20+ Ideas For Decorating With Old Crates

March 03, 2021

 I love old crates! I use them all the time in my decor inside and out, every day and holidays. See 20+ ideas here.

Coca-Cola crate decorated for Christmas.

A stenciled Christmas trees crate

Crate shelf stenciled with Antiques & Collectibles

A mini crate stenciled with shipping stamps

Crate with spruce tips stenciled with Christmas shipping stamps

Fruit crate stenciled for fall vignettes

A crate stenciled with a fall truck

A hinged crate is painted and stenciled with metal legs added for a table.

A crate repurposed as an Apple Cider display sign.

A crate stenciled for Christmas hot cocoa.

A rustic crate & picket fence outdoor display piece.

A rustic Christmas mantel with crate decor.

A crate vignette for the outdoor summer patio.

Rustic crate stenciled with General Store

Rustic crate with annuals.

Vintage crate with wax begonias.

A red hinged crate of annuals.

A rustic crate decorated with fall decor.

Summer covered patio crate vignette.
Summer Covered Patio Crate Vignette

Coca-cola crate Christmas vignette.
Christmas Coca-Cola Crate Vignette

A chippy green crate stenciled for Christmas.

I hope you got some ideas for your crates!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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