Buffalo Check Garden Junk Planter

I love planting annuals in metal pails.  If you are familiar with old metal minnow buckets, there is the outside like this and an inside water strainer part.  Both can be planted in.  I purchased this bucket for $5. 
 As you can see it has some dings and fragments of red paint in spots from a painted label.  I washed the outside surface with a wet rag and KRUD KUTTER Tough Task Remover. Krud Kutter removes any grease or dirt that may cause problems with paint adherence. 

Junk Garden Containers Around The Deck

Wow, it's June 25th and our northern Minnesota weather continues to be very cool and either rainy or mostly cloudy.
 This is the view from my kitchen window today. The potted annuals haven't changed much since being planted.

Dairy Farm Stanchion Junk Garden Decor

One of my latest junk garden purchases is a old dairy farm stanchion.  A stanchion held a cow in place while being milked.

YARD of FLOWERS Junky Purple Coneflowers

Sometimes garden junk falls apart.  Sometimes it's sad, but thankfully sometimes it's not because broken junk can become something even better.
Here is a old nail barrel in my sister in law Kris's garden from a few years back.  The bottom had rotted out of it.

 And here is a rustic white wooden planter that Kris had added some junky rusty metal panels on all sides.  Unfortunately, this planter fell apart as well.  The wooden parts were rotten but the rusty panels were removed and reused.

Re-Arranging the Junk Garden Planters

Junk Garden Planter Idea organizedclutter.net
As I said in a previous blog post, I don't get all new, old junk every garden season so I add a few new pieces and re-locate the old stuff.  Above is a super cool rusty junky spring wreath made for me by my sister in law, Kris, and a half barrel on my deck with coffee pot planters on stakes.  These past junk garden plantings were changed up for 2017.