Thrift Shop Mid Century Modern End Table Upcycle

 I found this little table a couple weeks ago at a local thrift shop.

It's really in pretty good shape.  The leather covered top table has quite of bit of water staining/fading however.  

My husband said "don't paint it", but I didn't listen!

Adding Ladders to the Flower Garden

Add A Ladder To Your Flower Garden #junkgarden #gardenjunk #gardenladder #containergarden #rusticgarden
I have been adding ladders to my flower gardens for years!

My advice for adding vertical interest to a flower garden is to use tall perennials in the back and adding a stepladder of container gardens.

Add A Ladder To Your Flower Garden #junkgarden #gardenjunk #gardenladder #containergarden #rusticgarden
At planting time, it doesn't look like a very good idea.  In fact, it looks pretty junky!

But after a few weeks,  when the plants start to fill in, you will see there is a method to the madness.

Thrift Shop Candleholder & Game Board Repurposed As A Plant Stand

 Here's an easy project that started with this wooden candlestick and this game board from the thrift shop.

The board wasn't really a game board, but a decorative replica of a game board.  

It was made by Tender Heart Treasures.  Do you remember Tender Heart Treasures?  It was a great place for country decor back in the day.  I think it's out of business now.

Easy Stenciled Buffalo Check Moose Pillow Cover

I decided to stencil another pillow cover from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased this one AT the Bemidji Hobby Lobby store, but they have a similar one on their website.  It is a standard sofa pillow size 18" x 18".

I used two stencils for a fun up north style pillow!

Buffalo Check A Thrifted Farmhouse Style Child's Chair

 Here is a recent thrift shop purchase, a vintage child's chair.

It's legs are metal and the seat and back are wood.  It is in fairly tough shape, but I think I can perform some makeover magic on it!

A Felted Wool Bead Garland from Homeroad

I recently purchased this felted wool bead garland on Etsy from Homeroad's shop.

I have been seeing wooden bead garlands with jute tassels a lot lately on Pinterest and on other blogs.  I had even considered, maybe even planned, to make one with natural wooden beads but was unable to find suitable beads at our local craft shop. 

Buffalo Check Stenciled NO Sew Flour Sack Towel Valances

I purchased a $3 flour sack style dish towel at a local craft shop.  The size is approximately 36" x 30".  

I planned  to stencil the towel and make a kitchen valance.  

Buffalo Check Your Valentine's Day Decor

My latest project begins with two unlikely thrifted items, a cutting board and a coaster container.  (No coasters included).

I am not 100% positive that the item on the right is a cutting board.  I have run across these before.  They appear to be cutting boards but it seems like they have been poly-ed or varnished and have a shine.

The wooden coaster container with the ceramic duck on top was 25 cents.  Both items were under $1.

I chose to remove the duck, so I placed a hot blow dryer on the duck until the glue loosened up enough to pry it off.

16 Creative Container Vignette Ideas

Creative Container Vignette Ideas
I love container vignettes!  Here are 16 of my favorites.

Besides being visually appealing, they are so portable!  If you need to clear off your coffee table or dining table, with all the decor corralled in a crate, it's a snap.

Use what you have!  Like a button jar! 

Thrifted Items Up-cycled Or Re-purposed As Desk Decor

Thrifted Items Up-cycled Or Re-purposed As Desk Decor
Over the last several months I upcycled and/or repurposed the above thrifted items.

I had a plan.  These items were going to be new desk decor. I wanted to lighten up the desk without painting the WHOLE desk and hutch too.

 See how I used these pieces on my desk.