25+ Cutting Board Upcycling/Repurposing Projects

April 10, 2021


Photo collage of old cutting boardsCutting boards are one of my favorite finds at the thrift shops and at garage sales! 

Here is a round up of my cutting board projects from over the years!  Click on the links in the paragraph under the photo to view the tutorials.

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Photo of cutting board spring decor with bunny & metal container
Some of my cutting board projects become holiday decor like this spring cutting board with Hobby Lobby metal drawer.

Photo of round painted & stenciled cutting board with round feet
There are two round cutting board risers in this project post, and they were both upcycled twice!

Photo of cutting board herb sign
This herb dryer cutting board sign has a masonry nail on the bottom to hold my faux dried herbs!

Photo of grain sack stripe cutting board riser
This cutting board already had feet so it was easy to transform it into a grain sack cutting board riser.

Photo of saw shaped cutting board repurposed as a Christmas tree farm sign
Finding a saw shaped cutting board at Goodwill resulted in this saw cutting board Christmas sign one Christmas.

Photo of an apple cider cutting board sign
I didn't paint this one, I just stenciled the bare wood on this cutting board apple cider sign.

Photo of cutting board Halloween decor
Cutting boards resemble pumpkins.  Or at least I thought so when I made these Halloween cutting board pumpkins.

Photo of a cutting board wall hook display
This cutting board wall hooks project was featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style magazine recently.

Photo of a fish shaped cutting board with hanging hook
Another figural cutting board find became this fish cutting board wall hook.

Photo of Valentine's decor made with a cutting board
This Valentine's Day cutting board decor piece can be filled with flowers or candy.

Photo of Christmas decor made with a cutting board
mini cutting board Christmas decor piece was created with a small galvanized box and a buffalo check stencil.

Photo of a wooden tag sign made from a cutting board
This board's shape reminded me of a tag, so I repurposed it as a cutting board tag sign.

Photo of a cutting board riser with square dowel legs
Square dowels were added to this painted cutting board riser as legs.

Photo of a cutting board riser with square legs
More square dowels were used for this stenciled cutting board with legs.

Photo of Valentine's day decor made with a cutting board
Another Valentine's Day cutting board decor piece with a heart cutout box.

Photo of a cutting board kitchen wall pocket
This cutting board wall pocket can hold faux greenery, Christmas greenery, cookbooks or even kitchen utensils.

Photo of a Christmas cutting board card holder
A Christmas tree shaped cutting board Christmas card holder

Photo of a grain sack stripe cutting board shelf
This post has four cutting board makeovers, including this grain sack stripe shelf.

Photo of a DIY cutting board chalkboard
I think cutting board chalkboards would make a great gift idea!

Photo of a cutting board wall decor piece
small cutting board with biscuit cutter.  The biscuit cutter holds a faux plant and a tag.

Photo of a cutting board wall shelf
This cutting board shelf was my favorite cutting board project for quite a while.

Photo of a cutting board clipboard
A bulldog clip transformed this old cutting board into a cutting board clipboard.

Photo of a cutting board wall display with barn wood wall hooks
This old barn wood cutting board display still hangs on my kitchen wall!

I hope you enjoyed my cutting board project roundup!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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