Vintage Bathroom Vignettes and Reveal

August 08, 2013

Welcome back if you have been here before.  If not, my bathroom has most of its 1950's charm and original bathroom fixtures.  One of my favorite things about the bathroom is a 12 foot long vanity built in on both sides of the old sink.

Vintage Bathroom

Vintage Decor in a Vintage Bathroom
I used to have a framed hanky above the toilet but I found this great old mirror at an estate sale earlier this year.  The old frame is in such good condition.  (I am also glad to see gold framed coming back into style).

Vintage Decor in a Vintage Bathroom
 The view from the other side of the bathroom.

Baby dresses in a vintage bathroom
Plates on the wall and my daughter's baby dress and mine.

Vintage Easel Photo Frames
My daughter and I wearing our dresses.  

Vintage vanity jars
I put a scrap of gold shiny fabric in this old frame that was my Grandma's and use it as a tray for my Gold Crown Lady Vanity Jar and other vanity jars.  Don't you remember these old goldtone metal frames?

Head vases in a vintage bathroom
The built in shelves display some of my head vase collection.

Vintage head vase with lace glove as a doily
Why not use a lace glove for a doily?

Vintage Bathroom Powder Tin Collection
The other side of the sink has powder boxes.  ( I did frame them once and hang them on the wall but I liked them better here.)

Headvases in a vintage bathroom
More head vases.

Headvase with glove as a doily

Chalkboard Ladies Room Sign
A chalkboard above the lights.

Headvases, vanity jars in a vintage bathroom

Vintage Bathroom Decor
 More plates over the tub area.

Vintage Linens in the Bathroom
This room is a real "Ladies Room".

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love it, so original and you have it decorated so beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love your bathroom and the decorations. Take care, Darlene

  3. What a fun space. I love what you have used to decorate with -so original! Goes with the space perfectly.

  4. What an awesome bathroom! I love the collection of head vases and powder boxes. I'm guessing with the plates above the tub area that there's no shower in the tub?

  5. Beautiful and fun vintage bathroom. Love all your pretties.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. What a truly lovely Ladies Room! Love all the vintage pieces displayed.


  7. I think this is where I started with you! LOL! It was your bathroom...LOVE IT!

  8. What I would give to have a bathroom like yours?! BIG! Love the baby pictures of you and your daughter, and also the actual baby dresses displayed in your bathroom! So sweet!

  9. It all looks lovely! I'm envious...I have zero space in my bathroom. Zero. Maybe in my next house!

  10. I adore your bathroom, the colors and
    style are fabulous!!


  11. I love how you embraced the original tile in your bathroom and filled with all your vintage lovelies! The photo and dresses of you and your daughter is very cool! I love incorporating family vintage into my decor when possible. You did a great job with this bathroom! What color is your tile? It seems rather unique.


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