Beautiful Flowers in Junky Containers

Double Impatiens In A Laundry Tub
Here double impatiens are planted in a square laundry tub.

Colorful Annuals In A Barrel & Ice Cream Freezer
Nicotiana, petunias and lobelia in an old oak barrel and petunias, calibrachoa, and verbena in a junky ice cream freezer.

Petunias, Verbena & Alyssum in Garbage Pail
Verbena, petunias and alyssum in a galvanized garbage pail.

Zinnias & Lantana On A Rustic Stool
Orange zinnias and lantana in a bucket on a rustic garden stool.

Zinnias & Lantana On A Rustic Stool

Coleus Displayed On A Barn Wood Planter
My weathered wood terracotta pot holder project from last year is planted with coleus.

Boston Fern in a Gym Basket
Layering a terracotta pot and gym basket for this Boston Fern.

Pots & Pans Planted on a Step Ladder
Pots and pans on the garden step ladder.

Pots & Pans Planted on a Step Ladder
Displaying vintage sprinklers in the garden.

Nicotianas in a Laundry Tub with Wire Cloche
A galvanized laundry tub of nicotiana with a wire basket cloche.

Fuchsias in a Rusty Coal Bucket
Fuchsias in a rusty coal bucket.

My whole yard and gardens will come together soon for my 2015 tour!

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  1. as always gorgeous and full of character

  2. Absolutely beautiful and so fresh and fun! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing with us. You are a HUGE inspiration to me! I have used many of your cheery and farmy ideas for my own yard. I wish you lived close to me so you could help me! I think my hotter weather does keep my flowers from being as lush - but, I am happy to have them! Thank you!

  3. I remember using those wash tubs when my mom washed. I love all of the other junk too!!!!

  4. Your plants/flowers are all so lush, green and colorful! How wonderful! Enjoy a beautiful weekend coming up! Blessings, Cindy

  5. Everything looks beautiful. All the bright colors with the rusty metal and old wood is simply beautiful. You really have a green thumb and a way of putting things together.

  6. Absolutely beautiful - put it in my garden now!!!! Wish we could get the red lantana here in Florida - have seen it so seldom. Have some buckets and tubs - running out today for more flowers - spring has sprung. YEAH!


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