Another Kitchen Fairy Garden

May 27, 2013
Last year I posted my version of a fairy garden all put together with vintage kitchen junk.  It did real well for me on my blog and on Hometalk.  You can see it here newly planted, and a return to the kitchen fairy garden here.

This year I have used the kitchen fairy garden theme but with a new and improved look.  At least I think so.

Welcome!  Let's look around, shall we?

Last year I used a muffin tin in this space for hens and chicks.  This year a Philco ice cube tray.

To the right of the ice cube tray is an aluminum Jello mold planted with an oregano herb.

The rusty fairy returns from last year, kneeling on Jello star molds.  Butter knives form a fence to her right.  A set of vintage aluminum measuring cups are on the left with more hens and chicks.  The fairy's house is made from a Rumford baking powder tin with a graniteware funnel roof.  The "roof" is has a cork in the funnel hole so the roof does not leak.  My husband cut the door hole for me with tin snips.

More oregano planted in the left front, German thyme in the aluminum pot and my pot lids from last year are back in the back row, along with rosemary.

An aerial view.

Everything here but the kitchen sink!  Oh yeah, I have that too on the patio potting bench!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. You're so creative! I love the vintage kitchen items for your sweet fairy garden. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. How fun. You have so much inagination, I never think of these things. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Very cute. Love the fairy's house.

  4. Absolutely wonderful!!! So creative and the fairy has a beautiful home. I'm sure she's very happy there!!! Wow- just wow- so creative. A local nursery had a fairy garden 'class' and I thought about going. Of course I'm sure it involved purchasing all the garden pieces- and probably would have cost an arm and a leg by the time all was said and done! Yours is much much cuter and so wonderful. Thanks for the post.

  5. this is super cute, Carlene, and perfect that your kitchen herbs are growing alongside all the fun vintage kitchen goodies!

  6. Darling....absolutely darling! I remember last years!

  7. See I knew something wonderful was coming. In your garden the plants can be used. Loved the house and the ice cube tray. You are so creative. Love it.

  8. This is just too cute, and would work on my deck, I think. Now I am REALLY sorry that I threw away the turquoise Fiestaware saucer that I broke last week.

  9. Such fun garden junk to make your time outdoors bring you a smile!

  10. Love the ice tray with succulents. I actually have used trays like that...for ice. xo,olive

  11. Absolutely wonderful ! Thanks!

  12. I am so going to steal this idea for my spice garden next year! Love it! I adore the butter knives and the jello molds especially! So cute!

  13. Fantastic! I love your junk in the garden. You're really so creative.

  14. I can't wait to see your fairy garden when the plants start growing, Carlene! The ice cube tray is genius!

  15. If I was a fairy I would be living in your vintage garden.


  16. So very creative ... well designed and interesting. Love your fence and how you used the old ice tray.
    Audrye Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Carlene, taking a tour of your gardens online today has made my day! You are some kind of creative, gal! Do you have some rule about how many of each plant you plant a certain place? Do you grow your own flowers or buy them each year? How do you know how many of one flower it will take to fill a space? I really like how you listed everything and labeled it by # on photos..that is a big help..I have my eye on those yellow daisies and some others which I can't remember now so I'll be going back and bookmarking your fact I will subscribe online so I won't miss anything. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and photos and for all the inspiration. Your flower gardens must be the envy of the neighborhood. Everything is just beautiful the way you have everything arranged.


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