First Time at Hobby Lobby, Spring Snow Storm, Moss Topiary, & a New Vignette

March 23, 2014
Since my youngest daughter had a coaching seminar to attend in Duluth, Minnesota, over the weekend, I tagged along for some shopping.  What started out as a three hour drive, ended up taking almost seven hours after receiving a foot of new snow and very limited snowplowing.  Snow predictions were from 3-6 inches, and the seminar was going on as planned.  Luckily, road conditions improved at about 2/3 of the way to Duluth, and the roads home the very next day were fair (all plowed but snow covered and icy in spots).

While the long road trip cut down on our shopping, I had extra shopping time while my daughter was in class.  Duluth has a fairly new Hobby Lobby, and I spent over 2 1/2 hours scouring all of the aisles.  I had never ever been to any Hobby Lobby before, and I have to say I loved it.  I also hit Michael's, Walmart and Target.  Can you believe I have to travel 100 miles to get to a Target or Walmart, and 165 for Michael's and Hobby Lobby?  I was tempted to buy lots more, especially in the home decor section, but then I'd have to change my blog from a vintage, re-purposing blog to a slew of cool Hobby Lobby vignettes blog!

It's really hard to anticipate what craft supplies that I may need for future projects, but I picked up a few items that are not readily available here.  I purchased ten of these 5" x 6" thin wooden rectangles for a project that I will be sharing soon.  They were $1.29 each.

 Hobby Lobby had these tapestry pillow covers for 50% off or about $6 each.  They are very similar to the pillows covers I already have on my sofa.

I paid $75 each for these French tapestry pillow covers from an online shop in England about 5 years ago.  This was probably crazy, but I HAD to have them at the time.  Luckily I still like them.

I picked up multi surface chalkboard paint from Martha Stewart Crafts, rubber stamps, miniature burlap canvasses, and wooden letters.

Also some wood appliques, three types of tags, and metal label holders.

I also purchased this large metal "B" that was 50% off in the Hobby Lobby clearance section.  I think it's going outside.

A matching metal outdoor lantern from Target.

I purchased these eggs at Walmart on a tip from Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict.

Spring Porch Vignette
They were just so darn realistic in a basket on her front porch,

That I had to get a bucket of eggs for myself.

Homemade Topiary with Moss Ball & Peat Pot
I put together another quick project with some moss balls I purchased for $1.29 each, floral foam, and a couple of small peat pots.  

Homemade Topiary with Moss Ball & Peat Pot
I used a birch branch that had fallen in my yard for the topiary trunk, and pushed the stick into the floral foam and moss ball.  I shot a little tacky glue in each hole, and once it was dry the sticks were very well anchored.

Homemade Topiary with Moss Ball & Peat Pot
 I glued on some Dollar Tree moss to cover the styrofoam, and also glued some extra moss on the ball in spots to make it a bit fuller.  Then I simply wound a piece of grapevine around the topiary and pot.

Homemade Topiary with Moss Ball & Peat Pot
Simple and inexpensive.

Moss Ball Topiary, Bunnies, & Walmart Eggs
The crackle finish bunny is also from Hobby Lobby at 40% off or $8.  The white iron bunny and  bucket are from last year.  The vignette is situated on my kitchen corner built in.

Moss Ball Topiary, Bunnies, & Walmart Eggs
I like the vignette against the chalkboard wall backdrop!  

Back to winter...

My deck.

Snowbanks around the driveway!  March 23rd...


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  1. Oh I feel your pain Carlene. In face I feel the cold too..hehe.
    I am so sick of it I could cry, as I am sure you are. We missed the snow but we still have tons.
    We have a Hobby Lobby in LaCrosse and that is about 40 miles from us, so I get there quite a bit.
    Eau Claire is also about 40 miles and they have all the rest of the stores.
    I love Duluth but more so in the summer. You created some darling vignettes, love the bucket of eggs.
    Take Care and know your not alone with this yucky weather.

  2. We might have crossed paths if we hadn't cancelled our trip to Duluth on Friday due to the weather! We went on Saturday instead and I picked up a few things for myself at HL. I wish I had seen the galvanized letters!

    Cute Easter corner you've created already, Carlene!

  3. Always fun to get out for a little retail therapy during this long winter! Looks like you have some fun creating in your future! I have only been to Hobby Lobby once, as I have to drive all the way down to Mankato. Luckily I do have a Michaels and JoAnns with 5 miles. I really love the big letter, too!

  4. Your photos were so very spring and then - wow - winter piles of snow. Dare I say "Happy Spring".

  5. I'm with Linda, I've been to the Mankato Hobby Lobby, once! It was amazing!!! Nice finds and your kitchen corner is great! I'm tempted to put some chalkboard paint on a closet door!!
    Keep warm!!!
    deb :)

  6. Looks like you got a lot of shopping done and some great supplies to have on hand. I'm fortunate to have a HL just a few miles from my house….or maybe I'm not so fortunate - too easy to drop by :)

  7. Love the vignette on your kitchen corner built in. Love the bunnies and those eggs sure do look real...thinking I need to make a trip to Walmart. You sure do still have a lot of snow!! They are saying that we might get a little snow on Tuesday.

  8. You got some great things at HL, etc. I really need to make a trip to our closest one, which ia about 50 miles away! I need some pastel geo mesh ribbon, among other things. Oh well, not today! Love your topiaries, and the vignette is adorable!

  9. Oh My :-( I feel so bad for you with all that snow, I am not going to complain at all. We still have plenty of snow, but nothing significant in the past couple of weeks and it is melting. I agree, Hobby Lobby is a pretty cool store, 98% of people can find something there....and why pay full price? There's always a sale and if it's not on sale they have a 40% coupon. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your goodies.

  10. Carlene...I am hoping spring will come your way ASAP! I can't believe you had never been to a Hobby Lobby, but then we didn't have any when I lived in Montana. We only had Ben Franklins. Looks like you found some seriously fun stuff on your trip and of course, I love that you came home and crafted that cute little topiary and made a quick vignette!!

  11. Hi Carlene! I cannot even imagine that much snow! Three inches does us in for a week here in the south! lol So glad you got to check out Hobby your purchases! happy you found some of those eggs! I am already thinking about what I can do with them. Thanks so much for the shout out!...hugs..Debbie

  12. I get such inspiration from Hobby Lobby and MIchael's!! You found some great things and I love your spring vignette.

  13. Oh Carlene you did well on your first trip to HL! Come visit me and I can take you to Joann's & Gordman's too! And, we have now snow on the ground here ;-)

  14. It looks like you had a fantastic shopping trip! Your topiaries turned out wonderfully.

    I feel your Winter/snow pain. We just can't seem to get rid of this Winter!

  15. Such great items that you found. We don't have a HL either in NJ. I wish we did but we finally got a JoAnn's. I love all the things you create. This winter just has no mercy no matter where a person lives.


  16. Winter just doesn't want to go away at all...I love what you bought at HL ours is an hour away so I don't get there very often but I love it!

  17. Yuck on that snow. We still have some little piles of snow sitting around here in northern IL, but that's it for now. Finally lots of bare ground is visible. Glad you had fun shopping. All those stores are within 10 min. of me. :-)


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