Succulents in a Junk Garden

July 24, 2017
Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden
This photo of a small garden area next to my deck was taken June 9th, 2017, about a week after planting.  Several varieties of annual and perennial sedums, and sweet alyssum make up the majority of the planting.  I also purchased a $13 plastic succulent basket with a variety of different plants.

Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden
Fast forward to July 24th, 2017.

The succulent basket was planted in this tire rim I purchased at a rummage sale a couple years ago.

Junk Garden Tire Rim Pedestal
I used the rim as a planter pedestal in previous years.

Enamelware Tissue Holder/Herb Planter
My thrift shop enamelware tissue holder/herb planter  and stool also joined this garden area.

Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden
Sweet alyssum make a great accompaniment to low growing sedums.

Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden
I love all the various shapes, sizes and textures of this little succulent garden.

Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden
The stool and tire rim get some of the low growing plants up off the ground for much needed vertical interest.
Now if I can just keep the squirrels out of the succulents.  They love chewing them up! I have tried Liquid Fence for deer and rabbits, and I might try some cayenne pepper too!
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  1. Cayenne pepper works for me on those darn chipmunks, or maybe it's squirrels, I don't know. I don't have much trouble with deer around here even though our house backs up to woods. Carlene, you always have the cutest ideas! I would love to take a personal tour of your garden so I could see things up close.


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