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September 17, 2016

Besides the den/guest room/craft room redo, I have had lots going on.  Where have I been?
Going from Peking (goldish tan) to Dover White in the den/guest room/craft room.  Almost done!

To hosting a party at the senior apartments for my mom's 85th birthday party!  My mom is doing great at 85.

 To helping with a new shed.  A 10' x 10' shed kit from Home Depot.

 The shed was off to a slow start in weekend one with just the floor done.  We watched YouTube videos and read instructions.

 Weekend two things came together with our 22 year old daughter's help.

Almost done.  Except for the landscaping, painting, and the finishing touches.

Then there was this unexpected disaster, in the pantry in my laundry room.  Dog biscuits with bugs.  Have you ever had weevils in the pantry?  Not me.  Never ever.  I saw bugs in our jar of dog treats.  How can bugs get in jars of dog biscuits?  Well they came in the boxes of dog treats.  It turns out that bug larvae survive the milling process and can hatch in your pantry in flour, rice, or other grain products.  

After throwing away a lot of pantry staples, and lots of cleaning with bleach, I think I got rid of the pantry bugs.  I have read on line, that freezing flour or grain products for 24 hours in the freezer before putting them in the pantry will kill any bug larvae.  More HERE, and HERE.

Yuck, just YUCK to pantry bugs.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. your mom looks great...the she-shed is awesome...I have never heard of weevils! Yuck is right...I'll be looking in my pantry...Lol!

  2. Yup, the weevils came in with some dry food my daughter brought then forgot to take back home with her. I cleaned for days!! Your mom is adorable. Glad she's doing so well! Love the shed, you all did great!

  3. Wow that shed is amazing and comes in a Kit! Your Mom is beautiful, wish her a Happy Birthday from Blog land~

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! She looks awesome. I love your shed!

  5. Put a bay leaf in your flour and grain products to deter weevils. Sadly, your week mimics mine in many ways!

  6. We had moths in our pantry. The way I found out was in the Cheezits I was eating. Yuck!!! Yep! We had to throw quite a few things away. They bored into unopened boxes, too!!! It took us weeks to get rid of them. When we purchased new things, we put them in plastic bags. Eventually, they were gone. What a mess!

  7. Yuk is right! I had that happen once years and years ago, when I was living in NYC. I was so grossed out I threw away everything in the pantry!!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to your mom!!! One step forward two steps back lol.


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