Adding Some Interest to Uninteresting Chair Cushions

I have two adirondack chairs on  my front porch covered patio.


I have had these chairs for many years.  Over the years I have purchased various outdoor chair pads for them.  The thinner one piece outdoor dining chair replacement pads work best for comfort.  The thicker pads are too bulky.  In the past, I have had covers for these chair pads custom made with velcro closures so they could be laundered.

This year I purchased $10 worth of burlap at JoAnn Fabrics and covered them myself.  I was going to use a no sew glue or fusible webbing but decided to just pin it on with large safety so I could re-use the burlap.  I ironed the burlap, and then wrapped it like a present.

The cushions seemed a little blah, so I got the idea to add a rooster graphic keeping with another little project I have going.  


I've Been Featured in the Bloglight!

A wonderful honor was bestowed upon me this week.  I was notified by Miriam Illions that I am to be featured in Hometalk's weekly Bloglight Series.

Whether you want to share your own creative DIY projects, ask the pros and community members for answers to your DIY questions, or just get some really great DIY ideas, Hometalk is the place!  

I find Hometalk much more up close and personal than Pinterest, and much more concentrated on home enthusiasts.  With help from Hometalk, you can make your house a HOME, and have so much fun doing it!

A bit about me:

Why I became a blogger...
I have always been interested in home decorating and flower gardening.  About 20 years ago I started collecting vintage treasures (kind of like my Mom), and I found it a challenge to work my collections into my home and gardens.  I was inspired at first by various country decorating magazines and also HGTV.  I especially loved "Decorating Sense" with Joan Steffend, where decorators were given the task of a room makeover for less than $500.  It was my first taste of "Trash to Treasure" decorating, and I liked it.  Then grew to love it.  I was even influenced to decorate my outdoor spaces, especially my gardens.  Mary Randoph Carter's book "Garden Junk" was one of my favorites.

When my older children and grandchildren moved 300 miles away in 2011, and my youngest child was off to college in 2012, the need to fill my spare time with a fun hobby of sorts, (even though I work selling furniture four days a week)  resulted in "Organized Clutter" in December 2011. 

Why "Organized Clutter"...
The name for my blog "Organized Clutter" came to me quite naturally.  I sometimes refer to my decorating style as "Organized Clutter".  It's not hoarding if it's organized, right?

Junk gardening, my most popular niche... Since a blogger begins a blog with zero followers, it is really slow going in the beginning.  I hit my stride with my junk garden posts.  They were well received in blogland, and they had even better success on Hometalk.  My first very successful post on Hometalk was my version of the popular "fairy garden".  As a thrifter/collector/junker, I threw together a "kitchen fairy garden" with what I had on hand.

Some of my most popular Hometalk posts and projects...
This Hometalk post of 2012's Kitchen Fairy Garden has over 10,000 views.

My most recent Hometalk post is 2013's Kitchen Fairy Garden.  Just planted last weekend!

Adding interest to your garden with junk was another Hometalk favorite.

One of my favorite Hometalk posts featured my front yard flower border.

I had a two Christmas crafting projects that were received very well.
My Book Page Christmas Tree on Hometalk.

My re-purposed yardstick tree was well accepted on Hometalk.

About blogging... I try to post to my blog 2-3 times per week.  Sometimes a little more during flower gardening season, or holiday seasons when I have extra decorating and crafting to do.

I have met a slew of creative and talented people in blogland and on Hometalk.  I admire you DIY ladies who use the power tools.  It would make things easier if I did.  I wouldn't have to bother my husband with my sometimes "goofy" ideas. My DIY creativity far outweighs my DIY abilities, but I do love the challenge of dreaming up a great re-purpose or an up-cycling idea with my thrifty finds.

I am so grateful to be featured in the Hometalk "Bloglight", and for all of you who read my blog.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Another Kitchen Fairy Garden

Last year I posted my version of a fairy garden all put together with vintage kitchen junk.  It did real well for me on my blog and on Hometalk.  You can see it here newly planted, and a return to the kitchen fairy garden here.

This year I have used the kitchen fairy garden theme but with a new and improved look.  At least I think so.

Welcome!  Let's look around, shall we?

A Whimsical Outdoor Kitchen

By now, if you follow my blog, you know I have a new potting bench with a vintage cast iron sink.  

I would love to say I made it, but I didn't.  My friend, Jodi Mann of Mann Made Signs and No Place Like Home Again created this beautiful potting bench.


A Re-Purposed Country Potato and Onion Bin

I bought this pine potato and onion bin last weekend at a garage sale.


Baked Ravioli Lasagna

One of my cousins had pinned this recipe for Baked Ravioli to her Pinterest recipe board,  and I had re-pinned it to mine.  

I am calling it Baked Ravioli Lasagna though, because it tastes a lot like lasagna even though it is much easier to prepare.

Link to Pinterest Source  Amy Lynn/Tasty Kitchen


In Search of More Junk

I am disappointed with our crappy Minnesota spring and long winter, but I have nothing to complain about when I think of the weather disaster in Oklahoma yesterday.  I pray for the families that lost loved ones, their livelihoods, and homes.

We have had rain now for about 5 days in a row.  I haven't planted any more flowers. I am hoping to hit it hard this weekend when sunshine and warmth are forecasted for Memorial Day weekend.

I did hit a few rummage sales, consignment shops and antique shops and found some fun buys.

A juicer on a stand for $4.  I have seen these planted with annuals on pinterest and in blogland.


Pressing Garden Matters

Today I used the old wooden ironing board that I painted white last weekend in a vignette.


Is There Such a Thing As Too Shabby?

I remember when I first started accumulating distressed furniture and accessories.  My children worried that we were poor.  Truth be known, we certainly were not rich, but not poor either.

I liked a coordinated, but not perfectly matched home.  The look that you get through years of collecting, and not buying the matched sets of anything.

After being inspired by the gardening book "Garden Junk", written by Mary Randolph Carter and also magazines, I adopted a garden junk theme of my own.

Over the weekend, I was taking my garden junk out of our shed.
I hadn't yet disbursed it to various parts of our yard, and my gardens, and I was kind of taken aback at how my precious "junk" looked pretty junky.  Without pretty flowers, green grass, and green leaves on the trees, my prized possessions looked dingy and depressing.


Garden Junk: Tea and Toast on the Patio

My $5 Penn Air vintage electric toaster becomes a planter today in a vignette on my front patio.

This was a really neat old toaster and I had a small pang of guilt putting dirt inside but it only cost me $5.  That's cheaper than a flower pot!


Framed Lobelia Bucket

I planted my first annual of the season today even though there are no leaves on the trees, and our lawn has not greened up yet.  I think my annual will have to spend the nights in our garage for a while.

The barn wood square frame at the right of this garden junk photo, was purchased a couple weeks ago.


Framed Vintage Powder Tins

I have a small collection of vintage powder tins that I displayed on the vanity in my bathroom.

Here they are in a previous bathroom post.