Farmhouse Style Cutting Board Kitchen Hooks

Sometimes I don't like how something I make turns out, and I just stuff it back into my junk stash.

Like the gray cutting boards above.  I had painted and stenciled them, and was just never happy with them.  Not my style.  One was too busy.  

BUT, the addition of the middle board, gave me an idea.

Thrift Shop Books Upcycled and Stenciled as Decor

I actually had so much fun up-cycling the thrift shop Home Interiors Wood Books, that I decided to up-cycle a couple of real thrift shop books.

The one on the left is an unused military type record book.  It was stained but never used.  These books are still available online but I purchased mine for 50 cents.  I love the fabric cover.

The other book was "Mind Your Manners" a 1964 etiquette book by Betty Allen, for 99 cents.  I took the jacket off the manners book, and it had a fabric cover as well.

Thrift Shop Fish Cutting Board Repurpose

You know how I love to find cutting boards at the thrift shop!   I snatched this one up last week.

I have a repurpose project in mind for this fish!

Vintage Ornate Frame to Faux Chalkboard Sign

 This vintage oval frame, that had been painted black, was being thrown away at the thrift shop.  My mom rescued it and gave it to me a long time ago.

I love old oval ornate frames.  Empty, or with mirrors or photos.  This frame has raised plaster flowers, and other great detail as well.

Adding LEGS To A Vintage Slaw Cutter To Make a Farmhouse Style Kitchen Shelf

The vintage slaw cutter on the right was a recent thrift shop find for $4.  (I already have two of these, but what's one more?)

My other two slaw cutters hang on the wall with magnets and old photos, but I have a different plan for this one.

Thrift Shop Upcycled Home Interiors Wooden Books

Homco/Home Interiors Past Decor
Are you old enough to remember Home Interiors or Homco parties?   

They were very popular home parties (like Tupperware parties) until 2009 when the company went bankrupt, probably due to changing shopping patterns with the emergence of the internet.  The company later reorganized as Celebrating Home.

I purchased or should I say re-purchased the Home Interiors' wooden books above at the thrift shop last week.  I say repurchased because I bought them at a party years ago.  Back when I decorated with Wedgwood or Country Blue and Mauve.  Teal was big too.

These little books are about to get a makeover!

A French Upcycle of a Menard's Display Kitchen Cabinet Door

 I upcycled another one of my cabinet doors from our local Menard's!

This one is a Brinkman Arched Door Style from Schrock Cabinetry.

While purchasing paint at Menard's, a local home improvement center, I purchased several of its discontinued cabinet door styles for $5 each.

I thought this was a great deal as I don't have close access to the $1 cabinet doors at salvage shops.

Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Decor

Do you like vintage embroidered linens?  

I used to pick them up all the time, but lately, I've slowed down.  I bought these cute embroidered dish towels at the thrift shop for $2 each.  The line drying and ironing themes seemed perfect for my laundry room.

Because my laundry room is right next to my kitchen, I decorate with farmhouse style kitchen/pantry/laundry room decor.

Junk Garden Fun with Sempervivums (Hen and Chicks)

Junk Garden Ideas for Sempervivums (Hen & Chicks)
Sempervivum or hen and chicks are an integral part of my junk gardens!  They literally grow in anything with very little soil, and THRIVE!

I used part of a Round Coco Fiber Liner stuffed into the toaster slots to hold my dirt.

Many more ideas for Sempervivums in the garden follow:

Plain Thrift Shop Wood Box Up-cycled with Chalk Paint, Stencils and Metal Catch

When I found this wooden box at the thrift shop, I really had no idea what its original use was.

The wooden box is the second item from my recent thrift shop finds post to get an up-cycle.

Never stained or painted, with two small shiny brass colored hinges in back.