Mini Bunny Silhouettes & Cloches

March 21, 2013
One of my first blog posts last year to garner some attention (and get featured on Tatertots and Jello) was "Easter Silhouettes and a Mini Cloche".

This year I am bringing back the Easter silhouette idea with a few changes.  After seeing the bunny silhouette runner on Eclectically Vintage with the cute pom pom tails,

And the adorable bunny silhouette napkins at Sophisticated Yellow,

I knew my little bunny silhouettes needed a pom pom tail. 

Last year I had spray painted three little metal cheap frames with white spray paint and mod podged burlap onto the frame's cardboard backing.

Then I painted some Dollar Tree foam stickers black with black acrylic craft paint.  (Last year I used spray paint)  I used tacky glue to add the pom pom.

So one little frame and bunny silhouette went into a clear glass jar with Sixlets and shredded brown paper.

One went into my glass votive repurposed "cloche" with spool top,

And the last one went into a Pottery Barn cupcake display cloche.

I also added a burlap sack with pink faux branches.

I think the tail makes a difference!

Joining Debra at Common Ground for Be Inspired.


I'm Joining Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Oh how cute Carlene, I love all the items with the bunnies.

  2. have you heard the saying "oh for crying out loud"? I could not figure out how you did the silhouettes...and now, I am so going to copy you!!

  3. Love very cute!! Love how you have displayed them too.


  5. Carlene, those foam stickers are just brilliant! The pom poms did add a lot to your little creations. I love these, and I also love that burlap bag! laurie

  6. It's all in the tail? It's all in your fantastic creative brain Carlene! So sweet!

  7. A cute tale about tails - the pom poms were the perfect addition to your silhouettes. Love that spool top on the votive "cloche"!

  8. The little cotton tails are super cute!!
    Mary Alice

  9. So very, very cute! I love the little tails! Never once did I think about painting those foam shapes. You are a genius girl!

  10. Really cute! The tail adds dimension. Love the burlap sack with the pink blooms.

  11. Very cute bunny and the tails add just the bit of "come on, touch it- it's fuzzy" definition that it needs. Good one!

    Thank you for sharing with the rest of us! Always great to see creative minds at work. :)

    Visiting from Show And Tell @ My Romantic Home linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois
    Link To My Party Project This Week

  12. Your little bunnies were hopping, I mean hoping for fuzzy little cottontails!

  13. Those are adorable. I remember the original ones from last year on Pinterest!

  14. The pom pom tails are such a cute addition! I love the idea of black bunnies instead of using pastel colours. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  15. That's the cutest bunny runner! And, so are you cloches. You've got bunnies hopping everywhere! lol
    Easter Hugs,

  16. Oh I totally see why this would be featured. Love the silhouettes and of course I drool over all your wonderful cloches. Hugs, Marty

  17. Those are darling! Just like the old ones with the family members....too cute!

  18. These are just the cutest thing! The pompom tails are perfect!

  19. Adding the pom poms was a good idea, Carlene. It made the bunnies show up better and made them extra cute. I like the frames, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  21. Oh how I love Easter! I also love cloches and this is very sweet! Thank you for sharing!

  22. These are so cute...and the pompoms ARE the perfect touch! Thanks for stopping by, Carlene!

  23. Too cute Carlene! I always think that those foam shapes are tacky and never even look at them. You know how to think outside the box. Love the silhouettes and the burlap bag is SWEET!

  24. The vignette is adorable, Carlene! I love how you spray painted the foam shapes. What a great idea!! The Pom poms are a wonderful addition. Thanks for the inspiration.


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