Spring Decor With Dollar Tree Pots, Boxes, Floral Stems, and Seed Packets

March 05, 2021


Photo of plain terracotta pots from Dollar Tree
Have you ever purchased these two packs of terracotta pots at Dollar Tree?

I have upcycled them in the past, and have a new project today.

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Photo of terra cotta pot being painted with black craft paint.
My first step was to base coat the pots with Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in Black.

Photo of terracotta pots getting painted with green paint.
I then brushed on two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Farmhouse Green.

Farmhouse Green is so springyyyyy!

Photo of painted terracotta pot getting wet distressed.
Before the paint cured overnight, I wet distressed the pots' edges with a wet rag and green pot scrubber.

Photo of rub on transfer sheet from Dollar Tree
This is a sheet of rub on transfers from Dollar Tree.

Photo of painted & distressed pot with rub on transfer butterfly
I applied the butterflies to my pots.

More information on how to apply rub on transfers can be found in a previous post HERE.

Photo of painted pot with rub on butterfly transfer.

Photo of two vintage lap trays.
These are vintage Toastmaster lap trays from the thrift shop.

Photo of old tray being painted.
I painted one of the trays using Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in French Linen.

Photo of painted lap tray being stenciled.
I taped this design stencil from Hobby Lobby, and pounced it on with Dixie Belle in Drop Cloth.

Painted box with rub on transfer holding seed packets.
I also painted one of the little paper mache boxes from Dollar tree with Drop Cloth, applied a rub on transfer to the front, and waxed the pots, box, and tray with Best Dang Wax in clear.

Seed packets displayed in the box are from Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

Photo of Dollar Tree floral stems.
Here are three floral stems I purchased at, you guessed it, Dollar Tree.

I snipped the individual stems from the main stem.

Photo of 4 styrofoam balls.
These are Dollar Tree foam balls.

Photo of one styrofoam ball in a pot.
I placed on in each pot.

Photo of floral stems stuck into styrofoam ball.
The foam balls hold the separate stems in place. 

The ball won't move around much after the stems are all in place.

Photo of two flower pots and box of seed packets on tray.
Here is my latest spring project created, mostly, with Dollar Tree items.

Photo of two flower pots and box of seed packets on tray.

Photo of two flower pots and box of seed packets on a tray.
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Last year I upcycled these Dollar Tree Flower Pots.

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  1. Oh wow, I never thought about using a foam ball to put the flowers in like that, brilliant...thanks! I love lavender! And have some real that I dried. I think this would look great in a simple pot. Also loving the tray but I think for myself, I would have used a dark purple paint either for the tray or the stencil.

    1. I think you're right about the tray color, but I wanted it neutral so I could use it with other vignettes too. Thanks!

  2. Lovely! Adore those transfers on the pots so much! They really have a vintage-vibe!


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