An Early Fall Mantel & Using a Pinterest Tip

I found this tip on Pinterest on using coconut oil to refinish furniture.


Another Trio of Junk Pumpkins

Today I made another trio of junk pumpkins.

Junk Pumpkin Tutorial
Again I am using junk drawer parts and vintage kitchen cookware.  This time individual aluminum Jello molds.  


Birdhouses, Birdfeeders and Birdbaths

This is why the birdhouses in my yard are just for decorative purposes.  The squirrels chew them all up.  Mostly enlarging the holes, but also chewing up the sides and tops too.  With these large holes, no birds would ever nest in one.  


An Autumn Dining Table Vignette

I started my display with an old stoneware jug with an autumn faux floral spray.

Fall Floral Spray in a Stoneware Jug
Some of these floral spray mixtures are really nice.  


Where to Find Me and My Garden Junk

Old Barn Door, Shabby Crosses and Neutral Plants
Do you like old barn doors?


Recent Consignment Shop Purchases

I haven't written a thrifting post for a while so I decided it was high time.

Vintage Ceramic four piece canister set fruit motif and wood lids
First of all I purchase this four piece vintage, ceramic canister set with wood lids for $6.  I like the grape and pear theme, and they will be showing up very soon on my early fall mantel.


Adding A Little Autumn to Vintage Oil Lamps

As you know, I love decorating with vintage collectibles.  Today I am fall-i-fying a clear glass oil lamp.  I know.  It's pretty early to roll out the fall decor, but as long as I don't put any outside, the neighbors won't talk!

Vintage Enesco Pheasant Figurine, Velvet Pumpkin, Vintage Oil Lamp
Here's the vintage Enesco pheasant figurine that I found last fall thrifting.  I love its fall colors.  A velvet pumpkin from Jo Ann fabrics is in front.  (I didn't make it, but I got it 30% off).  And then there's the clear glass oil lamp. 


A Trio of Junk Pumpkins

I found another cake pan at the thrift shop for $2.

Pumpkin Shaped Cake Pan
It was an iridescent orange pumpkin cake pan.  I gave it a makeover with more paint, a hammer, sandpaper, E6000 glue and junk.


A Coffee Sack Win & A Garage Sale Chair

Last June I was lucky enough to win a very cool burlap coffee sack on BJ's Sweet Nothings blog courtesy of Home a la Mode.

I was pretty excited to win seeing as how I love burlap, and I'm usually not very lucky.  

BJ had every confidence in me that I would be super creative, and come up with an original idea.  Well, I put part of the coffee sack on a chair seat.  I'm pretty sure it's been done, but it is cute on the little $3 garage sale chair.

I still have another project in mind with the  coffee sack leftovers.  


I Have Been Featured In Southern Belle Magazine

Today actually started off pretty ordinary, until I saw a message on my Facebook Page from Debbie Manno (Debbiedoo's) suggesting that I might want to check a link to Southern Belle Magazine.

So I did, and there were my "Whimsical and Quirky" Gardens on Pages 26 and 27.  It was pretty exciting to say the least!

If you want to check out the online and interactive version of Southern Belle magazine, click on the photo.  

If you click on any of my photos (on pages 26 and 27) you will be directed to my blog posts on each.  

Thanks Southern Belle Magazine and thanks Debbie Manno!


I Heart Signs in the Garden!

Signs are perfect with the cottage, junk style of my gardens and yard.  I am not a sign painter, and I don't have to be one either, as I have two friends who paint great signs.

Rustic Garden Sign
This "Garden of Weed'n" sign on old weathered wood has been a fixture in my front flower border for years.


My New and Old Garden Tools

What tools do I use for flower gardening?

My rubber handled hand spade.  I have had this hand spade for many years.  It was purchased at Ace Hardware and is very sturdy.  It won't bend like some cheaper ones do.


Thrift Shop Junk Pumpkins

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I run to thrift shops on my lunch hour almost every day. 

With fall coming next month, I have been in search of items I can use in autumn vignettes for the inside and outside of my home.  

Layer Cake Pans from a Thrift Shop
Hmmm!  A couple of aluminum layer cake pans from the thrift shop could become pumpkins, right?  $2 each.

Spray Painted Layer Cake Pans from a Thrift Shop
Especially when they are spray painted orange.  I sprayed them inside and out.

Vintage Bottle Openers
And how about some bottle openers for stems?  Painted green of course.

I used Rustoleum Cinnamon satin spray paint.  Hunt Club green on the stems.

Junk Drawer Parts
Then find some garage junk drawer stuff.  Handles, washers, wing nuts, etc.

Cake Pan Junk Pumpkin
Hammer the bottom side of the cake pan with a small hammer, and sand the edges to rough it up a bit.  Then glue on some metal junk for eyes, a nose and a mouth on your "Junkin Punkins".  I used E6000 to attach them.  Let them dry overnight to cure the glue.

Cake Pan Junk Pumpkin
Then glue the green bottle openers to the back rim of the cake pan.  I will not hang it from the bottle opener.  It's just for looks. (The glue may not hold)  The cake pan will hang on a nail under the pan's rim.

Cake Pan Junk Pumpkins
Upcycled cake pans as "Junkin Punkins"!

Cake Pan Junk Pumpkins
Too soon to display them outside!


August Container Gardens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As our northern Minnesota summer is winding down in mid August, I am making mental and written notes about container annual gardens that worked well and not so well.

Vintage Toaster Planted with Sempervivum
The Good:  This is the vintage toaster I purchased last spring for $5, and planted with hen and chicks.  I like this planter.  If you would like to see how I put the planter together, check out my May post here.

Vintage Bathroom Vignettes and Reveal

Welcome back if you have been here before.  If not, my bathroom has most of its 1950's charm and original bathroom fixtures.  One of my favorite things about the bathroom is a 12 foot long vanity built in on both sides of the old sink.

Vintage Bathroom


Re-purposed Meat Forks in the Garden

Inspiration is all around us nowadays with the internet, and especially Pinterest.  

I was recently inspired by this pitchfork table, however, with my limited knowledge of woodworking and power tools, no, I didn't make a pitchfork table.

But, it just so happens that meat forks are in ready supply at the thrift shops.  Like this one for $1.


My Garden Tour 2013

What could be better than a garden tour?  How about 12 garden tours?  Join me and my gardening friends for garden inspiration!  

Click on the photo collage to be taken to all 12 garden tour links!


Yard of Flowers: Garden Tour 2013

You are about to take a virtual tour of my sister in law's flower gardens.  

They are something to behold!  A riot of color from both annuals and perennials, sprinkled everywhere with whimsy!


A New Hometalk Gardening Inspiration Board on Backdrops

I wrote a blog post just the other day on the importance of a great backdrop for a garden or garden vignette.

That post is here.

Over the last several days I have been busy pinning an inspiration board of terrific garden backdrops that include pins from other Hometalk gardeners that I admire.

Click on any of the photos for a link to my new Pinterest board.
The new board includes pallets, benches, walls,