Dated Decorative Storage Box Makeover

I purchased these floral Tri-Coastal Design decorative boxes 10+ years ago brand new.  I would like to use them in my craft room/den/guest room makeover.

They are made of cardboard and paper with metal corners and handles.  They don't really go with my decor anymore, so they will work well for my craft room storage.

Here's what I used for my storage box makeover.  Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Primitive (light gray), Varathane Matte Finish water based poly, Ceramcoat Walnut Noyer craft paint and my fun, new FolkArt Layering Block.  If you can't find these items at your local craft shop, they are available on Amazon.

After I painted the boxes with two coats of Americana Decor paint in Primitive, I used my FolkArt Layering Block with Ceramcoat Paint in Walnut Noyer on the edges.  Use a cheap chip brush or even a sponge brush to brush a thin coat of paint on the layering block and glide it along the edges of your piece.  If you make a mistake, simply touch up with your main base coat paint.  It takes very little practice.

After I painted and distressed my boxes with Walnut Noyer and the layering block, I stenciled craft room inspiration words on the boxes with a stencil I purchased at Home Depot.

Then I sealed my boxes with two coats of Varathane Matte Poly.

Use what you have, or can find cheaply!   

Sometimes a makeover is all a tired item or items need! 

FolkArt Layering Block, Paint, & Stencil Makeover

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  1. They turned out great. You always have inspiration. Enjoying a cool fall day here.

  2. Carlene, I would have passed those up and you turned them into beauties! :)))
    ~ Christina in FL

  3. Great before and after. Quick question is that Americana Chalk paint scent free?

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Great repurpose! They even look like vintage office. Very nice!

  5. Another wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing......

  6. You have THE BEST ideas! Love the makeover!

  7. Great job! I liked the original too!

  8. Layering block? I've never heard on this tool. Would love to see how it is used.


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