Easter File Folder Activities

March 15, 2013
I don't really delve too deeply into my personal life on my blog, only occasionally mentioning my family.  I think it will stay that way for now, but I do have a family weekend planned.

My son and his family are here for an old timer's hockey tournament.  He's only 34, but the tournament is for hockey players 30-60.  My town is a hockey town, and this tournament is a big deal and a local fundraiser.

I will take in a few hockey games, (probably just my son's games), but best of all, my grand twins are here.  They are four years old, a boy and a girl.

They love ipads and iphones (and know how to use them) but they also love puzzles and matching.  I have made file folder and sorting activities for them since they were two years old.  With the popularity of home-schooling there is an abundance of materials on the internet.  The internet is where I first learned about file folder games and activities.

The dollar stores come in handy for making up file folders too.  I purchased this Easter bingo game at Dollar Tree.

I used just one bingo game to make up two matching file folder games.

First I made photo copies of the bingo cards, cut the top and bottom off of the cards and copies and glued the copies onto a file folder.  I use either packing tape or clear contact paper to protect the copies.  Then I glued the bingo cards to card stock and reinforced them with a little packing tape too.

The idea is to match the bingo cards to the photo copy pasted into the folder.  

I also used the bingo calling cards and photo copies of them to make another matching folder.

This bunny matching game from the Dollar Tree became another file folder.

I photocopied the cards and glued them to the folder and use the game cards to make a match.

One last idea, buy two packs of Easter stickers from Dollar Tree and stick one set in a folder and adhere the second set to card stock.  You can reinforce with tape or clear contact paper.

The kids seem to like these folders.  I store the cards in a baggy inside the folder.  They can take a folder out and match, and then put it away.  

If you have preschool children or grandchildren, try a file folder activity or two!  I love doing them with my grandchildren.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Twins! What fun they must be and what a fun grandmother you are. Have a terrific weekend with them. xo, Olive

  2. Your are a good Gramma !

  3. Twins are so much fun! Don't you love spoiling them? Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy that family!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  4. You are a good Grammy for sure. There used to be books on making these file folder games at the teachers stores but most of the stores have closed. I like to have things here at my house that the kids don't have at there house.....like the miles and miles of plastic toys.
    Twin 4 year olds how fun.

  5. What fun activities!! Great idea Granny!! Have fun at the games and stay warm! :)

  6. How fun this is Carlene! I will have to remember this for when the peanut gets older. Grand twins! Lucky you :-)

  7. I did not know you were a Grandmother. How fun! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for a great idea Carlene! I won't buy electronic games for our house, and this is right up my alley for entertaining grandkids. I love the bunny stickers! So cute.

    Have a fun weekend with those babes and get lots of extra hugs to tide you over until the next visit. :)

  9. You are making this retired first grade teacher smile with delight. What a smart grandmother you are. These file folder games are so cute and colorful, and will be excellent activities for these 4 year olds.

  10. What great matching games! I love this idea! Enjoy your time with them!!

  11. You get the fun Gramma of the week award!


  12. One of my biggest blessings is having twin grandgirls...they just turned 15 last Nov. They are growing up waaay too fast for me.
    Love your cute idea here for the younger grands. Very smart of you...and I know the kids love you lots.

  13. Matching games were always a favorite with my kids when they were young. This is such a great idea. Thanks, Carlene!


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