Re-Arranging the Junk Garden Planters

Junk Garden Planter Idea
As I said in a previous blog post, I don't get all new, old junk every garden season so I add a few new pieces and re-locate the old stuff.  Above is a super cool rusty junky spring wreath made for me by my sister in law, Kris, and a half barrel on my deck with coffee pot planters on stakes.  These past junk garden plantings were changed up for 2017.

Room Update on a Budget
The rusty spring wreath hung on an old ladder on my covered patio.  Well the ladder is now on the wall in my recently updated craft room/den.

Junk Garden Planter Idea
The coffee pots on stakes and my coffee roaster sign stenciled with Old Sign Stencils have been re-arranged on a barn door in a different part of the yard.

So I tried the rusty spring wreath above the half barrel with a salad plate hanging inside it.
The wreath just did not show up at all.

So I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint Chiffon Cream/Off White.  Two coats but it was not totally covered.  More of a white wash finish.  I also sprayed the wreath with Rust-Oleum Chalked Sealer/Wax Topcoat .

Much better.  The wreath now shows up on the old granery screen.  I changed up the plate as well.

Planted in the half barrel are Athena Impatiens in multiple colors.  Athena Impatiens are a seed variety of semi double impatiens.  Also in the planting are white elfin impatiens, asparagus fern and dichondra.  The plants were planted a couple of weeks ago and haven't filled in yet.

Junk Garden Planter Idea
I like the silvery white dichondra vines with the white wreath.

Junk Garden Planter Idea
The silver thing on the half barrel is a vintage aluminum lid added for decor!

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  1. Carlene, your garden treasures are just that "Treasures", I get so inspired visiting your blog. You have a magical touch. It's a true gift :)
    Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    Connie :)

  2. I love all your junk vignettes! Awesome!

  3. You are so creative! I love all your garden junk!

  4. I just loved this post! I have a bunch of those rusty bed springs, too, waiting for another craft project. You got my wheels spinning with your coil wreath. LOVE IT!

  5. New to your blog. I agree with the other people who commented, you are very inspiring and I also think that you come across as very unassuming and natural. Believe me, that's a wonderful compliment! I don't really know how to else to express the fact you just seem to be a authentic,at what you do.. and are not trying to impress anyone at all. Sometimes when I read other people's blogs, even if I like there DIYs and ideas, there something that turns me off about them. Especially when it seems as though they are saying and doing things...just to impress other people. I don't get that from you at all! I hope that makes sense and I hope you also take it as a compliment and not a negative statement. I look forward seeing future posts... And catching myself up with what you done to date.


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