Vintage Sewing Drawer Up-cycle with Fusion Mineral Paint

I love old sewing machine drawers.  I picked this one up at a consignment shop for $5.

A Re-Purposed Chair Back Photo Hanger

I have a few more free chair backs from my Junkin' Friend Jodi.  

Re-Purposed Chair Back Photo Holder

My project today started out with this old chair that I got for free from my awesome "Junkin' Friend Jodi".

A New Accent Color for my House

This is a photo from the Century 21 listing for my house when I purchased it, back in 1989.  It had brown shingles, new steel siding in "Wedgwood" blue, and white trim and shutters.  (Also very overgrown shrubs that I soon removed!)

Fast forward to 2013, the roof has been changed to three tab "weathered wood" shingles, a terracotta accent color was painted on shutters and doors, and all new flower beds and foundation plantings were added.  I chose a terracotta accent color,  because "when I don't plant in junk, I choose terracotta pots"!

Let's Kick Off Junk Gardening 2015!

Homemade Clothes Rack For Garden Pails
Let's kick off "Junk Gardening 2015" with some of my recent finds.  This item wasn't exactly cheap.  I paid $29 for it at a consignment shop, but think of the possibilities.  It's made out of welded pipe and is not tippy at all.