A Few Changes To My Garden Shed Decor

Weathered Window Frame Planter
This window frame with sill has been one of my best junk finds ever.  

It was the anchor piece of my 2015 Christmas Mantel HERE, and was repurposed as a window box planter HERE in 2016.

Weathered Window Frame Planter
 After a year over the potting sink and then a year by the shed, the curtain was very faded out.

Thrifted Candle Holders Repurposed As A Faux Succulent Planter

 I found this iron piece thrifting.

I think it is a round candle holder.  Anyway, it was very cheap!

 This is a blue and white ceramic tea light holder.

I purchased the tea light holder at a local thrift shop too.  I think I have seen tea light holders like this one at the Dollar Tree before too.

Grandma's Old Sign Stencils Bingo Night Shirt

 This lady is my mom!

She lives in a senior apartment complex that has BINGO every Thursday night.

More Garden Decor Ideas with Junk

I got these old wagon boards from my Junkin' Friend Jodi several years ago.

The boards are perfectly weathered with chippy red paint in some areas.  I made the boards into a junk garden planter display.

Junk Upcycled as Garden Decor #garagesale #containergarden #gardenjunk #junkgarden
This year I planted the galvanized pail with violas.

The violas were purchased at our local Menard's in a plastic hanging basket that I transferred to the bucket.

This little country birdhouse/blueberry chair was a garage sale upcycle from last year.

Junk Gardening: A Collection of Cool Junk with Amazing Flowers

A Junk Garden Border Planting Diagram #annuals #perennials #lilies #junkgarden #gardenjunk #containergarden
In June, my junk is very visible in my front yard border.  But, as the flowers fill in, they take center stage as the stars, and the junk pieces become supporting actors.

Even though I have flowers and junk in other spots in my yard, my front yard garden border is the most loved and most notable area in my yard.

Planting My Horizontal Wooden Barrel With Calibrachoa, Bidens & Lantana

Confetti Mix Calibrachoa Hawaiian Summer
 Calibrachoa (Million Bells) are taking over the greenhouses!

I purchased two cheaper baskets at Kmart with the Confetti Garden Hawaiian Summer Mix ( Aloha Kona Dark Red, Aloha Kona Pineapple and Aloha Kona Hot Orange Calibrachoa.)

Upcycled Thrifted Birdcage Summer Planter

Do you remember the teal birdcage I purchased back in February thrifting?

Since teal is not my color, I had to paint it!

Littlefork Minnesota City Wide Rummage Sales 2018

Yesterday, I attended the annual Littlefork, Minnesota, citywide garage sales.  Littlefork is a very small, northern Minnesota town in the heart of logging and farming country.

One of my favorite purchases was this antique cream separator.  The handle says "60 Turns A Minute".  I think it might be an Economy Chief Jr.  I paid $10 for it.

Changing Up My Junk Garden Vignettes & Plantings

Garden Junk Chair Vignette
 This is a junk garden photo from 2012 featuring my favorite old garden chair.

Part of the charm of this vignette can be attributed to the vintage Perfection heater, but I do love the chair too.

Garden Junk Chair Vignette
 The chair is from my mom's house.  It was painted a dark reddish burgundy, and had a caned seat.  She had distressed the chair with sandpaper.

I replaced the caned seat with a piece of galvanized sheet metal.  It was just screwed on from the top, junky style.

Junk Garden Vignette
The chair appeared somewhere in my junk garden decor every year.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette
Eventually, most of the paint was gone.  The chair needed a new look.

It was time for a chair makeover.

Rustic Birdhouses And Junk Garden Decorating

Collecting & Displaying Rustic Birdhouses #junkgarden #gardenjunk #fuchsias #coleus #waxbegonias #birdhouses
If you follow along on my blog, you know I love rustic, old birdhouses.

Not the cute ones, not the new ones, not the gimmicky ones, just plain old birdhouses that were built for nesting birds (and have weathered the elements).

Read on!