of holes in the top sides of each pot.


A Re-purposed Cabinet Door Message Center

I almost sold this picture at a consignment shop.  I had it all priced and ready to go, but something told me that I should just remake it.  The "picture" is really a cabinet door with a piece of wallpaper border.  I had purchased this many years ago at a craft sale.

I started my project by removing the wall paper border "picture" stuck inside the cabinet frame.  Actually there were two layers of borders.  I had changed the original picket fence and hat scene, to the watering can trowel border, and repainted the door frame to match my outside trim.


Kitchen Updates and a Reveal

I am a fan of rustic farmhouse style, especially in the kitchen.  BUT, does it have to be white on white?
Northern Minnesota Snow
I look outside at WHITE for almost six months a year.  I need a little color INSIDE.  


My First Mod Podge Image Transfer onto a Clipboard

I picked up these two vintage clipboards for $1 each thrifting last month.  I liked the old clips but I hated the faux marble laminates.  The backs have the familiar brown masonite.

Help Me Pick A Bread Box

I am still busy working on my kitchen decor makeover, and I need your help.

This is the wooden bread box that I have been using for many years.  It started out as a pine, dark stained country bread box from a craft sale.  Then I painted it red and jadeite green.  Then black and distressed with green and red showing through the black paint...

Or, this Kromex vintage aluminum bread box I purchased thrifting for $8.  

I am going for a rustic farmhouse look with my kitchen makeover...

Which would you choose?

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Hanging My Rolling Pins

A have a small collection of rolling pins that have displayed in a 2 gallon Red Wing crock for many years on the floor or on the top of my fridge.  Since I am doing a makeover of the decor in my kitchen, I have been thinking of hanging my rolling pins on the wall.

Our Vintage Home Love Rolling Pin Wall
I really liked these rolling pins hanging on spray painted door stops at Our Vintage Home Love.  I also liked the rustic barn wood behind the rolling pins.


More "Organized" Kitchen "Clutter"

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover
Wall number two of my kitchen makeover is a difficult wall to decorate, and even harder to photograph with two windows, and a window in the door.  I hung my newly re-purposed drawer shelf in between one window and the door, simply and rustically decorated with a small canister and a grater.