Rummage Sale-ing and Junkin'

I haven't had much time this summer for junkin' or upcycling or repurposing.  The truth is, I changed jobs.  I quit my job selling furniture, (at 59) and went back to my previous job at a real estate title company.  It's termed part time, but during the summer, it can turn to full time on any given week.  I didn't have too hard of a transition, however, I am 10 years older than I was when I used to be a closer, and I am not as good as multi-tasking as I once was.  Evenings are busy tending to flower gardens.

I decided at 7:45 this morning to check the newspaper for garage sales.  I left the house with little primping five minutes later, and headed for the first sale. Although these are still made, I think this Brannock Device is vintage.  I bought this for 50 cents and JUST for fun.

This was hanging on the wall of the garage at the sale and marked $2.  I asked the lady what it was for?  She said she had it beside her old wall phone for a calendar and phone book.  Not sure what I will do with it yet but I see possibilities.

I got this old rusty, weathered shovel for $1.  

For right now, I added it to this assortment of yard & garden tools with similar patina, however I do love to make signs with old shovels.

Like this:  Happy Fall shovel head.

I purchased this "?" for 50 cents.  It will hold some sort of dowel for a junk project.

50 cents for a wooden candle base.  These are fun upcycled pedestals.

I just love upcycling and repurposing bread or cutting boards.  This might not be vintage but the metal handle is fun and I think I can come up with a fun re-purpose.

Vintage Bunnykins for $1.50.  So cute!  What can I say?

50 cents for a three or four wheeler tire rim.  

Tire Rim Container Garden Pedestal
 Or should I say "junk garden" container garden pedestal?

And for free, a Sportcraft croquet set.  It's not super old but I love displaying croquet and bocce balls.  Maybe we will play...All the pieces are here.

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  1. Did the seller used to be a shoe salesperson? This is fun!

  2. What fun finds! Love the Bunykins pieces. They are cute! I pinned the shovel signs, I have a couple and this is perfect!

  3. The aluminum pedestal you got is the base for a boat seat! Great finds!

  4. Great finds! Love the old shovel ideas!

  5. I love your shovel signs, Carlene...and a croquet set for free is always a great find!

  6. You got some great deals, Carlene! Have fun upcycling and repurposing your finds!

  7. Super cute finds, Carlene -you have such great ideas! Love the shovels and I am always a fan of old croquet sets. Jane

  8. I LOVE the Bunnykins set! Wow! I want it!! Enjoyed viewing your finds!!!

  9. You scored Carlene! I can't believe you got the croquet set for free. They can be pricey. We love playing.


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