2023 Garden Tour Close-Ups (Part 2)

August 16, 2023

Photo of a nicotiana tub in a wheelbarrow.
Deer seldom bother nicotiana annual plants but this year was an exception.  For several weeks (even with spray repellent), deer ate the blossoms off of the nicotiana. They were sad little plants.  But then, when the deer stopped eating them, they came in fuller and beautiful than usual.  It was like they were pruned.

Here is Part 2 of the 2023 Junk Garden Tour, the Closeups!
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Photo of a nicotiana tub in a wheelbarrow.
The center plant in the nicotiana tub is a Persian Shield, (a foliage plant). It worked, but it was not a perfect choice.

Photo of container gardens within a flower bed.
I really liked this container garden combo stuck in my front flower border.

It consisted of a laundry tub planted with nemesia magenta, covered with a big round wire basket, and topped with a watering can planted with deep pink trailing verbena.

Photo of purple coneflowers and black eyed Susans.
This end of the flower border was such a disappointment.  At least where the lilies were concerned.  The deer ate most of the flower buds.  Luckily they haven't bothered the purple coneflowers or black eyed Susans.

Photo from a junk garden border with a long wooden bench.
The red calliope buckets on top of the new (old) bench were gorgeous as were the wax begonias in front of the bench.  

Photo of an oak barrel of begonias, Golden Creeping Jenny and a fern.
This year I had two barrels with a Kimberly fern bucket inside.

Around the bucket are Dragon Wing Begonias and Golden Creeping Jenny.

Photo of an oak barrel of fuchsias and a fern.
The other fern barrel was surrounded by two fuchsia hanging baskets from Menards.  I removed the plants from the plastic containers.

While the ferns were spared in both barrels, the begonia and fuchsia had deer issues.

Photo of begonias, fuchsias, hostas sedum and junk under a tree.
Grass would never grow under this spruce tree by the deck so I turned the space into a small garden with hostas and sedums in the the ground and pots of shade annuals in and around them.

Photo of kettles with sage and oregano plants.
I love planting herbs in old cooking pots! 

Photo of a small metal sawhorse with a bin of begonias and a hanging bucket of calibrachoa.
I found this little sawhorse for 50 cents at a garage sale several years ago. After attaching a screw bin/hardware drawer to the top and a hook to the wood, it became a great planter.

Photo of a stenciled chicken feeder and milk can planter.
Adding farm stencils to old farm items is super fun in the junk garden.

Photo of an Angelonia in a galvanized bucket.
Beautiful Angelonia spikes in a bucket by the stepladder.

Photo of marigolds in small buckets inside a rusty metal basket.
A six pack of marigolds in small buckets in a rusty wire basket (with an old license plate) adds so much interest to the deck.

Photo of a junk garden vignette.
An old picket fence section combines with an old table, and wooden toolbox, along with other rusty garden/farm decor.

Photo of a Picasso Petunia in August.
Don't buy the wave petunia! If you want this rounding growth habit and no deadheading necessary petunia, purchase Supertunias.

This one is Proven Winners Picasso in Purple.

Photo of Kong Coleus and creeping Jenny in a laundry tub in August.
The Kong coleus continues to overflow the laundry tub.

Photo of garden shed junk decor.
Junk strategically placed around the garden shed.

Photo of junky succulent planter.
It's hard to believe that the Iwarenge succulent started out so small back in May HERE.

Photo of a mop bucket planted with succulents.
I will definitely add more succulents to the junk gardens next year!

Photo of a mop bucket planted with succulents.
There were pretty care free!

Photo of a potato planter flowerpot with a verbena.
My verbena planted in a repurposed potato planter flower pot spring project HERE.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! - Briana from Texas

  2. Your junk gardens are beautiful! I laughed when I saw the sign in one of your pictures that said “ Bed and Breakfast! At least the deer didn’t take you up on the invitation!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, every one of your little junk gardens! Mine never materialized this year but I haven't given up! Next year, for sure. What do you do with all the lovely arrangements during Winter? Do you live where it gets cold and snowy? I do and it kills me to have everything freeze and die, but you can't bring everything inside although I do winter some things over. I did that with a geranium last year and replanted it this Spring. Some things, like the pansies and petunias I just save a few seeds. Anyway, thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor, Carlene!


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