Recycling Bin Jar Propagation Station

April 20, 2023

Photo of food jars in my recycling bin.
I rescued these food jars from my recycling bins.  Not very exciting jars:  Salsas, Alfredo & Marinara sauces, Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing.

The Thrift Store Decor Team is celebrating Earth Day with projects from the recycling bin today.  Scroll on down to join the fun!

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Photo of glass jars being washed and soaked in hot soapy water.
First I cleaned and soaked the jars and labels in hot soapy dishwater. 

I also used Goo Gone on some glue residue.

Photo of a silverplate bowl.
A friend gave me this silver plate covered bowl a few weeks ago for projects. I sprayed and wiped it with Krud Kutter just to remove any grease/oils that could be on the bowl.

Photo of a silverplate bowl being spray painted.
I then took the bowl outdoors to spray paint it.

I used Krylon Chalky Colonial Ivory spray paint.  I gave it two coats.

Photo of a terracotta saucer.

Photo of a paper plate with ivory acrylic paint and a tee shirt rag.
I squirted some Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in Light Ivory on a paper plate.

After wetting the clay saucer with a wet rag, I used a tee shirt rag to apply dabs of paint to the saucer (to faux age it).

Photo of a terracotta saucer with ragged white finish.
This idea was a work in progress.

I continued to add and wipe off paint until I got the look the way I wanted it.  Wetting the terracotta helped keep the paint easy wipe off.

Photo of a terracotta saucer and a metal painted bowl.
Both of the bases were done.
Photo of a botanical decor transfer.
Next, I pulled out Redesign With Prima's Vintage Greenhouse middy decor transfers.  I purchased the three sheet set of transfers from the Serial DIYer on Etsy. 

Photo of a botanical decor transfer.
I also purchased Botanical Snippets from Kristy's shop.  Her service is exceptional!

Photo of botanical decor transfers cut into individual leaves.
I cut some of the leaves from the design sheets.

Photo of a food jar with botanical decor transfer.
The leaf transfers were applied to the glass jar fronts.

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
Three jars fit in the saucer, 

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
And three fit in the metal bowl.

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
Besides propagating houseplant slips in water to root them, houseplants can survive in water indefinitely.  It's kind of a fun look to see the roots through the jars.

The three plants here include a heart leaf philodendron, a snake plant, and a hoya.

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
I love the transfers on the jars.

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
Here in the saucer are cuttings from a pothos vine, a heart leaf philodendron and a spider plant.

Photo of food jars with botanical decor transfers.
I think all of these plants can survive in water.

 Savvy Gardening offers tips on plant growing in water.

Photo of jar propagation stations.
Pin for later!

Now onto the Decor Team's Projects:
Photo collage of recycling bin upcycling projects.

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  1. Snake plants! In water!! Who knew! What a lovely way to propagate your houseplants! I usually sit them in the jar but never considered stencils!!! Brilliant my friend!

  2. I love how this turned out! So pretty!! - Briana from Texas


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