Thrifted Chair & Basket Up-Cycles with Grain Sack Stripe Stencils

 A thrift shop chair in a very bright green with an iron on fabric applique flower on the seat, AND

A rummage sale berry basket get a makeover.

Read on to see the transformations!

Thrifted Box Sign & Candleholder to Farmhouse Decor

 I just recently purchased this Primitives by Kathy  friends box sign at the thrift shop.  

The candle holder on the right was once a thrift shop purchase that has been painted quite a while ago but 
is being reused.

Rustic DIY Wall Planter for Inside or Outside

 I actually purchased four of these wooden frames at a thrift shop for 50 cents each. 

I'm not sure exactly what they were for.  I thought maybe a shutter.  They had never been stained, painted or sealed.

 I like untreated rough sawn fence boards.  

I get these from Menard's.  They are 1" x 6" x 4'.

Buckets and Pails as Flower Containers in the Junk Garden

Buckets and Pails as Planters in the Junk Garden
Many years ago now, I started re-potting all my purchased hanging baskets into galvanized buckets.

I drill holes in the bottom of the buckets for drainage.

There are advantages to planting in the buckets versus leaving them in plastic hanging baskets.  First and foremost, I love the look, plastic has no place in a Junk Garden.

Also, the pails do not dry out as quickly as the plastic baskets.

The following is a collection of 29 photos taken over the years of flowers in buckets and pails!

Farmhouse Style Cabinet Door Repurpose

 Here is another one of my Menard's 5 dollar display cabinet door purchases.  

All of the cabinet doors were square.

Upcycled Thrift Shop Mail & Key Holder

I purchased this plain wooden key/mail holder at the thrift shop.

Not sure what type of wood it was but it seemed to never have been varnished or poly-ed.  It had brass cup hooks for keys.

DIY Outdoor Stenciled Garden Flags

I was wandering around in the garden area at our local Menard's today.  (Menard's is a home improvement center like Home Depot or Lowe's.)

It's really too cold to think about flower gardening.  We still have snow...

Anyway, I picked up an Enchanted Garden wrought iron outdoor flag holder.  I didn't buy a flag.  The flags are just not my style.  Too colorful and fancy for a junk garden.  

Buffalo Check A Farmhouse Style Toolbox

It's hard to say that this is my "Before" photo.  I got this toolbox about 7 years ago at a local craft shop.  

The shop owner was very talented.

Besides wanting a change, the toolbox became mildew stained one winter in our old shed.  Our shed needed a new roof.

Anyway, I gave this toolbox, a makeover.

Galvanized Laundry Tubs in the Junk Garden

Galvanized Laundry Tub Planter Ideas #containergarden #annuals #junkgarden #gardenjunk
Laundry tubs are a must in the junk garden.  I have round and square, and big and small tubs.

This tub was attached to a wooden table pedestal!  This tub has a plastic hanging basket (with hook removed) of double impatiens just placed inside.

  Join me as I look back at laundry tub planters over the years from my blog.

Roundup of Thrifted Purchases Upcycled with French Style

I purchased this combination wall curio/storage bin at a local thrift shop a couple years ago.  

I started base coating it, but never finished it, until now.