Thrift Shop Farm House Coffee Table

Here is a recent thrift shop coffee table purchase.

A Stenciled Window Screen with Old Sign Stencils

Last summer I picked up some window screens at a garage sale in two sizes.  

Re-purposed Cutting Board Christmas Card Holder

You know me, always picking up cutting/breadboards.  This one is from a garage sale.

Rustic Saw Horse Christmas Display

My husband and I went to a moving sale a month ago, and this rustic saw horse was marked free.  Although my husband did not see the need to bring it home with it's rotten spots and all, I thought it would be a fun junk garden piece.

Two Features in Country Sampler's Christmas Decorating Magazine

I am so happy to be have two of my blog photos featured in the 2016 issue of Country Sampler's Christmas Decorating Magazine.