The Prettiest Window Box in Town 2017

The prettiest window box in my town is not mine!  It's my sister in law Kris's.

Cousin Sue's Blooming Place Tour

Cousin Sue's Blooming Place Tour
Today I am sharing my cousin Susan's flower border and container gardens.  While Susan is not a junk gardener, she has a real knack for garden design and art.  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
It seems like I have complained about the weather almost all spring and now summer!  It's been wet, and it's been cool, and it's been cloudy.  While I think the perennials may have enjoyed the extra moisture, I think my annuals would have preferred more heat and sun.  
Today, my very first Asiatic Lily bud opened, so I will be sharing my 2017 garden tour very soon.   Here is a sneak preview of some of the flowers and junk too!

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
Nicotiana, annual phlox and blue arrows rush on the left and black eyed Susan vines on the right in my old wheelbarrow.

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
Blue and white chips campanula are in mid bloom in the front row.  The Stella de Oro is blooming but since today is cloudy, no blossoms open today.  Calibrachoa and nemesia in the pots.  I am loving the addition of the old sawhorse to the border!

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
Some of the shade lovers, on the northwest side of the house, hanging begonia, impatiens and golden creeping Jenny.  Spirea on the lower right also in bloom.

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
More impatiens and a fuchsia.

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
A pretty small yellow calibrachoa (for mid July) and a techno heat lobelia on a bench on the deck.

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017 
That enamelware thrift shop tissue holder I stenciled is perched on a rustic stool next to the deck.  Two types of thyme are planted inside, and YES, I put drainage holes in the bottom.  I put drainage holes in all of this stuff.  

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017
Rosebud impatiens are in the enamelware coffeepot and a coleus is in the funnel among the farm junk and junk "gallery" fence.

I hope you are looking forward to this year's tour!

Items I use to keep my flower gardens thriving and weed free!

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Buffalo Check Desktop & Upcycled Jewelry Holders

 This simple farmhouse-style desk was in my youngest daughter's room.  I recently gave it some personality!

Fun Junk Garden Vignettes from the Yard of Flowers

Junky Garden Vignettes
 Finally, we are getting some warm weather and sunshine again here in northern Minnesota.  Our annuals still need to do some growing before the 2017 garden tours, but for today I am sharing some awesome junk garden vignettes at my sister in law Kris's house!  This is my HAPPY PLACE too!  Galvanized bucket and gym locker baskets!  Love!

Progress in the Junk Garden July 1st

Junk Garden Summer Progression
Back on May 28th, I planted and diagrammed my front yard junk garden border.  Early on in June the weather was ideal, but as the month progressed, it got cooler and much wetter.  The perennials seem to be thriving but the warm weather annuals are slow to grow.