Odds & Ends: Easy Fall Sign & Nail Polish Holder

I have two easy projects to share today.

Shovel Handle Display Tray www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
After completing this Shovel Handle Display Tray, I had the shovel head left over.

Rusty Shovel Garden Signs www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Why not make another rusty shovel sign like these?

So I did!  This is the chalk lettering that I traced onto the shovel head back. 

I used the Dead Hardy font on Picmonkey for my transfer, and a Rusteoleum  white paint pen.  I then sprayed the lettering with a matte Rustoleum  clear sealer.

Shovel Head Fall Sign www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com

Shovel Head Fall Sign www.organizedclutter.net
 I added a thin metal dowel (3/16" from Menard's) to the bottom of my shovel head.  Just drill into the wood end a bit and poke the dowel up in the handle.  The shovel head sign stands much better now in my bucket of dirt with the addition of the dowel/stake.

Shovel Head Fall Sign www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Then I stuck the what was left of the handle end in a terracotta pot of Diamond Frost, and tied on an orange plaid piece of ribbon and some raffia. 

Another easy and really cheap project started with this $1 spice rack from the thrift shop.  I painted it with ASCP in Old White and distressed it.

 I used Emily's Candy font on Picmonkey for this lettering.

I used a pencil instead of chalk to transfer the letters to the top of the spice rack.

Repurposed Spice Race Nail Polish Holder www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
I also added a small piece of bead board to the back to give the piece more style and presence. 

Repurposed Spice Race Nail Polish Holder www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
I made this for my daughter, and she plans to set it on a dresser or night stand, but you could also hang it on the wall.

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  1. Carlene - what darling ideas - both of them! Love the shovel sign.


  2. You come up with the best ideas, Carlene! Great re-use projects!

  3. Let no shovel parts go to waste! Love these fabulous projects. Thanks Charlene for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party. I'm going to have to put rusty shovels on my shopping list now.

  4. Very creative and cute ideas! xo Visiting from Betsy's blog. xo Karen

  5. Love them up but the nail polish holder is my favorite! Great idea!


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