Adding Vertical Interest To A Small Flower Bed

May 22, 2023

Photo of a stepladder placed in a small flower garden.
I've started planting my flower gardens and pots!  First up, is the small flower bed next to the driveway.  

I am always a fan of vertical interest in flower beds, so this year I took the old stepladder out of the larger flower border in the front yard.  

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Photo of a laundry tub planter attached to a metal table base.
I removed the laundry tub on a pedestal base from the small garden.

 Several older junk garden posts with the pedestal laundry tub can be found HERE.

Photo of a beautiful hanging flower basket.
My color choices on the front patio area this summer were inspired by this beautiful hanging basket given to me by my son and his finance on Mother's Day.

I love the bright purplish pink hues of the Calibrachoa, and Calliope geranium, along with the lime green edged coleus.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots.
Plants chosen for a kettle planted for the top of the stepladder included two Proven Winners Supertunia Royal Magenta, and one trailing White Megacopa bacopa plant.

Supertunias need not be deadheaded to bloom all summer.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
The kettle is anchored on the ladder rung with a spike nail that lines up with a drilled hole in the bottom of the kettle. (the kettle also has drainage holes in the bottom.)

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
In the "16" bucket is another Megacopa annual, and two Calliope Large Magenta Geraniums.

Calliope geraniums are available in other colors, and are currently my favorite type of geraniums.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
At the bottom of the ladder I planted three Archangel Dark Rose Angelonias.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
Angelonias are great annuals for summer heat.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
At the bottom back of the ladder, I planted three Crazytunia Kermit Purple Petunias.

The colorful petunia is rimmed in lime green, and is much like Proven Winners Picasso Petunias.

Photo of annuals being planted in galvanized pots
In a laundry tub under the ladder, I planted four purplish dahlias from Menards.  The tag did not give any details on the species.

In the center of the four dahlias, I planted a Wasabi Lime Green Coleus Plant.  This coleus can take sun or partial shade.

Photo of a small garden with stepladder vertical interest.
In two corners of the flower bed, I planted 5 white seed geraniums from Home Depot.  

Seed geraniums are propagated from seeds whereas zonal geraniums from cuttings.  Zonals grow faster but I have had decent results with seed geraniums in pots and in the ground.  Seed geraniums are about $2 a plant vs. $5-6 for a zonal geranium plant.

Photo of a small garden with stepladder vertical interest.
Here is the little garden and ladder on planting day.

Photo of a small garden with stepladder vertical interest.
Planting day or should I say planting week will continue.  I will share more in progress photos soon!

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  1. It looks so nice! You have such good taste!

  2. Love it, Carlene! I love all the magenta flowers; it's one of my favorite colors. I have an old wooden ladder I've been itching to use in a "junky" garden. Can't wait to drag it out. Will look forward to more of your gardening ideas for this year. Now don't wear yourself out completely, okay!

    1. I am certainly slowing down. Not gardening less, just taking longer to do it.

  3. Your garden always turns out so lovely. I look forward to more photos as the season progresses. - Briana from Texas

  4. Got this in my email today. Love seeing your creations!


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