Small Updates to my Small 3/4 Bathroom

September 06, 2014

When I was a child, I remember going to rummage sales with my mother in my current neighborhood.   My neighborhood was where the business owners and doctors in town once lived, (circa the 1960's); the homes of the local rich and famous.  

At the time, rummage sale-ing was not as widely accepted as it now.  My mother, a rummage sale fanatic, went to rummage sales because she couldn't afford to buy all new, not because salvaging, up-cycling and re-purposing was trendy!  I remember hiding in the back seat of the car when she went to rummage sales lest my more fortunate classmates see us purchasing their second hand stuff.

It was then, that I set my sights on living in this very subdivision, someday...

And it did happen.  I have actually owned two houses in this neighborhood.  I currently live in a doctor's old house, but my house is pretty ordinary.

Let me say that doctors lived pretty frugally in the 1950's when my house was built.  It has two bathrooms (we had one growing up), but the second bathroom is very small.  I once decorated the 3/4 bathroom with an outhouse theme. Yes, it's not much larger than a good sized outhouse.

 This is the vanity in my 3/4 bath.  Small, and pretty cheap no frills builder's grade.

Did you think I replaced it?  No.  I just painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, and of course distressed it a bit.

Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity
Still small, and pretty no frills, but I definitely like it a lot better.

Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity
This IS DECORATING ON A BUDGET!  A little paint, and second hand decor.

I took my Jeff Foxworthy  sign down above the sink too.  I think all of my relatives have seen it anyway.

Junky Wall Decor
I replaced it with a clipboard and junky,  rusty 1955 license plate. The same era as the house.

Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity
I'm not done with this small bathroom mini-makeover.  One more project to go, and then I'll show you the whole small, little room.  LOL!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. The cabinet is transformed with the paint...sure doesn't look builders grade anymore!

  2. I can certainly relate to updating a bathroom on a budget now that my husband is retired! I like the look of your vanity updated with paint and the vintage license plate mounted above. I can't wait to see what else you come up with, Carlene!

    Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

    I'm having trouble leaving comments, so we'll see if this one goes through. :(

  3. That's funny! Your mom shopped second had at their rummage sales and you've shopped second hand for a house! I like the little 3/4 bath. I always wanted to install another small bath in our house especially when all the kids were still home. Didn't happen. I like that clipboard with the matching date/ era on it. Clever idea. I just saw a slew of plates last week at the flea market-- and well, I couldn't find one date to match the years I wanted. :/ So I didn't purchase any. I suppose I could of bought them to resale though.
    anyway...I've been meaning to tell you, I like your new header!

  4. I just redid my bathroom. Paint is the way to go! Your vanity looks great with the new paint! LOL!

  5. Love how the cabinet turned out. May have to try painting mine!

  6. Love the cabinet turned out great. We are getting ready to redo our hall bathroom and the little 1/2 bath room in our master bedroom.

  7. I remember being embarrassed when my mom would shop second hand. Now I just call it my cheap thrills! Before she passed my Mom said I knew you'd come around to it eventually.

  8. You just gave me a great idea. We have an old license plate and it would look excellent displayed in a clipboard like you did.


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