From Fall Vegetable Grater Pumpkin to Halloween Jack o'Lantern

Back on August 24th, I re-purposed this vintage vegetable safety grater into a "pumpkin" photo holder.
Today, I up-dated  my re-purposed grater pumpkin into a jack o'lantern.  

Stencil A Buffalo Check Cabin Christmas

Cabin and northwoods style are all around me here in northern Minnesota.  
This Falls City Alumi-Lite minnow bucket is a great candidate for a stencil as it's not the more desired, older, galvanized type.

Rummage Sale Freestanding Wooden Towel Holder

You just never know what you're gonna find at a garage sale or thrift shop!  Many of you are amazed at my finds.  The key to finding great stuff is persistence.  If you go thrifting or garage sale-ing infrequently, your chances of finding something unusual are about nil.  I stop at our two local thrift shops almost every lunch hour, and when I attend garage sales, I am one of first attendees. 
That all being said, the above, was a recent yard sale purchase.  I paid $10 for this bathroom towel holder.  My first thought was that it was an antique, but now I think it's a homemade item.  But still a pretty cool find.

Garage Sale Framed Wall Art to Framed Signs

This framed winter picture was in my August thrifting and rummage sale finds post.

This picture is also from a rummage sale.  

Thrift Shop "Four Little Pigs" Cutting Boards

Do you remember the four pig cutting boards from my August finds post?  The one on the far left has actually been used as a cutting board and the three others were cut out and never used.