Fun Fall Junk Finds

I have to admit this little wooden wheelbarrow was not cheap.  I paid $30 for it at a local antique store but I had to have it.  The rusty wheel and the red chippy paint are just junk decor perfection!  

Of course it will be awesome next summer in the junk garden, but I am hoping to work it into a Christmas vignette as well.

"You Cut Tree Farm" Christmas Sign with Old Sign Stencils

You just never know what you are going to find junkin'!  Like this $1 clearance frame painted in barn red with star cutout.  I think it was a cull from a local shutter business.  The frame is 22" x 26".

Here is the makeover!

Wooden Thrift Shop Bookends Upcycled with Paint & Stencils

I purchased these wooden bookends very cheaply at a thrift shop recently.  

Thrifted FRAME Ideas for Holidays, Gardens, and the Home

Picture frames, framed mirrors and old framed cardboard style oil paintings are always available at thrift shops and garage sales.  I look for unusual sizes and shapes, (not just 5x7 or 8x10 photo frames) also frames with raised detail, and rustic reclaimed wood frames.  I always check the mitered corners to make sure they are nice and tight and not coming apart.  
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Thrifted FRAME IDEAS for Holidays, Gardens & the Home
 This is an example of a great rustic frame of mine.  It's square rather than rectangular, and the wood shows it's age!  It was perfect for an outdoor bucket of greenery.

Thrift Shop Vintage Globe Bookends Upcycle

I purchased this set of vintage Made In Japan, Gifts Round the World bookends, at a thrift shop recently.  I love globes but I want to lighten up my decor so I decided to paint the dark wood.