Free Table Upcycle With Dixie Belle Paint in Caviar

As you probably know, I moved my mother to assisted living last month.

My mom always loved rummage sales and thrift shops, and even better free stuff.  This little table was given to her by one of the other tenants.

I am giving it an upcycle!

Garage Sale Crate Gets Early Christmas Makeover

 I found this old paint spattered wooden crate at a garage sale last weekend for $3.

I guess, because it was spattered with a Christmas green paint, I decided to make it into Christmas decor!

I know it's early, but this is one less project to do in November and December.

August Thrifting & Garage Sale Finds

 I really have no business dragging more stuff home this week.  

I am still very busy cleaning out my mom's apartment.  I have until the end of August, but it is making me anxious.  I have at least 4 pieces of mom's furniture that I plan to makeover.  (More on that later)

When I saw a moving sale in the local newspaper for my collecting/church friends, I had to attend.

I remember these cement pumpkins on sale on a local FB group two years ago.  They were $25.  This one is a little faded out but only $1.  With fall right around the corner, I bought it!  I couldn't make one for $1.

Free Garage Sale Art Canvas Up-cycle

 Last weekend I found two of these canvases taped together with packing tape, and marked "Free" at a garage sale.  

The canvases had been painted white and had a dark red arc painted on each of them.

 This is the back.  

I asked the homeowner, "Are these canvases free?".  She said, "Yes, you can repaint them."

I took them.

Garage Sale Up-cycles With Paint & Stencils

 This garage sale tray,

And garage sale stool were part of my late June and early July post.

Today they get a pink makeover!

Vintage Items I Brought Home This Week From Mom's

My mom is in her new apartment at assisted living, but I am still busy cleaning out her old apartment.  Luckily I retired July 1st!

My mom has a lot of stuff!  She has loved to shop at thrift shops and rummage sales her whole life.  (a few auctions too)  She has downsized once already going from her house to an apartment.

Anyway, I am sorting things to sell, keep and throw away.  This crock with a wooden spigot is one of the items I am going to keep. 

Up-cycled Open Book Shelf with Stencils & Fence Boards

 I purchased this wooden shelf last weekend at a garage sale for $5.

I think it was a homemade shelf, and the finish was in bad shape.

Two Easy Farmhouse Style Kitchen Projects

This shaker style, shaker peg, coat rack was one of my garage sale finds this season.

I think it was 50 cents.

A Funnel Planter from Garage Sale Finds & Other Funnel Ideas

I've been busy moving my Mom to assisted living this past week, so I didn't get many projects done.

I did manage to get to a rummage sale, and purchased this garden trowel and funnel for $1 each.

They were laying right by each other on the garage table, and I got an idea...

Garage Sale Purchases Re-purposed As A Wall Pocket

The artwork and the plain frame were recent garage sale finds.

I paid $1 for each.

The white baskets were also recent rummage sale finds.  $2 for the pair.

Time to whip up a project!