Thrift Shop Wooden Wall Bin & Barn Wood Frame Project

 These wooden wall bins were a thrift shop find. 

I removed the back board, and separated the bins.

 Two of the bins were painted, stenciled and hung on the hutch of my desk.

You can see the transformation of the buffalo check wall bins HERE.

So what did I do with the last wall bin?  Read on...

Rustic Junk Garden Route 66 Inspired Planter

My friends, neighbors and relatives all know I love junk

I got this old rusty cover from a friend for free.  The patina is just great!

This is a saw horse that I purchased in August of 2017 at a yard sale for 50 cents!

It was too junky and cheap to pass up!

DIY Vintage Grass Shears & Stenciled Garden Shed Sign

 I purchased this metal sign at a local thrift shop recently.

It's a new sign made to look rusted and old.  

The saying funny but I am going to give it a makeover.

Upcycled Decorative Farmhouse Style Thrift Shop Books

I recently purchased this Paul Simon "Lyrics" book,

And this large "Ben Hogan" golf book at the thrift shop.

These books will soon join some of my other recent projects on my covered patio this summer!

Thrifted Chair & Basket Up-Cycles with Grain Sack Stripe Stencils

 A thrift shop chair in a very bright green with an iron on fabric applique flower on the seat, AND

A rummage sale berry basket get a makeover.

Read on to see the transformations!

Thrifted Box Sign & Candleholder to Farmhouse Decor

 I just recently purchased this Primitives by Kathy  friends box sign at the thrift shop.  

The candle holder on the right was once a thrift shop purchase that has been painted quite a while ago but 
is being reused.

Rustic DIY Wall Planter for Inside or Outside

 I actually purchased four of these wooden frames at a thrift shop for 50 cents each. 

I'm not sure exactly what they were for.  I thought maybe a shutter.  They had never been stained, painted or sealed.

 I like untreated rough sawn fence boards.  

I get these from Menard's.  They are 1" x 6" x 4'.

Buckets and Pails as Flower Containers in the Junk Garden

Buckets and Pails as Planters in the Junk Garden
Many years ago now, I started re-potting all my purchased hanging baskets into galvanized buckets.

I drill holes in the bottom of the buckets for drainage.

There are advantages to planting in the buckets versus leaving them in plastic hanging baskets.  First and foremost, I love the look, plastic has no place in a Junk Garden.

Also, the pails do not dry out as quickly as the plastic baskets.

The following is a collection of 29 photos taken over the years of flowers in buckets and pails!

Farmhouse Style Cabinet Door Repurpose

 Here is another one of my Menard's 5 dollar display cabinet door purchases.  

All of the cabinet doors were square.

Upcycled Thrift Shop Mail & Key Holder

I purchased this plain wooden key/mail holder at the thrift shop.

Not sure what type of wood it was but it seemed to never have been varnished or poly-ed.  It had brass cup hooks for keys.