Re-purposed Meat Forks in the Garden

August 04, 2013
Inspiration is all around us nowadays with the internet, and especially Pinterest.  

I was recently inspired by this pitchfork table, however, with my limited knowledge of woodworking and power tools, no, I didn't make a pitchfork table.

But, it just so happens that meat forks are in ready supply at the thrift shops.  Like this one for $1.

Or these for $1, and the pie pans for $2.

I also picked up this flower bowl for 50 cents. I think it's called a monkey pod bowl.  I spray painted it, and then distressed it.  I was looking for a project to use the little bowl.

Assembly of my fork/pans was pretty easy.
My husband helped with this part.  He drilled a hole in the top of the fork handle and in the pie pan.

The pie pan and the fork handle tops are not perfectly flush, so you will need a washer to level the pan before you screw it to the fork handle.  

Do not buy the flimsy forks like this one.  It didn't  really work on the pie pans, so we attached the little bowl to this one.  

The flimsy fork worked fine for the wooden bowl.  When you push the fork into the dirt, remember that it can't slide straight in because the fork is at a slight angle.  Push it into the dirt on a slight diagonal.  

I planted a few hen and chicks in the wood bowl.  It wouldn't hurt to put drainage holes in it too.  My planter is under the eaves, so it shouldn't get overly wet.

The meat fork/pie pan marriage works pretty well.  They stand all by themselves.  The washboard is just there for a vignette backdrop.

The meat fork/pan can hold a small vintage item like this galvanized pitcher. (Just not too heavy.  I tried a terra cotta flower pot with dirt and a flower inside, and it was too heavy and a little tippy.)

But the fork/pie pan can be used as a succulent planter too.  Putting the dirt right in the pie pan works the best.  

This little wire birds'nest basket also worked inside the pie pan.  

Do you ever get these junky inspirations with thrift shop merchandise?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Great ideas - the look really good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. To answer your question....NO...I look at it and say why do I want this...and then I see your cute things and think why don't I think of those kinds of things!

  3. This is just an adorable idea! It looks great in your garden. I love it.


  4. Charlene these are adorable, & how I love up cycling. NIFTY IDEA!

  5. Carlene ... you have such cute ideas, but most of all a green thumb. Your plants are beautiful. I have wanted to copy your 'framed plant' since last year. Today, after looking back at yours; I made one for my newly created bed and will hang it soon as I get a plant. Thanks for all your novel ideas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. sometimes junky inspirations hit me SMACK in the head. Other times... not so much.
    But when it hits... I run with it!
    Love this little bowl.
    Heck I think the whole Fork idea is super cool.

  7. I just love that you take the time to share these wonderful ideas with us! Who would have thought! Wonderful!!!!!

  8. Carlene, I love, love your garden and all the great ideas you come up with. I look forward to reading your blog, it gives me inspiration.
    Thank You,

  9. Never in a million years would I have thought of that! Awesome!!

  10. Love it Carlene, thanks for sharing. I would love this in my garden.

  11. So cute Carlene. Your mind is never at rest. lol! Always conjuring up some magnificent creation!

  12. Such a clever idea -- I see so many of these at the thrift store so I may have to snag a few on my next visit!

  13. Cute, clever, and creative. These meat forks are everywhere I look and I have never thought of how to repurpose them. Love the blue monkey pod.

  14. I want a Monkey Pod bowl! I have never seen those so I'm hoping I can find one. Very nice, Carlene - love this idea.

  15. You're a genius, Carlene! Love this idea!

  16. Carlene - Just found you as I surfed Pinterest...

    the monkey pod is very cute, but as a collector it is a bit painful for me to admit.

    the pie pan can only hold lightweight items, like a cocktail or glass of wine? I would have them stuck into the lawn near my chairs. :-)


  17. Carlene! You have a crazy good imagination. I love all your garden ideas, and refuse to call them junk, they are recycled Art!


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