Organized Clutter's 2018 JUNK Garden Tour

It's here.  My 2018 junk garden tour!  As usual, there were successes, there were some fails, but all in all I'm happy with this year's flower gardens.  I did not regret all the reds in this year's tour!

This small garden by the driveway was planted HERE on May 27th 

Upcycled Rustic Bookshelf with Rough Sawn Fence Board Back

Very, very, very infrequently do I see free curbside junk in our small town, but I saw this free wooden book shelf across the street at our neighbor's house a couple months ago.

I walked across the street, and took the bookshelf home.

Vintage Demilune Table Upcycle with Dixie Belle Paint In Caviar

 Do you remember this vintage thrift shop table from a recent junk finds blog post?

I am giving this little table a makeover today on my blog!

Country Metal Fruit Wall Plaques to Rustic Farmhouse EAT Sign

They are from the cutesy country decor era!  I had a set of in my kitchen in the 1990's.  I think they were supposed to resemble enamelware lids.

Vintage Kitchen Dining Chair Farmhouse Buffalo Check Upcycle

 My kitchen dining chairs are vintage, and mismatched.  

I think I paid about $5 each for the four of them from rummage or estate sales.

All four of them were oak, and all four of them had leather seats that I re-covered with burgundy vinyl.

DIY Kitchen Decor with Cutting Boards, Coffee Stain, Stencils & Wood Ball Knobs

 I love cutting boards.  

I found this round one at the thrift shop!

 I also found this small round one at the thrift shop too.  It was like brand new.  Since the larger cutting board had been used and oiled, I cleaned it with damp rag and Krud Kutter to remove cooking oil.

I have seen that it was possible to stain cutting boards with instant coffee on Pinterest, and I thought I would try it.

I purchased a jar of instant coffee at the Dollar Tree.  I poured some in a glass bowl and added enough water to to mix it, and not make it too runny.

Garage Sale Wire Bin/Cabinet Door Up-cycled As A Mail Organizer

I purchased this wire wall bin with galvanized back at a June rummage sale.

It could be used as is, but I changed it up a bit!  Read on to see the transformation.

Late June and Early July Thrift Shop/Garage Sale Purchases

I absolutely need to get busy with projects here!  I have dragged home more stuff.  

I thought this was a cool birdhouse.  I paid $10 for it at a local animal charity rummage sale. I think after it's cleaned up and painted, it will be a great decor piece.

See what else I purchased recently.

Faux Strap Hinge Planters

I purchased a pair of faux hinge wall candle sconces at a garage sale last Saturday for $1.

They were a light yellow color and had stippling in some areas with metallic gold paint.

When I saw the screw on the bottom of the faux hinge candle holder, I thought I would have an easy upcycle/repurpose project.

Boy, was I wrong.

The screw had been welded into the base.  Thankfully my husband helped me get them apart.  It wasn't an easy process.

DIY Buffalo Check, Farmhouse Style Covered Patio Decor & Video

Thrift Shop/Garage Sale Painted & Stenciled Covered Patio Decor #buffalochecks #grainsackstripe #oldsignstencils
Today I am sharing my 2018 covered patio decor!

If you have been following along this year, you will remember I have been stenciling a lot of thrift shop purchases with buffalo checks, like this child's chair.  Details HERE.

Also the rooster stenciled sign on a pedestal.  Tutorial HERE.

AND the farmer's market sign.  Info HERE.