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March 31, 2014
I have been blogging for a little over two years now.  When I think of decor styles in blogland, I think mostly French Country, Farmhouse Country, Junk Style and Contemporary.  Am I wrong?  I work at a furniture store, and basically I think most of our inventory is contemporary, rustic contemporary and industrial with a little traditional, transitional.

Me, I am vintage about 100% of the time, but I dabble in farmhouse, English Country, kitsch, lodge, romantic country and junk style.  I live in a home built in 1954 with a door on every room.  No open concept here.  My living room has a white traditional fireplace mantel with dental molding and a gold and crystal chandelier (that I don't want to change).  Antique furniture and accessories work well in my living room.

But I have caved some to pressure.  I packed away some of my Royal Albert bone china teacups and saucers, some of my blue willow, and some of my figurines.  I have toned down some of my patterns and color, but you know what?  I like the changes.

Vintage Dog Figurine English Country Style
Dog figurines made the cut in my living room redecorating!  While I packed away many figurines and some lady head vases, my dog figurines remain on display.  This vintage figurine is made by Enesco.

Vintage Dog Pitcher English Country Style
I have expanded my dog collections to include pitchers and mugs.  This one made by Holiday House.

Dog Plate English Country Style
And vintage dog plates like this one from Crown Gold.

Royal Doulton Fox Hunt Box, English Country Style
 I recently was lucky enough to get this Royal Doulton Fox Hunt Series covered box free from my neighbors.

Hound on one side.

Fox on the other.

Mark on the bottom.  I did a little research on this piece, and it is part of a Royal Doulton Bridge Set with four ashtrays and the covered box.   The complete set is fairly pricey. It's still a fun dog and English Country style item to me!

Are any of you vintage dog collectors or English Country lovers?

My dog collection will be a part of  my living room reveal!

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  1. Love the first figurine pictured! It popped out at me on Pinterest because it's a Clumber Spaniel. I have a rescued Clumber, and at least here in the midwest United States, I never see Clumber pieces of any kind. When I'm out with him, I don't find that many people are familiar with the breed either. Wonderful breed!

  2. Your figurines are very lovely and of course I am a dog lover. I would say that my decor is probably a mix between country and traditional french. I have a lot of antique furniture, which I love. Your dog items are treasures and I am sure they are worth quite a bit of money.
    Have a great week.

  3. I love all English in decor, so yes all your new things are awesome. I truly love them!!!

  4. It makes me smile that the dog figurines made the cut! I feel a little less of an odd ball having vintage Collie figurines!

  5. I have two Yorkies and have a collection of them...some are new and some are vintage ones. For the most style of decorating is Farmhouse Cottage and our home it a tri-level that was built in 1956.

  6. I love your dog items and agree they are treasures.

  7. I just clicked over to your blog from Pinterest. Your potting bench with the sink grabbed my attention immediately. I LOVE IT! I am so jealous. Now I'll be searching for an old sink like that. I'd love to have it in my kitchen too. While here I thought I'd snoop around a little to see what other goodies you have. Oh my...I just found home! I too love to recycle vintage items in new and interesting ways. Your ideas are great. They make me smile. I'll be back.

  8. Carlene,
    Love your dog items. Glad you are keeping things in your decor that you love. Love that first dog figurine the colors are great on that piece.

  9. Clicked over from facebook for the fox chasing box n English decor... Love everything you do! If you ever decide to list that box for sale, please let me know! ;-) I too have very eclectic style but have transitioned from my past very formal / traditional home to this country farmhouse full of kids n critters! :-0 I sooo envy your gardens and have found much inspiration to rejuvenate me for spring planting. Thanks so much for all you share here!


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