Vintage Garden Junk and Wax Begonias

Remember my rusty cover project from April?

I stenciled the cover and hung it on a yard sale saw horse with metal legs.

I staged the project in that blog post with potted plants.  Now I am actually working the sawhorse sign/planter in my gardens.

Junk Garden Planting 2018: Day One

I'm planting my flowers this week!

If you like junk gardening, follow along as I plant.

Planning & Planting the Junk Garden 2018 #junkgarden #gardenjunk #annuals #perennials #outdoordecorating
A junk gardener cannot have TOO MANY galvanized buckets.

This bucket has been whitewashed with watered down Rust-Oleum American Accents Heirloom White  and a chip brush.

Planning & Planting the Junk Garden 2018 #junkgarden #gardenjunk #annuals #perennials #outdoordecorating
This farm animal stencil is from Hobby Lobby.

I used Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Paint in Black to stencil on the rooster.  Ceramcoat Select is more durable outdoors than regular craft paint.

Cabin/Lake Themed Junk Garden Plantings

Rustic Ladders in the Junk Garden
 In 2012, my son was tearing down an old tree house in the back of his property, and I saved the tree house ladder.

I leaned the ladder up against my house and added a vintage minnow bucket and minnow bucket insert to the rungs. 

Since the ladder is on the northwest corner of my house, it is in a shady spot, perfect for impatiens.

Today, I made some changes to the ladder.  Read on for more...

Thrifted Mug Rack Farmhouse Style Garden Mini Pot Holder

 I purchased this iron mug tree a couple of months ago at a local thrift shop.

Read on to see the mug tree re-purposed for the garden!

Planting Ideas for the Prettiest Window Box in Town

Planting The Prettiest Window Box In Town #containergarden #windowbox #annuals
 The "prettiest window box in town" is not mine.

This honor belongs to my sister in law, Kris.

Let's take a look back at several years of window boxes...

Rummage Sale Stool & Planter Upcycles with Paint & Old Sign Stencils

I purchased this dusty ivy in a wooden planter at a rummage sale quite a while ago.

It wasn't a must have.  It was kinda like, I better find something to buy because it was a fundraiser for a local cause.

I removed the dusty faux ivy.

The planter kind of reminded me of a firkin (wooden barrel like container).  

And this is the stool I purchased last Saturday and posted about HERE.

Both are going to get a makeover!

Yard Sale Sign Farmhouse Up-cycle with Paint & Old Sign Stencils

This is one of my yard sale purchases from an awesome Saturday morning yard sale last weekend.

The sign boards are made from MDF, and have irregular board ends.  I'm sure it was machine painted, and not hand painted or stenciled.

I have an idea for an upcycle.

Saturday Yard Sale Purchases for Up-cycling

I went to one rummage sale last Saturday, and found some very reasonably priced items to upcycle/repurpose.

This little high chair was one of them.  I can't remember if it was $2 or $5 but it was cheap.

Read on for more information.

Rustic Window Screen Stenciled Window Box

These cedar planter boxes or window boxes are readily available at home improvement centers.  I purchased this one at our local Menard's.  It's 24" wide and unfinished.

I decided to age the window box with Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator.  This product worked  very well for me with cedar pickets.  I brushed on two coats.

Read on to see the rest of this project.

Wheels, Windows, Doors, Saw Horses, Farm Tools & More In the Junk Garden

Backdrops for Junk Gardens & Foundation Plantings #junkgarden #gardenjunk #buggywheels #vintage
I love to lean vintage junk against my house.  (like this buggy wheel)

I think of it as a backdrop to my junk gardens.  The backdrops add much needed vertical interest, and also break up the large areas of blue steel siding behind my foundation plantings.

Read on, for more backdrop ideas!
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